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  1. Lee in 3 Lee in 3 Dake in 3 Taylor in 2 Snyder in 2 Parris in 2
  2. The Twitter stuff for sure. I draw a straight line between the two. But that also means a lot of it is disingenuous. This guy was genuinely an ass.
  3. He first ran over to the rail and was yelling at Burroughs after the Mesenbrink match. He ran it back after the Nolf match, but alao seemed to take it up a notch. As a dyed in the wool PSU fan I was disgusted by his behavior. I couldn't here what he said, but it looked ugly.
  4. I missed the ref hitting that double leg on Burroughs.
  5. How do we have 4 empty mats and the session is not done? Madness. USAW crapping the bed.
  6. Two great things I saw that probably were not on camera: 1. Loads of wrestlers stopping at the mouth of the tunnel to sign autographs for little kids. Made their night. 2. Zain Retherford embracing Nick Lee after their semis and slapping hands as they ran off together. Worst thing I saw tonight. Still wrestling at 10:30 when they only used 3 mats. USAW has some real logistics issues.
  7. I am not out yet. Nolf presented himself, which is how Burroughs was able to get to his stiff arm shove. The side to side only happened at the edge, as it always does, and as it should, to avoid the push out. Burroughs strategy was just faulty.
  8. You are not being fair if you are implying that Burroughs was working for the takedown and the only thing preventing it was Nolf running backward. The only thing Burroughs was working for was the pushout. He was straight armed on Nolf's collar bone for much of the third period. He never tried to penetrate, he only tried to push.
  9. Classless Penn St fan, singular. We are all wondering what that guy's problem is.
  10. And the blast double never came. It was so strange, especially in the last minute or so. All Burroughs tried to do was push Nolf out, presumably to get it to trailing by two, and then going for two. Just bad strategy from a grizzled vet.
  11. Nolf was same time as JB v MM. Not sure why they didn't split screen.
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