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  1. Gas jumped another 10 cents a gallon from Thu to Fri. The carbon tax is taking effect. Gas prices in states around us are going down. Ours are going up. mspart
  2. It shouldn't. The officers were fired and charged with 2nd degree murder. Isn't that what people are looking for? Or is there more they want out of this situation? I really hope Memphis doesn't have a riot tonight. If one starts, I hope it gets squashed immediately with arrests of the perpetrators. That said, the Memphis police have done everything they can to say, these were bad cops, look we fired them and are pressing charges against them. Honestly, what more could be required? My guess is there will be disturbance tonight and if that goes well, tomorrow night and the next. The police need to jump out in front of this and deny them their wish to burn the city down. I really hope everyone stays calm tonight, but I'm guessing they won't. mspart
  3. Back to the topic, it seems they are concerned about rent increases and capping those. But are they going to cap property tax increases as well? That would be difficult because they are a combination of assessed value and mill rate. Mill rate can't go up more than 5% and assessed value can't go up more than 5%. And what if the owner pays the utilities. Are those going to be capped as well? What about fees for electricians or plumbers that work for a property owner. Will those be capped as well. If capping rents is a good idea, then protecting the property owner is also a good idea. Thoughts? mspart
  4. I agree, but failure to pay your property taxes can result in forfeiture I've heard. Just pay the rent (taxes I mean) and all is well. mspart
  5. I had no idea this was going on. I'm surprised since there is international competition there. Uguev made a successful appearance. mspart
  6. On the other hand, this is kind of funny is a sad way. This is a screen shot of an ad right on this board. How old is that picture anyway. Looks like something from the 50s. If so, that guy can't do plumbing anymore!! mspart
  7. The Silly Walk Skit was a funny one. mspart
  8. I'd say it is apparent that DePape hit him at least one time. Going to stay in the pokey for a long time. mspart
  9. I like the cavemen or ape men. Nice touch!! Very nice of your grandpa. My grandpa on my dad's side died when I was -19 years old. I never knew him of course My other grandpa died when I was +32. I did know him. Was an English Prof at Wash State University - Go Cougs! He actually believed that Shakespeare wrote his stuff by himself. mspart
  10. Yes, my wife's great grandparents got run out of their very very nice house because of a new road planned for going right through it. If they can take it away because you don't pay your property taxes, I can see that as a point, but stretching the point no doubt. mspart
  11. Some of their stuff was just so weird it is hilarious. What kind of mind comes up with that? They had a lot of crazy weird stuff like that was was hilarious. Some didn't work, but this worked. My wife doesn't really care for silly. And they were kings of silly. mspart
  12. I grew up in Huntsville, AL. That's where I remember 18.9 cents a gallon. Normally it was 21.9 cents. I don't remember getting any kind of toy or anything. You are one lucky one Mike. mspart
  13. The video is out. Kind of strange. Door is opened to police by Pelosi, who is holding a drink and co-holding a hammer with DePape. The police ask Depape to drop the hammer and he said he wasn't going to do that. Then there was a struggle and DePape got the hammer out of Pelosi's grip and immediately attacked. There was no time for the police to stop that action because they were trying to de-escalate the situation and it got out of hand in about 1 second. Very strange. But not much defense for Depape after watching that. You see the attack but they go out of visual range when the hammer hits Pelosi. You can see the police body cam footage below. Should the police have attacked Depape to wrest the hammer away? That is not de-escalation but escalation. It might have worked, but as they were standing there, both holding the hammer and Depape saying things were cool, I'm guessing the police were not to concerned something bad was going to happen. This is just strange. Pelosi is not indicating he is in distress or thinks he may be, however, his mouth is open the whole time like he wants to say something, but I didn't hear him say anything. It was all Depape talking. I honestly don't know what to make of this. Pelosi should have gotten a body lock on him and took him to the cleaners. Hammer blow would be less hurtfull that way I think. I'm guessing Pelosi wasn't recalling his old wrestling moves at that moment. Very weird. Strange beginning and very violent end. Now we all know what happened. mspart
  14. How is real estate entirely socialist? I ask this as an honest question. Buying and selling of real estate smacks of overt capitalism to me. Buying property as an investment smacks of overt capitalism to me also. So I'd like to know what you are thinking when you say this. mspart
  15. So did Schiff ever provide his truth about collusion? I am not aware of it. If so, where is it? Mueller would have had no choice but to say Trump was guilty as charged but you know what? Schiff decided not to share his secret with Mueller and Mueller therefore had to find that there was no collusion. Schiff is just waiting to pounce at the right moment I guess. A real chess player he is. mspart
  16. Don't they have sleazeball detectors at the FBI? Stuff like that is shades of Minority Report. mspart
  17. We got Pong when I was a teenager. It feels good to be part of a club here!! mspart
  18. Very interesting jross. Thanks for the info. mspart
  19. I was just supplying an anecdote from my past. That said, you ARE old!! mspart
  20. Back in the day when a gas war produced 18.9 cents a gallon, watching the pennies made a difference. Normal gas was 21.9 and 24.9. When gas went to 34.9 my dad blew a gasket. Yes, I'm that old and remember all of that. Now with prices as high as they are, buying gas at $4.359 instead of $4.369 doesn't save enough money to make that trip if it is further. mspart
  21. I don't want to watch an 11 minute video. What is the gist of the video or article? Article is behind a paywall. mspart
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