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  3. Correct. NIL may soften the blow a bit for Iowa in the short term since they won't totally fall apart this year, but it could have a lasting effect on the program. May be like Minnesota's drop off after the JRob situation.
  4. Whoa, dude. Harshest insult I've ever seen. Racist, fascist, misogynist, sexist, chauvinist pig, Christian, male, homophobe, islamophobe, straight, white, cis, American, patriot, deplorable, despicable, able to understand numbers, prompt, logical, reasonable. All of those insults just roll off the back without making a mark. But to call a guy a whiny democrat?!? I am shocked and appalled. The nuclear option of insults has been deployed.
  5. They're sad UNI is moving the team out of the crumbling historic gym. https://wcfcourier.com/sports/college/uni/wrestling/column-uni-wrestling-program-currently-shut-out-of-only-home-it-has-known/article_8af5b13e-42bc-11ee-898b-c36cc00dfb02.html
  6. This is true-he is accountable, but I think the university failed as well. If you are running a program, and your athletes think it won't be a problem to gamble on athletics, you are doing something very wrong. Refusing to take accountability when you screw up/blaming the rules and law rather than your inability to follow them is a universal problem.
  7. Today, Keckeisen tweeted a picture of a pair of wrestling shoes and a soda in the middle of a basketball court. Does anyone care to explain what this means?
  8. As much as J did for the program, everyone knows things were kind of a mess the last couple years and a tough situation for the current staff to inherit. They have turned the corner with the classes of '23, '24, and a good start to '25. Top 5 again very soon.
  9. You didn't add from the song! We set up a softball...and all you got is some comment about NCAA Football?! That's Bush league!
  10. Steve Sanderson was passed over for the BYU job, they went with Mark Schultz. Keep in mind that the program was not fully funded and didn't have a full time assistant. I am not sure why Schultz would want a job that like that, but that was his choice. Steve was so upset about BYU picking Schultz that he swore "his boys would NOT go to BYU!" Imagine if the Sanderson boys had gone to BYU or another school out west. Would the landscape out west be different today? Would BYU, Boise State, and UC Davis still have a program?
  11. You almost had me agreeing with you... this has nothing to do with Dem or Rep... He broke the rules, clearly. He deserves the penalty. And, you degrade your argument when you lower yourself to name calling. A normal mistake made by your conservative counterparts.
  12. More like DJ Puke I’ll see myself out for throwing a shot at a high school kid.
  13. In a weird way, if Nagao does anything less than make the finals then it is going to light up the fanbase even more. And I have a hunch he ain’t seein’ Saturday night.
  14. InterMat Staff

    PJ Duke

    Minisink Valley
  15. That kid may see the lineup his senior year
  16. And, Sweden's plan REALLY rocked it too. Derned libberols!
  17. People could have taken them in a circle of salt with a chicken eating corn poured into the shape of a pentagram inside the circle but it wouldn't have helped. We aren't dying like that anymore because we have vaccine, immunity from getting the disease and the disease itself morphed to become less lethal and more contagious, as is typical with epidemics.. COVID wasn't even counted different from other deaths, let alone other viruses. If you want to see the politics of COVID, find a db with rates sortable by state. Sort by death rate and the politics will jump out of the screen.
  18. This is what it is like on this forum.
  19. Apologies my friend. Got curious and started diving in a few pages back.
  20. Ugh...come on Plasi...if it was so bad that "over a million died" wouldn't you want to take any sort of drug available??? Why aren't more millions dying mow?? Why aren't we all wearing masks?? You know it's because we counted Covid WAY different then any other virus...but people that want it to be political and are all for the lock downs don't want to "follow the science" when it comes to that. Bottom line is Covid became political and people lost their freaking mind! Both sides contributed but yet one sides still sticks to their stupid stance that masking and social distancing is the answer...I'll use your "logic", so those things worked but over a million people died?? Nope!
  21. You said you didn't want to read the thread, but somehow you are sure I have glossed over something. Rich.
  22. History is littered with people who have done things in spite of having the consequences effectively communicated to them. Nelson’s an adult, time to cut the apron strings.
  23. I personally think that the crime isn't outrageous at all but at the same time it isn't as if Nelson didn't know the rules. He just didn't think he'd get caught. That's an entirely different conversation that Nelson backers such as yourself, @Wrestleknownothing, & @VakAttack appear to be glossing over.
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