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  1. I don't think you can expect any D senator to vote to convict period. You might have a few R's not do it either. You need 67 senators to convict. I don't think it can happen unless there is incontrovertible evidence and the public is behind it. Senators would have to feel the heat and I just don't see that with the way the media is turning everything upside down in support of Biden. mspart
  2. That's not the question. The question is how will the 48 D senators vote? How I would vote in immaterial, it's how they will vote. I maintain they will vote to acquit unless, and only unless, incontrovertible evidence is presented and it has to be so hard that the public will be up in arms over it. I just don't see that happening. mspart
  3. What chances are there for Biden to be convicted? What is the purpose of doing an impeachment and not getting a conviction? What would it take to get 67 senators to vote for conviction? I'm looking at this with what I am saying. I don't think there is much to gain to impeach and not get a conviction. It is just a show trial and could likely be frowned up by the electorate in this election season. mspart
  4. ionel - Those are right wing crazy websites saying that. Ha ha!! mspart
  5. Ah, Col. Flagg. One of the best characters of MASH along with Sidney. mspart
  6. We are doing our part by having the highest gas prices in the nation here in WA. Is it helping? Cap and trade nonsense. Our Gov Inslee, yeah the one that briefly ran for Pres, got a cap and trade tax passed and is saying the gas companies are gouging us. Just us, just WA. His law is costing an additional $0.49/gallon currently. Like the gas companies are going to swallow that. mspart
  7. That's why Nike started making them with color so you hillbillies could buy them with no shame. mspart
  8. Dear Mr Dead guy and copy and paste guy, I didn't say that. Nike and REI said that. You are not wrong regarding centralized warehousing having cost advantages. So why are the Nike stores in outlet malls not closing down? Why is the REI in Redmond and Issaquah WA still in business? Why does Costco still have brick and mortar stores all over the world? If what you say is true, these would all have been quick to be shutting down as in Sears and KMart. But that is not what we see is it? Please explain that based on your hypothesis. So what you are saying is that they will pick and choose which stores they will close and which ones they will leave open as an effort to centralize their warehousing. Like that makes any sense. Keep your eyes closed and believe what you want to believe. I will keep my eyes open and believe what they tell me. mspart
  9. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/us-playing-fire-oil-reserves-165205457.html Zahra Tayeb Wed, September 13, 2023 at 9:52 AM PDT The US is "playing with fire" as its oil reserves drop to a 40-year low at a time when crude prices are surging, Larry McDonald warned in a post on X. "Queasy, indeed..." the markets guru wrote in a previous post illustrating falling US strategic petroleum reserves. The Biden administration has been draining the SPR since the start of the Ukraine war to help cap energy prices. The US is "playing with fire" as its oil reserves plunge to a 40-year low at a time when global crude prices are rallying again, markets guru Larry McDonald said. The founder of "The Bear Traps Report" has taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to warn about the steep drop in US oil inventories. "Queasy, indeed...," he wrote in an earlier post with a graph showing a steep drop in US strategic petroleum reserves. McDonald is a former Lehman Brothers trader and the author of "A Colossal Failure of Common Sense," which chronicles how the investment bank ended up collapsing in September 2008 and sparking a global financial crisis. The plunge in oil stocks highlights the mounting risks to America's energy security. Low domestic reserves could increase the US's reliance on imports, potentially making it more vulnerable to supply disruptions and price volatility in the global oil market. Energy security is national security. Should not be an R or D thing. National security is in everyone's best interest. mspart
  10. This is exactly what I was saying in the first post. There are people who deny the obvious. In the article I posted, they cite theft and crime as the reason Nike and REI are closing. Yet, it must be for some other reason. It couldn't be rampant shoplifting, no that couldn't be it. Even though they said it. It is all just a conspiracy. mspart
  11. You are just supposed to know. Did the cashiers look at you like you were crazy!! My son recently worked for Target as a security guy. He was told not to engage anyone. So he was able to see lots of theft going on. mspart
  12. No they are not based on the facts. Which is why the case has to be incontrovertible to get anyone to move from their position of acquit as a knee jerk reaction to convict. Again, I don't see that happening. The only way it does is if Joe becomes more physically and mentally frail than he is now and they have to take some action if the cabinet doesn't. Long odds on that one. Do I think he should be kicked out of office? I surely don't want Kamala as President. But that is a purely partisan reason. I have not seen evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors while he has been President. Lying just doesn't cut it anymore. mspart
  13. Well, I'm conflating it because the US citizen will conflate it. Yes Impeachment is political. But the "crime" must be proven beyond all unreasonable doubt to get a conviction. No one in the Senate believed Clinton did not lie under oath. But it did not rise to the level of egregiousness to convict. If the House does not present a fact filled and totally acquittal proof case, there is no turning around the D's and/or I's Senators to turn on Biden. The evidence must be indisputable that he did something wrong while President, such that, no one can dismiss the facts. That is the only way to make it happen. It would have to incite the public to want Biden's head such that the Senators could not do otherwise than give it to them. I don't see this happening. It will be a dog and pony show that will not do anything but waste time. I don't disagree the investigation should continue, it should. I think this is a matter for DOJ to handle until it becomes clear that Biden did something wrong while President. Who cares what he did before? Unless "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" has not time limit. I assume these need to be done while he is President. I think the public would see it similarly. mspart
  14. Yes, the Cortez. I always wanted a pair and my mom wouldn't because they were white and would not be white long the way I treated shoes. Actually, I'm still that way. I even make black shoes look dingy. mspart
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