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  1. Yes that is what’s been said but I believe there was also a world team prior to that happening where he was on the team with some PSU guys that could have also encouraged it
  2. Oh yeah the other comment from HR is that they seem to think if they get a transfer that is not currently in the portal they think they can get a waiver.
  3. My understanding is they can’t get in trouble as long as their staff stays out of it. But to your second point, yeah I’m sure something like that (just not Cael himself) could and probably already does happen. Kerk being one example who may have been influenced by others to transfer to PSU.
  4. I read the thread on HR. Main other additional detail is talking about how supposedly ASU has reported Iowa and that Pritts and Brands “got into it“. Doesn’t seem like many of them listened to Tom Ryan’s interview where he said it was perfectly legal for people to offer money to guys to enter the portal as long as they are not part of the team’s staff.
  5. In the interview Pyles asked if he was doing body weight stuff and he said no. Seems what Brooks really meant is he may not have lifted for a couple months
  6. Minnow claiming Teemer was paid $25K to apply to Iowa, which he did
  7. They do a good job, but this is a bit of an exaggeration. https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/38/lock-haven/profile 26th, 30th, 54th, 18th, 16th, 44th, 50th, 37th, 56th in the last 9 tournaments. The only 2 years where multiple guys made the blood round was Marsteller’s 2 years in 2018 and 2019. Their arguably most successful wrestlers have been transfers that got in trouble at their last school (you could maybe argue Perry, but his 2nd place finish was the only year he AA’d).
  8. Maybe at Hofstra too, getting eliminated right after naming a new coach!
  9. Well I think both Anthony (committing to Iowa despite them not actually recruiting him) and Angelo (throwing the PSU hat despite them not actually recruiting him) Ferrari have shown us that you can still “consider” schools that aren’t actually recruiting you.
  10. Didn’t they compete under the neutral flag in 2021 too due to doping sanctions?
  11. Good for him. I’m still confused if it was just Russian wrestling that told the athletes they were boycotting? Looking at this list, there are plenty of other athletes that accepted their invitations (but not all). But wrestling was the only one where several said “invitation initially accepted but subsequently declined.” There was one tennis player and one judoka (I think that’s what they’re called?) that said it as well, and judo looks to be the only sport where all eligible Russian athletes declined (3 others just showed as declined). There is also one Belarussian wrestler that also accepted. https://olympics.com/ioc/paris-2024-individual-neutral-athletes
  12. “When you wrestle Jordan you have to be ready for some headbutts to the face.” Good interview though, he said he’d be interested In wrestling Sidakov somewhere else. Also some good comments on suggestions for youth coaches
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