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  1. I did. His words are clear. Many people like well written longform. https://longreads.com/2023/12/21/best-of-2023-the-audience-awards/ https://medium.com/@deerwood/get-ready-to-settle-in-why-longreads-are-taking-over-the-internet-2b6fe5241e52 He probably doesn't have the time to write fewer words.
  2. By "let's play this out," you could have provided a mature response, recognized why one might misread your intention, explained... and I would have apologized. I form the wrong assumptions all the time and will do it again.
  3. One day I hope to change your profile photo from this To this
  4. Here are a couple... https://intermatwrestle.com/forums/topic/2728-israel-attacked/?do=findComment&comment=89797 https://intermatwrestle.com/forums/topic/147-seriously-michigan/?do=findComment&comment=22214
  5. Let's play this out. What was your original intent behind sharing the post exactly as you did? Stating a nonbinary student was beaten and died without providing any context? When I posted the video of the deceased explaining their role in the fight, still healthy, and said 'trust the news,' why did you ask a trollish question, "whose narrative?" The answer was plain to determine. Why did you ask to find an unbiased source? What is a better source than the 'victims' own video/voice? Why use this incomplete story to make a point about violence against transgendered children?
  6. Has the original poster acknowledged their mistake? OP consistently asks others if they will admit their errors. Some of us do admit when we're wrong.
  7. Here is what one person says is taught in schools from the left.
  8. Conservatives promote the idea that people should take ownership of their actions, decisions, and outcomes in life. It encourages personal initiative, accountability, and the cultivation of skills and competencies necessary for success. When people take responsibility for themselves and help out in their communities, everyone benefits and things get better for everyone. There are many forms of leftism and definitions of socialism. When USA citizens deflect their overall station in life due to reasons outside their own merit, they lose my respect. Deflection from personal responsibility makes my skin crawl. I wouldn't trust them in the trenches in any facet of critical life.
  9. I can see why conservatives are considered cowards. They tolerate freedom of choice.
  10. While dress codes exist for a reason (respect), this casual style is a great use of personal choice. It's not how they dress, its the stereotype of how people who dress this particular way behave.
  11. Huh? I just listened to the actual source speak in a video. The same video posted for you to. I formed my understanding from there and held off 'trust the news' until seeing it. This doesn't change the violence narrative concern overall but this is not the story to hang one's hat on.
  12. So after the fight, you can listen to the 'death by trauma' student speak. Hello?
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