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  1. Good on you BB. That was very good of you to go back and talk with him. mspart
  2. I usually just ignore people that say Wrasslin' and move on with the conversation. It doesn't help to make a stink of it. But I will correct them that I'm not into WWE or WWF whatever it is called now. Olympic Wrasslin' is the style I do and enjoy. Well, I don't do it anymore. But I do enjoy watching great wrestling. mspart
  3. Can't read the article. Does it say why FTC wants this stuff? mspart
  4. At the HS my kids went to, the mats were crawling up the sides there was so little room. Oh for the days!! mspart
  5. That was no slam by Waters. He was just along for the ride. It's a great 2 point move in freestyle. mspart
  6. PSU at seed 40% seems low but that's because they have been winning so often. But if a #1 wins, he did not exceed his seed so there's that. They have had a lot of #1 seeds. Okie State does not surprise me, they constantly underperform which is something I have been saying for years. MINN is a surprise. I think they usually underperform but they are one of the higher performers. Very interesting chart. Thanks for taking the time. mspart
  7. Bono needs to work the wrestler, not the ref. That is uncalled for behavior. mspart
  8. Are the brackets 32 man with a few pigtails? It seems like that has been the case. mspart
  9. This I believe. Kolat really got it handed to him the years he was our rep. Matches taken away that he had won. Horrible. mspart
  10. Yep, illegal. The kid landed on his head and Gomez landed on his head. mspart
  11. MN does this in a way. They have the regular individual tournament and at the same time the top 8 teams duke it out in dual format for the team state title. So those that stay alive in the individual tourney may have double duty if their team is still going. mspart
  12. I would like to see PSU go down this year, but I don't think that will happen. Give someone else a shot says I. mspart
  13. 9 hours of wrestling!!! Could it be 4 hours of wrestling and 5 hours of leaning? mspart
  14. Teams 1 Oregon State, 123.5 2 Stanford, 113.5 3 Cal Poly, 112.0 4 Arizona State, 110.5 5 Little Rock, 82.0 6 CSU Bakersfield, 58.0 This is a surprising result to me. I did not think OSU would win, but they did quite well. They had 5 Pac-12 champions which is much better than I had thought. Pendleton must be doing something right there. Hopefully those that go to NCAAs from OSU wrestle above their seeds drastically. I would love to see that. And look at that!! Little Rock did better than CSU Bakersfield. Who woulda thunk? mspart
  15. This is a fact, except for the 9 Olympics. But rules changed in 1998, 1999, and 2000 due to how Kolat got screwed. The best wrestler to never win gold. mspart
  16. That was Kolat's signature move. He scored offensive points off of that like crazy. Give them the leg, counter with the gumby knee, an go behind and get the takedown. mspart
  17. That's saying something!! mspart
  18. Kyle Snyder used to do a chest wrap to stall out a TD attempt. Then he got caught by Sadulaev in a Jr High move and was pinned in the WC finals. I don't think he does the chest wrap anymore. Granted, there is no much penalty in international wrestling for doing this kind of thing. The just start you over. mspart
  19. If wrestler A attacks and wrestler B defends by going to the ankles. OK If wrestler A attacks and wrestler B defends by going to the ankles a second time. OK If wrestler A attacks and wrestler B defends by going to the ankles for a third time, then wrestler B is stalling. Its a matter of repetition. If wrestler B doesn't create any offense but is constantly attacked, then wrestler B is stalling. If wrestler B uses an ankle to counter a TD attempt and win the takedown himself, that is a different matter. mspart
  20. Final Team Scores Missouri 148.0. OK State 134.0. Iowa St. 131.0. Oklahoma 97.5. N. Dakota State 89.0. S. Dakota State 86.5. N. Iowa 73.0. Air Force 64.5. Mizzou did well. OK state needs to do so work to get back to form. mspart
  21. Looks like Nickal won by submission. Good for him.
  22. Snyder gold again. mspart
  23. 2023 Big Ten Wrestling Championships team scores Penn State, 147 Iowa, 134.5 Nebraska, 104.5 Ohio State, 99 Michigan, 84.5 Minnesota, 79 Northwestern, 78.5 Wisconsin, 55.5 Purdue, 47 Illinois, 46.5 Rutgers, 32 Indiana, 30 Michigan State, 28 Maryland, 24 It was close between top two. But not close enough for Iowa. Looks like PSU has NCAA's locked up, if all stay healthy. mspart
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