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  1. Cool. 6 bucks might be spent. mspart
  2. Will there be rewatch capability in case we miss it because we are working supporting America and its capitalistic enterprises? mspart
  3. Anticipatory climate change. The earth knows I tell you, the earth knows. It is a well known fact that tectonic plates shift at the mere thought of climate change. This action increases when there is real climate change. Just look at the major increase in earthquakes over the last 20 years compared to the rate before that. https://www.icr.org/article/twentieth-century-earthquakes-confronting-urban-le High CO2 concentrations push down on the earths crust which puts undue pressure on the tectonic plates. Since they float on magma, they shift under this load and cause climate change earthquakes. The sex workers in Indonesia are the most concerned about this for sure. mspart
  4. Since Cael never lost in college, I think Cormier loses 19/19 times or 29/29 times. Or 100/100 times. Cael did lose in FS a few matches, but never in college. He was dominant on top and rode like the wind. mspart
  5. Climate change increases the risk of earthquakes!! It the physics!! mspart
  6. Lay off Jimmy. These are just people wanting a better life. Even if they have to go to Mexico first. I wonder why they don't just come in LA or SF? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/border-agents-apprehend-one-hundred-eighty-two-chinese-citizens-crossed-us-illegally-key-sector mspart
  7. https://economistwritingeveryday.com/2024/01/31/why-was-federal-tax-revenue-down-in-2023/ When Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took up this question in October 2023, she also zoomed in on the drop in individual income tax receipts, and further she claimed “The decrease in receipts for FY 2023 compared to FY 2022 can be attributed to $456 billion lower individual income tax receipts as capital gains realizations fell.” Capital gains! That could be the culprit (note: she is using fiscal years rather than calendar years as I am, so the numbers are not exactly the same). She also mentions the decrease in deposit earnings by the Fed, but in her calculation this is also much smaller than income taxes. So capital gains fell. Interesting. But the economy was doing so good? Rates didn't change, but the economy didn't do so well. We can thank Biden for that, just like you say RV. But look!!! Revenues are projected to go up and up and up from 2023 to 2028. This should make you very happy. What should make you even happier you deficit hawk you, is if Congress reigns in spending to match the revenue. Now that would be cause for celebration. mspart
  8. Bets on Sad being able to compete as a last minute add in? Not outside the realm of possibility. mspart
  9. Thanks for that BarSeries. First on the list. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Again, I think this is a no show or a media stunt. He can't seriously think he can take out Taylor. But maybe he does. mspart
  10. We should explore alternatives of course. But to mandate their implementation when their costs are at their highest and reduce the implementation of reliable and cheap sources of energy is foolhardy. WA just passed a law that tells Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to stop hooking up natural gas to new construction. But not only that, it incentivizes PSE to cut off service of natural gas to whoever they care to do it to. It is a strange bill to target just one energy company in the state. So here is the result. PSE gets to raise prices to make this happen. PSE has hundreds of thousands of natural gas customers that heat their homes and water with natural gas. When they cut off nutural gas to those folks, they will be forced by state mandate to ditch their furnace and water heater and purchase electric units, which no doubt will escalate in price. Then, that can't be done because the electric service is not sufficient to run those units so PSE will necessarily have to increase their service to these houses for 30k each maybe. So for PSE this is a win win win. For the consumer this is a lose lose lose. This is what government mandates create. It is the law of unintended, or intended, consequences. FWIW - I just bought a new gas furnace a few months ago and I'm concerned it will have to be trashed soon if this doesn't get reversed. There are efforts now to get an initiative going to delete this law. It was just signed and I'm not sure of when it actually takes effect. If you doubt this you can look it up, it is known has House bill 1589. https://www.biaw.com/house-passes-hb-1589-clearing-path-for-electrification-energy-rate-hikes/ https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/legislature-could-be-closer-ending-pses-natural-gas-obligations/KGSA5UVZUJCHHPNQRFMEPYPVFY/ https://mynorthwest.com/3953865/controversial-clean-energy-bill-drops-ban-on-natural-gas-may-face-challenge/ https://mynorthwest.com/3956123/inslee-signs-natural-gas-bill-into-law-critics-say-it-comes-at-expense-of-customers/ mspart
  11. Fauci funded that video!!! mspart
  12. Is he already qualified? Or does he have to go to the qualifier and win. I think he's trolling and no shows at whichever. mspart
  13. I am torn on how to feel about this. I just hope Snyder steps up and eliminates Taz. But I would hope that no matter what. mspart
  14. Taylor hangs on for 2024. After that the future is unclear. - magic 8 ball. mspart
  15. Taylor better be ready for sure. But if peaked, he shouldn't have much to worry about. mspart
  16. https://taxfoundation.org/data/all/federal/latest-federal-income-tax-data-2024/ https://www.bankrate.com/investing/income-wealth-top-1-percent/ The key figures here are not only the average wealth per household but also the share held by each, especially at the top. For example, the top 1 percent of households hold 30.6 percent of the total wealth, according to the Federal Reserve. Ok, now that we have these details figured out, the top 1% have 30.6% of the wealth yet pay 45.8% of the income taxes collected. What about that isn't paying their fair share? I think you will find here that the top earners do pay their fair share and the bottom earners essentially pay nothing. Just like you said RV. Your wish has been granted. mspart
  17. Well, that is interesting data. Perhaps RV typed that backwards on accident and meant we would be better off as a country if everybody followed Christian teachings rather than Buddhist teachings. mspart
  18. The teams should know when the anthem is played and be on the floor for that. Like all the fans. That should be the expectation for all teams. The teams should be out on the field or court for the official pre game activities, which the National Anthem is part of. My experience is that they introduce the teams and then do the National Anthem. I don't think the governors idea would be legally valid for what Vak states, although I personally think that is an abuse of free speech. You are there, your scholly is partially paid for by the government both state and federal, show some appreciation and respect. It is just common courtesy. mspart
  19. Yes I am a cry baby. When I pay taxes, I expect the protection that comes with that. When that doesn't happen, I go cry baby. mspart
  20. That's probably why he isn't going 65!!! mspart
  21. So he is pro choice, he is for a 15 or 21 week limit. And he said, "I’m not going be in a position, put myself in a position, where I am going to tell a woman to bring a child to term." Is his statement complete as in, he would not oppose abortion at birth? Or could it be said that his statement is his position before 15 or 21 weeks? Does it have to be absolute as in the first, or can it be nuanced as in the second. Reading US polls, most adults are in favor of limited choice abortion. That limit is around 15 weeks. Now there are extremists on either side, but most US citizens support a 15 week abortion. Most do not support a 2nd trimester abortion, and a vast majority do not support a 3rd trimester abortion. I believe these refer to choice abortions, not to save the life of the mother. Is it possible he is reading those tea leaves and falling in line with the majority? I don't know him or his political leanings in the past or present. I have no idea. So is the above a change in his stance? Is that a no no or is it smart politics to meet the US voters where they are? Next question is why is there a discussion of him in the first place. He will not win, he picked a flaming progressive for VP so it seems clear where his positions are - left of center. mspart
  22. RFK Jr is a rock. No movement. mspart
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