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  1. Thank God we all woke up from our nightmare. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1247320
  2. Literally nobody is stopping them from investigating, and certainly nobody is making them, repeatedly claim they have evidence, and then when it's time to put up, they pee down their legs. Is it likely a huge waste of taxpayer money to investigate nothing purely to prop up the ego of one 79 year old man-child and/or to pass modern GOP purity tests? Yes, of course. But who cares? The Party of Limited Government and Cutting Government Waste continues their complete shift if philosophy!
  3. Depends on how we're defining heels. I don't think it's necessarily fair to group the different kinds. I think of heels (within the context of real sports) as guys who showboated unnecessarily on their opponents/general fans and/or displayed outwardly bad sportsmanship; I also believe they have to be good enough where it means something/they can back their talk up: 125: Thomas Gilman, come on now. Remember when he ran into the Minnesota huddle? What a nutjob. 133: Austin Desanto, unquestionably. Tony Ramos slander will not stand here, HL3. He was only boring as a senior! 141: 149: Jordan Oliver 157: 165: 174: Ben Askren (I will not honor the Cornell guy who MMA kneed a guy in the face by naming him or putting him in such illustrious company. 184: Bo Nickal (he was his most obnoxious at 197, but I slid him in here to make room for 197: AJ Ferrari 285: Gable Steveson To be clear, I loved watching almost all these guys.
  4. Man I really think Hunter Biden isn't fit to be president. Nobody with pending federal charges should be, am I right guys?
  5. https://www.cnn.com/2023/12/08/politics/james-comer-hunter-biden-reaction/index.html Not serious people.
  6. No. My point is not that South Carolina shouldn't be allowed to divest themselves, it's that they're doing the same thing they're criticizing Disney for doing. Much like I think it's fine for Disney to choose to spend their money elsewhere, it's fine for SC to choose to spend their money elsewhere (though I would bet it's not so universally a popular position as the official mentioned thinks it is). I just find it hilarious that he's criticizing Disney for pulling it's money from Twitter (for Twitter doing something they didn't want to be associated with) and doing so by pulling his money away from a company for that company doing something he doesn't want to be associated with.
  7. So.....Disney should not be allowed to choose how they invest their money, but South Carolina should? Is that the State of South Carolina's position?
  8. Incredible. TDS is listening to the words he says and believing him.
  9. Rage is a leftist, socialist band. Elon is at least as much a part of the machine against which they (and similarly minded people) are raging as any individual in history, if not more. They are anti-US government, assuredly, but also anti-extreme wealth accumulation. Elon is the machine.
  10. The idea that the literal richest man on the planet isn't part of the machine....
  11. He literally did answer it, and it wasn't me asking him the question, it was his buddy.
  12. Lol. Truly amazing the lengths people will go to. He's asked if he's going to abuse his power for retribution, says "no except on day 1," then says other stuff about drilling and the idea is...what? He's so mind numbingly stupid that he thinks drilling is the same as retribution? Or that maybe, just maybe, the stuff he said about drilling is not an exhaustive list of his plans.
  13. So far, he's been asked if he'll be a dictator (he didn't actually answer at the time) and then, when asked a second time about abusing his power he said "only on day 1". Here's that second exchange: Even with Hannity running cover for him, he can't help himself.
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