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  1. Brooks is a faith-based rather than fact-based guy. That tells me to take what he says with a great grain of salt. He's too willing to tell himself (and others) a magical story about the world, and what he sees is no doubt colored heavily by what he seeks (and wishes to see). His stories are far too simple and simplistic to actually reflect a reality that is usually many shades of gray rather than stark black and white. I wonder what Brooks will say if he gets Yazdani or a Muslim from another country in the Olympic finals: my guess is that he might cast it as God's plan to do battle against heretics or something of the sort. NBC might be wise to keep the live mics away from him.
  2. Yes, all signs indicate that Spencer Lee is extremely strong. His top game and gut wrench is one indication. Another sign is that he can do one-arm pull ups without the aid of the other arm supporting the active arm. I once challenged fellow wrestlers in a wrestling room to do this and no one could.
  3. Zain's path to qualification. He needs to win 3 in a row to. get to the other third place finisher, and then win that final match. A tough route. Four watermelons to crush.
  4. Christopher Hitchens: now there is a guy who can speak eloquently and also write well. Sad to see him taken by cancer.
  5. Perhaps because Jesus was on Brook's team, and DT uses magic rather than relies on miracles and divine intervention, both of which Brook's references
  6. Taylor is definitely good on his (speaking) feet. He hits the right notes. He answers the questions rather than avoids them. He praises others and gives credit where it is due. He offers reasons for optimism. He comes across as honest and genuine. And he clearly is very competitive; but he not only wants to win, he wants to build a solid culture around the program. The fact that he started and ran the M2 training center (with several others) mitigates his lack of experience coaching at the college level. It's easy to see that he has leadership skills. But now, the real work begins. I'm hoping that the powers-that-be schedule a Penn State-Okie State dual this year or next.
  7. Another shot an AA-ing all the weights.
  8. I see lots of posters are drinking tonight. Carr did not dominate Mesenbrink. He won 9-8 and would likely have lost if MM knew the score or the match continued. MM teched Monday, which was something Nolf came nowhere to doing. Monday is also probably better at freestyle than Carr, who only beat MM on a riding point in, yes, folkstyle. Mesenbrink is a U 20 World champ and also a U20 silver medalist. Better credentials than Nolf at that age. But let me be clear: I'm not saying MM is better than Nolf right now.. He's about 7 years younger. Get off the juice. I bet you have a hangover in the morning. Alluseeistheroomspinning
  9. 130KG is freestyle's version of Sumo wrestling. And, yes, this image is disturbingly pornographic
  10. I half thought Taylor would leave the shoes on the mat but maybe that is not his style. He's said repeatedly that when he loses the fire, he will hang them up. The flame was kind of low these past two matches and in leading up to it. Was the last time he competed at Worlds? Brooks, on the other hand, was coming off a long season
  11. I don't see how all the other guys that wrestled Brooks this weekend could take him down but DT couldn't do it in two matches. The mysteries of life
  12. Taylor now has to rise to the occasion or go home fishing ... or cow raising. Let's put it out there DT!
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