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  1. If they get the calls like they did with Max Dean’s title walk, 7 or 8 is definitely possible.
  2. Second half of summary is odd: “Investigators do not believe the teen's death was the result of "trauma" but said the official cause of death has not been determined.”
  3. Miguel Cardona: "If you’ve been paying for a decade, you’ve done your part, and you deserve relief." Hmm. How about federally backed 30-year mortgages?
  4. It seems these policies encourage parents not to help cover their children’s debt like so many of us have had to do.
  5. “Biden has now unilaterally wiped away nearly $138 billion in federal student loans for almost 3.9 million borrowers without a single act of Congress. The student loan bailouts come after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked Biden's initial debt cancelation plan last year, which would have cost more than $400 billion. “ Hypothetically, a new administration could cancel the cancellation right?
  6. Stop it you’re depressing me. I’m sure there’s a pharmaceutical solution for that though so carry on.
  7. Hamiti with the face mush to close out the tech.
  8. Eric “Turtle” Barnetts featured now on BTN
  9. Eggum was a math major. He knew his violation point was worth the 5 point team swing.
  10. Did he throw a brick that was ignored?
  11. Minnesota couldn’t afford one of the “Step On The Mat Anytime You Like” passes that Sanderson and Brands have.
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