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  1. Yeah, this is probably not good for wrestling as a whole. I guess we'll see. mspart
  2. I think Gable and Cael are exceptions on being out of this world head coaches. Smith was pretty good but not on that level I don't think. J Robinson was also good but worked with Gable for years so he could be labelled a clone, but still didn't have the longevity of stellar team performance that Gable and Cael have had. They were/are both able to get in their wrestler's heads and get the very best out of them. You just don't see that very often. That is probably something that cannot be taught. Now it could be it was really their assistants that did all that. I don't think that was the case for Gable. But Cael has Casey and I think he has that ability - so maybe two that have that ability at PSU currently. Casey is just a whale of a good coach. mspart
  3. What? Who ordered them not to fly the flag? That should be illegal to demand on federal property. msaprt
  4. You answered it yourself above. And here is the cell phone info you wilfully claim you need proof of. mspart
  5. You will keep going down that rabbit hole. I have no time for that other than to provide links to news articles. https://www.gao.gov/products/t-hrd-93-33 https://www.bestcolleges.com/blog/gender-affirming-care-for-college-students/ https://www.adl.org/resources/blog/what-grooming-truth-behind-dangerous-bigoted-lie-targeting-lgbtq-community Regarding taxes, taxes go up because of inflation, spending value goes down due to inflation. That is a tax on every person. Feds have not raised taxes maybe but states are. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/15/op-ed-the-potential-tax-increase-coming-and-what-you-can-do-about-it.html mspart
  6. What? Those are not questions, those are wishes from an uninformed person. Illegal Aliens get to come here, get a cell phone, get a debit card, and get to stay in the country. Those things come from some government program. What higher taxes? Have you been absent with the Ds calling for more and more money all the time? Any school that grooms children and by now there are plenty, get government money as their main funding source. So the governemnt is giving money to schools that are grooming children. You just don't get anymore clueless that that. mspart
  7. And they will want a transponder to show every mile, which incidentally will also show where you've been and your normal routine day in and day out. Not for me thank you. mspart
  8. Yet he has the faculty to run the country AND to run circles around his staff while doing so. mspart
  9. Not really. It is reality. It is a lot of mental gymnastics for UB and apparently you to support Hamas. mspart
  10. Like you would support bringing this case to trial so a judge could say Biden is fit or unfit to stand trial. If unfit, you would be happy. If fit, you would complain that it was a Trump judge and was unfair. mspart
  11. Israel warns everyone where and when they will strike. That is beyond what International Law requires and more than any other nation has done during war. Yes UB, Israel follows international law. But they must prosecute the war against a lawless entity. Give the warning, then others are responsible for the result. Does Hamas have to follow International Law? You say they should but do not. That's very convenient. What you are saying is that Israel cannot prosecute a war against Hamas because Hamas uses human shields. Your logic is twisted and shows your bias to Hamas, as you have denied all along but has been proven all along as well. mspart
  12. You conveniently ignore reality UB. Israel warns everyone where and when they will strike. That is beyond what International Law requires and more than any other nation has done during war. How can anyone fight a war in such a way. They do that because of Hamas' tactics of using civilians as human shields, against your vaunted international law. Then if the civilians don't clear it is either their fault for not clearing out to safety or it is Hamas' fault for either contradicting the Israeli warning or threatening the civilians that they must stay. Hamas does not care for the Palestinian people. The more that get slaughter the better is their thought. They do not feel those people are their responsibility to protect and defend. They have said that is the UN's responsibility. Please explain, how, with all the aid that has gone their way, they are in the deepest poverty and still depend on others to provide water, food, fuel, and electricity? Others is defined as Israel. Gaza should be a veritable paradise with all the monetary aid they have been given. Further proof as Hamas uses the aid for enriching themselves and building tunnels and buying armaments that the poverty is the fault of Hamas. They are as corrupt as it gets. They are not there for the people, they are there to kill as many Israelis as possible. And if they die, they get 70 virgins in the afterlife. So all is good. mspart
  13. True, I figured since it was a state mandate, it was state funded. If I had that wrong, my mistake. mspart
  14. Whatever makes you feel better. You want to conflate this. If they had not done Oct 7, there would be no bombing of Gaza. There would be no misery in Gaza except as Hamas dictates to their own people. Israel provided electricity, water, fuel, and food to Gaza until Oct 7. If there is any complaint, it should be against Hamas who miscalculated international support. Because of Hamas, Gaza is a now a parking lot rather than a beautiful area in which to live and thrive. And they have made that the case since 2006 when Israel unilaterally gave Gaza to the Palestinans. Israel has offered many times a two state solution and it was rejected by the Palestinians each and every time. They don't want a two state solution. They want Israel eliminated. That is where war and suffering starts. Please remember that in Palestinian areas, Jews are not allowed. In Israel, there are Palestinians in the Knesset. Palestinians live in Israel. You may be able to deduce who the intolerant are here. mspart
  15. You said it. You are the one who said only Israel has to abide by international law. True story. You should explain your meaning in that post rather than try to twist my words. It isn't that complicated man. Come on man! mspart
  16. To me this seems like a waste of money. Light up the bridges with white lights like a normal road and be done with it. I don't mind the red white and blue lights, but that costs money that is not necessary for road and traffic safety. Lots of bridges means lots of man hours changing out lights. Just seems like a waste of money. mspart
  17. Yet, you only apply international law to one side there UB. And you fail to actually assign blame. If Hamas did not do Oct 7, this would not be happening. Yes, you remember, the butchering of 1100 Israelis, some in the most heinous fashion. If Hamas did not kill the Israelis, Hamas would not be at actual war with Israel. The fact that they use the Gazans as human shields (also against international law, but ignored by sympathists) is what gets a lot of those folks killed. When Israel says evacuate and Hamas says don't, then Hamas has the blame, not the Israelis. Israel has tried to avoid innocents to the greatest extent possible. Yet it is not enough for Hamas nor their sympathizers. This is 100% the fault of Hamas. It doesn't matter how many they recruit because all of Hamas has targets on their backs as well they should. mspart
  18. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13444539/fbi-donald-trump-raid-deadly-force-mar-lago.html https://nypost.com/2024/05/21/us-news/fbi-was-authorized-to-use-deadly-force-in-mar-a-lago-classified-docs-search/ mspart
  19. I have been white water rafting and my raft toppled over head over heals and I was caught beneath. There is more to that story really. On another trip I almost got thrown out (barely hung to the raft) and the photographer on the shore happened to catch that very moment. I remember it quite well. I love white water rafting. Kayaking on a river I have never done. Looks fun sort of. When I was much younger I would have been in shape enough to attempt. Not even close now. But being on a white water river is a lot of fun. mspart
  20. There should be no connection in a blind justice system on who appointed the judge and their ability to follow the law. We are certainly getting the idea of biased judges only in the last few years. Ds make a big deal out of more R appointed judges on the SCOTUS than D appointed. But the SCOTUS has not always decided in a conservative leaning way. In some cases, the count is unanimous. The judge in the classified documents case does not want to have any issue with Trump's current proceedings, and necessarily needs to have clarified a host of items as noted in the article I posted. To me that is a judge not jumping to conclusions but deliberating on the efficacy of the evidence as now there have been stories of fabrication that were withheld in the briefs concerning the case as just one of the concerning areas of inquiry in the pretrial motions. Should we rush to convict or should we get the underlying story correct first? If you read the article I posted, you would see that the DOJ has done a shoddy job on this and the judge is calling them out on that. mspart
  21. If the prosecution has failed to prove the allegation, then the judge has that prerogative. It is called a directed verdict. The judge can declare that the prosecution has not come close to prove the case. All of the prosecution witnesses say Trump didn't do what the prosecution say he did. Cohen is a pathological liar and admitted larcenist and perjurer. How has the prosecution proved their case? They haven't is the answer. The judge could say he is making a directed verdict for such a farce of a trial or he can let it go to the jury. In this case, the judge has repeatedly ruled for the prosecution and against the defense so he will let it go to the jury I believe. The closing arguments will be very interesting to hear if indeed it does get that far. mspart
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