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  2. If you "can't spell the guys name" ... we have a clear and obvious problem here. How much effort are you expending before making a post? It appears... near zero. Try harder. A lot harder. I don't intend to be critical, but you 100% absolutely suck as a poster if you can't bother with any semblance of knowledge or intelligence.
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  4. You obviously have me confused with Trump. (I'm much younger, smarter, and better looking than the orange turd you refer to.)
  5. The older nut bags who believe in whatever political illusion they choose to. All political parties included.
  6. Yuck. Those are some sick, sick people. The radicals of politics deserve a kick in the tail. There are levels of basic decency. Doesn't matter which side, basic decency shouldn't be disregarded.
  7. Not at all Scoot, I didn't realize you needed it explained - otherwise I would have posted this earlier: A “working explanation” refers to a preliminary or provisional explanation that is good enough to be useful for the time being, even if it is not complete or final. It is often used as a basis for further investigation or research.
  8. Are you OK? You just quoted one of my posts twice for no explicable reason, Then seemed sleepy. If anybody knows Rasta's contact info, maybe check on him?
  9. He gave Jimmy a new avatar. What could be worse than that?
  10. ok so as long as you are pointing out that his value to the program might have been predicated more on being good at wrestling than moral virtue (beyond the virtues required to be good at wrestling as an individual) i'm ok.
  11. It's not much of a distinction to me. David Taylor was a better "teammate" than Leader as they had ample leadership, but it's tough to find a 2X Hodge winner, 4X finalist and one of the top ~10 greatest Wrestlers ever. I've seen no evidence he's not exceptional in both regards.
  12. Correct. I would love for Tom and Terry to birth my cyborg-Hawkeye-identical sons all because I included them in a wrestling forum question about college wrestling greats. Do us all a favor and note the ‘Legends’ included in the title. A question about how guys were seen coming out of high school. Not, “Who were the bluest of blue chips of all time?”. To say those two are not legends would be asinine. Yeah, you’re not a legend even if you have an Olympic medal or even some world titles. Thank you for your observation of my horribly tainted memory.
  13. Those are disgusting creatures. I'm not talking about the maggots.
  14. NO ONE voted for kamala. she dropped out. Biden picked her for one reason only. usually, the VP is someone who actually scored well in primaries
  15. lol.. they have been genociding palestinians since 1948 yet.. there are more than ever. worst genocide ever.
  16. in other words... make shit up as you go... then believe it
  17. what did her friends in austrailia demonstrate? therein lies the clue...
  18. when 'one' outlier becomes many... it's no longer an outlier.
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