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  2. Hahahaha, NBC has decided they aren’t interested in giving God a platform anymore, so snyder got a 5 second interview.
  3. Hildebrandt just had too much length for Jiminez in the first match. When they stand next to each other, it looks like mother and daughter. Not sure how Jiminez is going to make adjustments. She may have to hope for scramble situations. And very quick finishes.
  4. For the third time, Kyle Snyder will be wresting in the Olympic Games
  5. Third Olympic team, 10th straight team — legend status
  6. Snyder was risking losing on a four there. He was fortunate Trumble didn't finish it.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Trumble is good practice for the big and tall guy (Russian transfer to Bahrain) who won worlds last year and took out both Snyder and Sadulaev.
  9. Snyder with the high single is a nice adjustment I haven’t seen from him before. Reminds me of Reza Yazdani from back in the day.
  10. Jim sheer. Not the most enthusiastic announcer is he ? Great competitor obviously
  11. Tonight's safe word is "inshallah"
  12. A few legends and World Champs have fallen these past two days: Borroughs, Cox, Adeline, Gilman ... I don't think Captain America is ready to join this list
  13. No. Even after the Iowa transfer. Him taunting the opposing team bench, him running up to the commentary table. Screaming in Lizaks face. Desanto still had a dirty edge while at Iowa, nothing like Messenbrink. Big big difference. Anyone this thinks they're similar outside of the gastank is an idiot. Messenbrink is the exact Wrestler you WANT be be and the exact Wrestler you don't want to face. He's not going to hurt you but he will require every ounce of your ability to beat him. He is EXACT what ever Wrestler should strive to be. If you hate him then you clearly dont want USA to be the best wrestlers possible.
  14. I think one of the stranger things for fair weather fans (and even some hard core ones) to fathom is that the bottom guy isn't really permitted to fight hands in par terre in freestyle and Greco. It seems counter-intuitive to make the bottom guy just to lie there and take it. Makes me think there is something of S and M dynamic at work.
  15. Blades and brooks would be a good pairing for the future talent of usa wrestling
  16. Greco today: 2 real points, 4 penalty points. At least it’s better than a 1-1 win
  17. If you look at the schedule it says match 3 (if necessary) for unqualified weights would happen before they begin match 2 for the qualified weights. It’s the same intent- let’s get these out of the way before the main event.
  18. Is it that internet Jesus? Where is all this coming from?
  19. Blades would be the taller of the two. But the kids would be very athletic.
  20. Blades has put some muscle on since last year's trials and grown more fully into the weight. She was much better prepared for Gray's tie ups and mom's strength. She also didn't let Gray get to her leg lace in either match.
  21. Is Brooks single? Hook it up. Unless judgement day is soon, then we're all SOL.
  22. Jesus is coming soon??? The end is coming??
  23. She needs the 10000% Jesus headband
  24. Kennedy Brooks giving us a quick sermon. Thank you for filling my heart with love.
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