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  1. You do understand Biden's wacho green new deal for Ev vehicles is going to cost the UAW 40,000 jobs in the next 7 or 8 years.
  2. Do you mean American taxpayer works for you baby?
  3. I think the American Taxpayer went to bat for GM. I think we also went to bat for Chrysler. I guess they were to big to fail.
  4. This should get really interesting. It looks like he is losing his popularity with the unions. Maybe he should send old Pete or maybe Kamala'
  5. I think very few people realize Snyder won his first World Gold medal at 19. He had just finished his true freshman year, The next year his true sophomore year he won Olympic Gold at 20 years old. I think he has won 9 medals so far.
  6. Yes went to Ohio twice. The first trip was to say good bye to mom and tell her I loved her. She passed away 6 days later. Then I went back to Ohio Sept. 8th for her funeral. She had been suffering from a lot of illnesses for some time. She is at rest now.
  7. Daddy will pardon him right before he leaves the White House. in early 2025. If not sooner. It looks like daddy may need to pardon himself.
  8. No I am not saying its a global issue. But our wacko's here in America think it is. I would be willing to bet that less than 10 percent of Americans know the percentage of carbon humans are responsible for.
  9. They say the sky is falling. You and I must pay trillions of dollars to fix it. But China who is the largest polluter by far spends nothing. What you will never see anywhere is that humans as a whole are only responsible for 4% of the carbon released into the atmosphere. The earth naturally releases the other 96 percent.
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