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  1. She is an expensive cheap fake.
  2. But,But,but the laptop was fake . 51 intelligence experts said so.
  3. Biden is ruling as a dictator. 95 % of what he does is by executive order. He ignores The Supreme Court Ruling on student loans. By executive order he transfers student loans, instead to the tax payer. Now Joe wants to give amnesty to 500,000 illegals by exec. order. He opened the border up by executive order.
  4. If the gentleman standing next to him does not put his arm around him at the 25 second mark and talk to him, he might have been frozen for several minutes frozen and that is reality. I will never understand why the democrats did not pick a better candidate. Then if something happens to Joe you Kamala for back-up. Unbelievable.
  5. Based on the internet input he is full of shit. Just saying.
  6. We were talking about Kamala. Then you tried to move the goal posts or deflect.
  7. You will need a lot of time and really large track hoe. Maybe a Cat. 336 or a 6090S.
  8. Excellent job uncovering the hypocrisy.
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