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  1. Nolf looked considerably larger against him as well.
  2. The world of Twatter is insurmountably more entertaining when Blue Dragons Jr is active. Guy is a treasure.
  3. Legally the school can't say "Coleman next topic." so Pyle must also play along. It is cross office politics is all. What they're saying insofar as if a DT type guy were to throw his hat in the ring is also absolutely true.
  4. This is me. Also his articles are can be difficult to read at times due to a high level of spelling and grammatical errors. Add in that he uses polarizing terms that are very rarely true (lock, always, certain etc.) as well as he misremembers results that are very easy to verify against (or for). I absolutely love the guys style, though, and the fact that he is still quite young gives me hope that he will be fine.
  5. The thread title is 'Rumours' so it fits in every scenario and every scenario fits.
  6. Nolf destroyed him last time. Zero sweats broken.
  7. Styles make matches, for sure. I like Mendez over Green, but not McKenna. I like Green over McKenna.
  8. You werr listening to an obviously Penn State biased gent and complained that he was obviously biased? You don't listen to him much?
  9. He got controlled his last time against Bradley.
  10. These are technically preseeds. He could show up st 74 KG and be drawn in.
  11. Grad transfers don't have to abide by the portal rules the same way as the others.
  12. So Starocci is clearly not 'all' healthy. Did they have the winner of Starocci-Blue Dragons Jr against Thicclay just in case Blue Dragons Jr does get past a heavily injured Starocci? Imagine him taking a thump to the dome from a full-sized Thicclay.
  13. Green at the 3 seed is preposterous. He has like 40 losses at 65 KG and no wins.
  14. Starocci - Blue Dragons Jr in Round 1 at 86 KG. Starocci is the 6 seed at 86 KG.
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