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  1. Oh and the kid is off the team if he does anything close to that again. I would have canned DeSanto, I have no patience for this kind of thing. mspart
  2. I agree with whoever said the ref should be scrutinized and the coach should be shown the door. There is no excuse for allowing this behavior on the mat. mspart
  3. Interesting because I just read a flo article written 21 hours ago stating he and Snyder might meet up in the tourney. As far as the google knows, Cox is wrestling in Zagreb. mspart
  4. I guess we have lots of questions. Here's to hoping we get answers. mspart
  5. If I were a competitor, I'd not complain. mspart
  6. Not really. Now Fox news is reporting it but non of the others. mspart
  7. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/253477/breaking-mark-houck-cleared-of-face-act-charges-in-rebuke-to-justice-department BREAKING: Mark Houck cleared of FACE Act charges in rebuke to Justice Department’s aggressive prosecution Pro-life activist Mark Houck was found not guilty Monday on federal assault charges stemming from a shoving incident outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic. ... After local authorities declined to press charges, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) stepped in, dispatching a team of FBI agents to arrest Houck at gunpoint in front of his terrified wife and children. ... U.S. District Judge Gerald Pappert himself raised the possibility that the case should never have been brought to trial, asking the prosecution Thursday whether the federal FACE Act didn’t “seem to be stretched a little thin here.” Interestingly, I found this on Google after seeing a Daily Caller email. On the google page, there is no CBS, NYT, WAPO, other alphabet networks, but there is entries by Washington examiner and other smaller local stations and other outlets. This is news. Why are the big folks so late with reporting. I'm sure they will get to it but no rush to get the scoop. Does this mean that these other outlets that are seemingly right leaning are wrong on this? Or are they correct on this? This is something used by liberals all the time. Well, its not in my news sources of choice so it must not be true or important enough to report on. Well, this is clearly a case of the latter. Doesn't fit the narrative they want to portray. If he was found guilty, they would have responded immediately no doubt. A man defending his son against this blowhard is not unreasonable. Jury agreed. Judge agreed. But DOJ did not. They are the only ones going after this guy and they lost spectacularly. mspart
  8. I guess that's a way to look at it. The wrong way, but a way. mspart
  9. Yes, you saw that correctly. He's co-holding onto a hammer with one hand and had a drink or can or something in the other. My advice would have been to ditch both and run out the door and let the cops handle DePape. But he didn't even appear to be rattled at all, and he's the one that called 911. Weird, very weird. mspart
  10. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/assault rifle : any of various intermediate-range, magazine-fed military rifles (such as the AK-47) that can be set for automatic or semiautomatic fire also : a rifle that resembles a military assault rifle but is designed to allow only semiautomatic fire From the definition supplied in an earlier post. I'm confused by this definition. Is it an intermediate range weapon? Is it a weapon that has a magazine? Is it an AK-47? Is it one that can be set to automatic or semi automatic? The dictionary then uses a trick they are never to use, which is using the word or phrase in the definition. By this definition, the rifle I highlighted earlier would not be an assault rifle. It cannot be set to Automatic and certainly does not resemble an military rifle. Yet I have 30 round magazines for it. So I'm in the clear I guess. mspart
  11. Are they too young to commit a felony and be sentenced as an adult? Are they too young to be an informed voter? Are they too young to drink? Are they too young to volunteer for the military? I agree that today's 18 year olds are not near as mature as they were 30 years ago or 20 years ago. But that doesn't mean the questions above are wrong to ask. mspart
  12. Any word on Cox injury status? mspart
  13. I haven't seen results from Henri Deglane so I thought I'd give them here. These are just for the USA athletes. So here they are. Men's Freestyle Nick Suriano, 57kg - Gold Quarters: 9-0 over Valentin Damour, FRA Semis: 8-2 over Giorgi Gegelashvili, GEO Finals: 10-0 over Diamantino Iuna, GBS 57 kg: Akhil Vega, 57kg - Did not place Quarters: 10-2 loss to Guesseppe Rea, ECU Repechage match 1: 10-0 loss to Karamjeet Holstein, GER Austin DeSanto, 61kg - Gold Quarters: 6-3 win over Giorgi Goniashvili, GEO Semis: 14-13 win over Nahshon Garrett, USA Finals: 5-4 over Shelton Mack, USA Shelton Mack, 61kg - Silver Quarters: 6-3 over Daniel Popov, ISR Semis: 10-0 over Kyle Mills, CAN Finals: 5-4 loss to Austin DeSanto, USA Nahshon Garrett, 61kg - Bronze Quarters: 10-0 over Levan Metreveli, ESP Semis: 14-13 loss to Austin DeSanto, USA Bronze: Pinned Daniel Popov, ISR Pat Lugo, 65kg - Gold Rd 16: Fall over Aminjon Sadulloev, POL Quarters: 4-3 over Nico Megerle, GER Semis: 6-2 over Matt Kolodzik, USA Finals: 7-0 over Kizhan Clarke, GER Ridge Lovett, 65kg - Bronze Rd 16: 15-4 over Nariman Serikbayev, KAZ Quarters: 4-1 loss to Kizhan Clark, GER Repechage match 1: 5-3 over Khamzat Arsamerzouev, FRA Repechage match 2: 8-2 over Agustin Destribats, ARG Bronze: 15-12 over Matt Kolodzik, USA Matt Kolodzik, 65kg - 5th Rd 32: 10-0 over M'bunde Cumba, GBS Rd 16: 10-7 win over Niklas Dorn, GER Quarters: 10-0 win over Marwane Yezza, FRA Semis: 6-2 loss to Pat Lugo, USA Bronze: 15-12 loss Ridge Lovett, USA Evan Henderson, 65kg - 5th Rd 16: 7-6 over Khamzat Arsamerzouev, FRA Quarters: 12-7 win over Agustin Destribats, ARG Semis: 10-8 loss to Kizhan Clark, GER Bronze: Forfeited to Marwane Yezza, FRA Anthony Ashnault, 65kg - Did not place Rd 32: 8-6 loss to Agustin Destribats, ARG Repechage match 1: 6-5 win over Quentin Sticker, FRA Repechage match 2: 13-3 win over Nariman Serikbayev, KAZ Repechage match 3: 6-5 loss to Agustin Destribats, ARG Alec Pantaleo, 70kg - Gold Quarters: 10-0 over Arnaud Mambou, CON Semis: 10-0 over Leon Gerstenberger, GER Finals: 12-1 over Giorgi Tcholadze, GEO Cody Chittum, 70kg - Bronze Quarters: 10-10 loss to Kevin Henkel, GER Repechage match 1: 16-5 over Muhammad Abdurachmanov, BEL Bronze: 5-1 over Leon Gerstenberger, GER Joey Lavallee, 74kg - Gold Rd 16: 11-0 over Stefan Kaeppeler, GER Quarters: 10-0 over Szymon Wojtkowski, POL Semis: Pinned Saifedine Alekma, FRA Finals: Pinned Vincenzo Joseph, USA Vincenzo Joseph, 74kg - Silver Rd 16: 6-0 over Mitch Finesilver, ISR Quarters: 12-0 over Lucas Kahnt, GER Semis: 16-6 over Collin Purinton, USA Finals: Pinned by Joey Lavallee, USA Collin Purinton, 74kg - Bronze Rd 16: 10-0 over Jasmit Phulka, CAN Quarters: 11-9 over Rasul Altemirov, FRA Semis: 16-6 loss to Vincenzo Joseph, USA Bronze: 14-10 over Josh Shields, USA Josh Shields, 74kg - 5th Rd 16: 10-0 over Lautaro Seghesso, ARG Quarters: 15-1 loss to Saifedine Alekma, FRA Repechage match 1: Pinned Stefan Kaeppeler, GER Repechage match 2: 11-0 over Raul Zarbaliev, ISR Bronze: 14-10 loss to Collin Purinton, USA Evan Wick, 79kg - Gold Quarters: 14-3 over Ansgar Reinke, GER Semis: Pinned Taylor Lujan, USA Finals: 6-5 over Alex Marinelli, USA Alex Marinelli, 79kg - Silver Rd 16: 10-0 over Callum McNeice, CAN Quarters: 10-0 over Gabriel Ramos, ESP Semis: 3-2 over Evsem Shvelidze, GEO Finals: 6-5 loss Evan Wick, USA Taylor Lujan, 79kg - Bronze Rd 16: 10-0 over Kevin Spiegel, GER Quarters: 15-5 over Max Kasperovich, ISR Semis: Pinned by Evan Wick, USA Bronze: 11-0Callum McNeice, CAN Owen Webster, 86kg - 5th Quarters: 8-7 over Daviti Koguashvili, GEO Semis: 6-0 loss to Taimuraz Friev, ESP Bronze: 6-1 loss to Uri Kalashnikov, ISR Eric Schultz, 92kg - Gold Round robin match 1: 8-1 over Jay Aiello, USA Round robin match 2: 10-0 over Aimar Eguinoa, ESP Round robin match 3: 16-2 over Adlan Viskhanov, FRA Jay Aiello, 92kg - Silver Round robin match 1: 8-1 loss to Eric Schultz, USA Round robin match 2: Pinned Adlan Viskhanov, FRA Round robin match 3: Pinned Aimar Eguinoa, ESP J’den Cox, 97kg - Did not place Round robin match 1: 11-0 over Ricardo Baez, ARG Round robin match 2: Forfeited to Ilja Matuhin, GER Round robin match 3: Forfeited to Lukas Krasauskas, LTU Morgan Smith, 97kg - Silver Round robin match 1: 8-0 loss to Merab Suleimanishvili, GEO Round robin match 2: 3-1 over Johannes Mayer, GER Semis: 8-4 over Lukas Krasauskas, LTU Finals: 11-0 loss to Merab Suleimanishvili, GEO Christian Lance, 125kg - Silver Round robin match 1: Pinned Catriel Muriel, ARG Round robin match 2: 11-0 over Krzysztof Cieslak, POL Semis: 5-1 over Gennadij Cudinovic, GER Finals: 6-4 loss to Nika Berulava, GEO Women’s Freestyle Audrey Jimenez, 50kg - Silver Rd 16: 10-0 over Juliette Lescure, FRA Quarters: 11-2 over Katie Dutchak, CAN Semis: 13-2 over Natalia Walczak, POL Finals: 7-2 loss to Christianah Ogunsanya, NGR Emily Shilson, 50kg - Did not place Rd 16: 6-2 loss to Julie Sabatie, FRA Repechage match 1: 6-0 win over Svenja Jungo, SUI Repechage match 2: forfeit to Augusta Eve, CAN Savannah Cosme, 57kg - Did not place Rd 16: Pinned by Anna Michalcova, CZE Repechage: 3-2 loss to Celeste Sion, FRA Forrest Molinari, 68kg - Bronze Quarters: 11-1 win over Eyleen Sewina, GER Semis: 5-3 loss to Pauline LeCarpentier, FRA Bronze match: 11-1 win over Sofiya Hristova Georgieva, BUL Kennedy Blades, 76kg - Did not place Round Robin 1: Pinned Taylor Follensbee, CAN Round Robin 2: Pinned by Elmira Syzdykova, KAZ Round Robin 3: Forfeited to Laura Kuehn, GER Men’s Greco-Roman 72 kg: Duncan Nelson Rd 16: 8-0 loss to Nika Korshia, GEO Repechage match 1: 9-0 over Piotr Lewandowski, POL Repechage match 2: 8-0 loss to Kamil Czarnecki, POL mspart
  14. Well, wrestling has gone through many rule changes regarding how tournaments were done. John Smith lost a match in the 1992 Olympics and still won due to the system in place called black mark. At that time there were pools like World Cup Soccer and the best in the pools moved on. 1996 Olympics I believe had a true double elimination bracket. I think after that there was a 3 point rule where if there were not 3 points scored by the end of the match, the match went into overtime. Late 90s they instituted the single elimination tourney with the semi final losers wrestling off for 3rd. This lasted a few years until we have what we have now, single elimination unless you lose to a finalist and you are still alive to get a bronze. All the churn was in the time frame of IOC kicking out Wrestling from the Olympics. IOC said only 6 weights at some point and the WCs were done on that same basis. The excuse was that the IOC would kick them out. The federation changed to UWW and we now have 10 weights at WCs, 6 in Olys. There was a time when the 4 weights not in the Olys did a WC that year. Not sure if that is still happening. A lot of changes for sure. I would rather see double elimination, but I'm ok with what we have now. mspart
  15. Agreed. Virtue signaling with no teeth. Which is the definition of virtue signalling. Make it look like you are doing something without doing anything. mspart
  16. In general I agree. The defense of using your hands to turn in circles is what I was talking about. It may have been quite common before that, but this was the first time I had seen it. It kept Karelin off balance and he couldn't complete a throw. I agree Karelin didn't get a reverse lift throw executed in 2000 Olympics. But the way Rulon did that defense, I thought was inspired. Again, maybe it was quite common. I just had never seen it done and was impressed. mspart
  17. I like repechage much better than the losers of the semis get to have at it for the bronze. And it gives an otherwise #2 guy a chance at a medal. I would rather there be a double elimination bracket but repachage in the current method is far superior to what we had. mspart
  18. I generally agree with this. Is there a case where the champ won because of seeding where he/she wouldn't have won it all with different seeding? Probably. But I think these cases are few. The idea of seeding is to have the freshest wrestlers in the finals. If they had to go through the #2 , #3, #4, and #5 guy, they might not be as rested. I think that is the general reason for seeding. But the champ will win out no matter the seeding in my opinion. mspart
  19. I believe WA State is passing a law to limit assault weapons. https://www.opb.org/article/2022/12/20/washington-state-democrats-propose-gun-limits-purchase-permit/ Assault weapon is an inexact term describing a group of high-powered guns or semi-automatic long rifles, like an AR-15, that can fire 30 rounds quickly without reloading. To me this is wrong headed. They have already banned magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. So those cannot be purchased in WA. Now they want to ban a gun that can fire 30 rounds without reloading. Well, they just did that by banning any magazine holding more than 10 rounds. So why now ban the gun? This is not a matter of safety anymore, they have that. This is a matter of wanting to control guns. As a matter of fact, I have a Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle. Is this an assault weapon? mspart
  20. I don't have an answer on the military question. But I do have a question on what you consider to be an assault rifle. If you want them removed, they have to be identified. mspart
  21. Is the video evidence somehow an indicator of training? I have not seen it but read and heard descriptions. Police are not trained to do what is on the video. In fact, police are trained not to do what was seen in the video. mspart
  22. It will be interesting for sure. mspart
  23. Looks like an interesting bracket. Zahid has shown he can beat Hall. Can Zahid beat the olympic bronze medallist Amine? Maybe. Can Zahid beat the Olympic and current World Silver Medallist? That would be a match to see. I don't think Zahid is quite there yet. My guess is he makes it to the semis and loses. It would be great to see him win and get into the finals but I'm guessing not. It would be a trip if both he and Hall got to the finals. That would be as we might say, unexpected!! mspart
  24. Yes, I think so. If Pelosi was afraid, he should have let go and run out the door. Very weird, very weird. mspart
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