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  1. Yes that was an issue that most would rather forget. But handing firearms to the cartels for their use in killing border patrol agents just doesn't pass the smell test of this being a good idea. And perhaps an illegal idea. Did they go through all the Mexican controls for obtaining firearms? If not, the perhaps it should be looked into. mspart
  2. My son wants to be the benevolent dictator of the world. So I understand the idea!! mspart
  3. I always did extra pushups figuring it would help me. I never viewed them as a punishment. I loved climbing the ropes too. mspart
  4. Yeah, Nashon took care of ADS at will really. But ADS hung in there and didn't let it get to a Tech fall and ended up winning. That was completely a loss of concentration on Nashon's part. You can be fatigued and keep focus. Or you can be fatigued and lose focus. I think he allowed the latter to happen. That said, kudos to ADS for persevering and taking care of business. mspart
  5. That might work. Needs a little more power than the bow can give but the right idea. Maybe have Tom Cruise shoot one of those on a fly by!! mspart
  6. Gutches vs Ruth. This might be a a great matchup. Ruth didn't have much in the way of international honors. Gutches was 1996 Olympian and took 7th, and was on the world Team every year after winning WC 1997, 7th in 1998, and won bronze in 1999. 2000 he won a match with a horrible back injury but lost the other two in the OTTs. With his back injury, he might not have done well in Sydney, but his replacment, Charles Burton, wasted an opportunity for Bronze. If Gutches could have gotten enough cold spray on his back, he might have been able to do it. Ed Ruth I don't think did much on the international stage. 3 time NCAA champion went the MMA route and was middlin' there. This would be really fun to see. I have to say, you can probably guess that I think Gutches would win. mspart
  7. He still looks like a brute. I don't know about Banach but I tend to agree with you. mspart
  8. Ferrari won't be able to handle the pressure of having to tow the line. mspart
  9. Schultz and Banach - today. Who wins? mspart
  10. You are too funny Mr. Dole. I don't even watch Fox news. Another ad-hominem attack based on zero knowledge. mspart
  11. Is that taking into account injury history and liklihood of happening again? If Lee is healthy, he will be stellar I think. But I have to say I am impressed ADS prevailed in Zagreb Henri Deglane to get gold. mspart
  12. Maybe at some point with cloning, we might be able to see these. mspart
  13. But who has a better chance at International Glory at the Senior level? Lee or DeSanto? mspart
  14. I don't consider it a win when you start with the name calling. I consider it a forfeit on your part. Your coach would be yelling at you and tomorrow's practice would be full of pushups and stairs. mspart
  15. Where is DeSanto on the UWW rankings now? mspart
  16. Same could be said for the boys. They learn how to control guys in folk style. I remember seeing Cael wrestling Sajidov in 2003 and Sajidov was on bottom and tried to get away and Cael just reeled him back in. I'm not sure classically trained FS wrestlers would have faired so well. Granted, there is not much need for this skill in freestyle but I believe that folkstyle is a better style for learning control. I could be wrong, and this is an ages long argument. But there's my $0.02. mspart
  17. This is very sad. We just got a new worker here from Turkey. She moved here when she was young, speaks perfect English, but came to us by way of a winery job she had south of Istanbul. She has lived in the Seattle area half her life so she is pretty established here. mspart
  18. Needed to get Tom Cruise out there and hop on the balloon and bring it down. He could jump out of an F22 with his extreme good aim. It took an F22 to bring it down? Seems like a lesser fighter could have handled it. I read an article that the F22 shot a heat seaking missile. What the heck was generating heat? I thought it was helium, not hot air. Oh well, it is down and now the frog men have to locate and bring it up. Any guesses? I'm guessing it is just as the Chinese said, it was a weather balloon with 3 semi trucks worth of equipment. mspart
  19. Wow, now that's really good luck. mspart
  20. You quoted me and then stated your opinion. I agree with you in regards to children. But the far left is not in agreement with you and opposes you with vitriol. The "don't say gay" bill in FL is the classic example. The left misnamed the bill on purpose. The bill was about not teaching sexual anything to K-3 elementary students. Why was this felt necessary in FL. Because that is the direction of school districts across the nation. It is not something that we can all support. There are many that support and want surgical and chemical "gender affirming care" to minors. That is just sick, yet, anytime you oppose this, they will pile on. So I do not agree that "we" can all understand and deplore this. I'm glad you and I agree on this however. mspart
  21. And now with the ad-hominem attack! So predictable. Did I say anything like that? No. You lose the argument because you have nothing of value to argue with. Ad-hominem attacks are the last line of defense of a losing argument. Just can't think of anything else to say so personally attack your opponent seems like a thing to do. Again, as I said, case closed. mspart
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