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  1. Yikes! That phrase is indeed on Sean Hannity's fb page Somebody's street cred just went down. More than Snoop's when he started chillin with Martha Stewart!
  2. No, but I do know car companies need to produce EVs.
  3. Wrong. If the meltdown happened a year prior, Cheney would have been too busy in his second career as a shooting range target.
  4. Please make Wyoming’s bubble much, much bigger. Thanks in advance!!
  5. He was speaker, so only vp and president above him? Menendez can't break this record?
  6. Jesse Ventura was a rassler. Does that count? He'd probably beat them all.
  7. Don't look at me. I'm not signing up!
  8. Well - what do you smoke? Don't leave us hanging! Personally, I don't smoke but I enjoy the wacky names the smokers give their product. Crystal Diesel. Bruce Banner.
  9. Exactly. He sounds like the kind of guy I'd want speaking at my picket line. Bipartisanship works baby!!!
  10. Honesty implies undies in a bunch? I haven't changed any subject nor do I wear a mask. I do get immunizations of many kinds. But only because my interpretation of the "science" says it will prevent or mitigate illness and I don't want illness.
  11. Delusional cry babies. Unbelievable these people make martyrs out of awful criminals, many if not most of whom confess their crimes in open court. No wonder "science" no longer exists.
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