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  1. At one point the announcers were talking about the upcoming matches “we” could win, then I think even said something like “sorry I know this is an ESPN+ feed not OU” lol
  2. Yeah that looked like a high school heavyweight match. But shouldn’t Doucet have been called for stalling for hanging on the ankle?
  3. And yet somehow the announcers had no idea what he hurt, they were guessing his privates.
  4. Good dual. Interesting since Matthews was really the only Pitt win that was particularly close (although 125 an upset). So even if that result changes they still would’ve needed a Feldman win over Pitzer which would’ve been a good match.
  5. Not exactly a ringing endorsement here
  6. Didn’t Sealey give Marinelli a close match? Not sure if Angelo beats any of the top 10 at 165, but “curb stomped” seems like a stretch
  7. Ok I’m probably misremembering. I might’ve been thinking of the PSU hat thing but I guess they were never even in his top 5 so they likely weren’t recruiting him
  8. I believe PSU was recruiting Angelo weren’t they? Albeit maybe not “all over” him
  9. Yes I was agreeing with your overall point that it seems Iowa fans shouldn’t expect any bonus from Franek at NCAA’s. But would’ve thought he could’ve had a couple already
  10. None against a D1 opponent this year. Last year he did.
  11. He had several bonus victories last season. But looks like probably only one against someone that qualified for NCAA’s. I was mostly just shocked he had a close match even with someone that Lewan teched, as Lewan has mostly close matches too.
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