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  1. Interesting that the first debate is before the conventions. Biden must be hoping for a really good showing. Gotta get that cocktail just right. But maybe not like the SOTU speech or the after Hur speech. He was a bit angry. Maybe people like angry Joe. mspart
  2. I'm guessing he wants out of politics. I think he is tired of the crap that you have to deal with. mspart
  3. Yes he did. He beat Gable at the NCAA tourney and was the only one to score on him in 1972 olympic trials or olympic competetion. Owings was really good. mspart
  4. https://www.declassified.live/p/judge-cannon-puts-jack-smith-on-trial?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2 A few excerpts. I highly recommend reading this. In officially vacating the existing May 20 trial date—an impossibility considering the defendant will be in a Manhattan courtroom for the foreseeable future—Cannon declined to set another date, calling it “imprudent” at this stage of the process. She noted a “myriad” of unresolved matters in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 42-count indictment against the former president and his two co-defendants, Mar-a-Lago employees Waltine Nauta and Carlos De Olivera, for willfully retaining national defense information and attempting to impede the government’s investigation. Cannon, however, did schedule a number of proceedings that could be considered a way to put the Department of Justice on trial. In a stunning turn of events, Cannon, appointed by Donald Trump in 2020, is poised to make Smith a defendant of sorts. Over the next several weeks, prosecutors will be forced to publicly counter defense motions that accuse the DOJ of selective and vindictive prosecution; insist the appointment of Smith is illegal; and claim that several parties, including Joe Biden’s White House, colluded behind the scenes as early as May 2021 to concoct the unprecedented case. ...In other words, the government officials prosecuting Trump with mishandling top-secret files--mishandled top-secret files. Finally someone, the judge in this case, is taking seriously the weaponization of the DOJ in this effort. I have never heard this before and like I said above, this is very interesting reading and I highly recommend people read up on this. The defense has uncovered things that the judge wants clarified by DOJ. DOJ will have a very hard time justifying what it has done in targeting Trump in this case. They may be successful but it is an uphill battle. No wonder Jack Smith, the special prosecutor, wanted to rush this to court. In my opinion, he knows he has a very weak case based on the defense findings and didn't want that to come out. It looks like at the very least, the judge is interested in getting all of this out in the open, even if the news media and D's don't want it to and don't want to acknowledge this is happening. https://reason.com/volokh/2024/05/11/judge-aileen-cannon-is-a-heroine/ https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/whats-holding-up-trumps-florida-case These are two articles that seems to say similar things as the above. So not wholly unsubstantiated. mspart
  5. I had a similar coach that I stayed in touch with almost until he died. I went to visit him and his wife told me he had passed away a few months earlier. He was a great friend and mentor. mspart
  6. The folks would be killed in Saudi, Iran, Afghanistand, and most certainly in Palestine for their views on sexuality, gender fluidity, and marxist views. They don't realize it. These are college educated (doesn't mean much anymore does it?) adults that have no idea about the world around them. They are oblivious to the reality that they live and the fact it would not be tolerated in Muslim countries. Fools and idiots indeed. mspart
  7. That's actually a good idea. Yes, there could be brain damage in MMA but I think not as much as in boxing itself. Especially with a wrestler who will want to be on the ground rather than punching. mspart
  8. To me, it makes some sense to go to Okie with Taylor. Let Taylor sharpen Dake's steel. mspart
  9. Too bad he didn't make that decision just a little earlier. Perhaps he doesn't want to do the extreme training needed to succeed at the highest level in wrestling. But to make NFL, he will need to do that. And I'm guessing he did at WWE as well. But he knows what it is like in wrestling. mspart
  10. Interesting that they do not take the ballots that were determined to be illegal and throw them out and get a revised count for the election. Seems ridiculous to have another election where the same thing can happen all over again. mspart
  11. I think that is spelled So Crates for us plebes. mspart
  12. I feel like that is not overly optimistic. Doable. If MFS does as thought, that is 4 for WFS and GR put together. Very possible. mspart
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