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  2. So something looks like it could be something, but we don't know for sure yet. But we're happy to let everyone know we have something rather than nothing because that could be really embarrassing. My comments: And if it turns out HB was corrupt and JB wasn't. Ok. If HB is corrupt and JB was too. Ok. Punish those that did punishable things. and now for something completely different: There's a guy who lost a civil rape case, a civil fraud case, had to repay $25M to people from a fake university, will likely have to pay $250M+ for fraud in NYC, has had his business licenses revoked, can't stop endangering the lives of the employees of the many courthouses he has visited in the last 6 months, has told the world that his mission will be to turn the justice department on his enemies if elected, essentially ending the 'Rule of Law' in this country. With all that being said, can you tell me why it is more important to concern ourselves with HB?
  3. I get the exhaustion with having to parse out the nuance in each situation. But it doesn't seem quite so equal to bothsides-ing it as you have done. The last 25ish years Fox (not)News has been the mouth piece of the right and has cultivated a narrative that anyone not with them is against them and you(convenient, right?). Which means all other stations that reports their obvious bias(and it is obvious if you take just the smallest step back) are, themselves, bias because they don't want to report the truth. Keep in mind Fox has been sued many times and their defense is 'we don't report the Truth such as it is, it is our interpretation or opinion of the truth! So you can't hold us accountable for our lies.' So the bothsides-ing argument or 'whataboutism' is a large arrow in their quiver that they pull out in the hopes that you are too exhausted to really look into what their saying. They hope that the laziness we have to change and the strength we have to cling to our beliefs is so much that we refuse to even consider that they could be hoodwinking us for their financial benefit. When GOP wins, they get tax breaks. That's a might fine incentive to carry their water. Other networks would have similar benefits. Why don't they fall in line? To sum up: you did what-about.
  4. Very interested to see how DeSanto does up at 65. And if the bracket gods smile upon us perhaps we get to see he and Eierman go at it?
  5. Now, more importantly. Let's talk Bobby Finke. The contrast in styles with Katie Ledecky could not be more stark. Ledecky had the fastest start meaning she lead for every inch of the race and increased her lead over every inch of the race. Finke is the king of the negative split and coming from behind for the win. His splits for the three 500s were 5:04, 5:03, 4:57. It is like he has a motor boat up his butt on the last 50. Trailing by about a half second at the 1450, he wins by >1 second. Awesome to watch.
  6. Uhhh...say what?? There isn't a correlation to age and the death rate?? Really? If Desantis was SOOO much worse than CA then the numbers, which I provided, would have been drastically different...i.e., the percentage of deaths according to you and Newsome is that FL was SOOO much worse, when in fact they were actually not that far apart based on percentage of old people that died compared to the total death count....~0.05 % difference...if FL's policies where so bad there should have been a significantly higher percentage of older folks that died comparatively, but that isn't the case.
  7. To the actual topic, James Green had one of the most successful coaching runs of a USAW developmental coach ever in terms of age-group world competition. Just about all the top 0.1% of high school recruits that have made world teams, plus all the kids who came to the Springs to train. So the relationships are there and most likely knows parents as well.
  8. Turns out, yes. You should not be surprised as mine is right around the corner.
  9. Nah. They don't. https://nypost.com/2023/12/04/news/biden-got-recurring-1380-payments-from-hunter-firm-in-2018/ Basically, there were a total of three payments made to Joe Biden from his son which, again, appears to be Hunter repaying his father, this time for car payments. But they used the word "monthly" as if this amount was being sent to him every month since 2018. Hilarious.
  10. Opening dual weekend and usually around the first or second weekend of February, they look like crap. Then they come out and pistol whip everyone in January and March. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. No. We are talking about an alleged tight correlation between the age of a population and it's death rate due to covid, per you. The data doesn't show that correlation at all.
  12. Can you still surprise a 60 yr old. Are we surprised you are attending a 60 yr old's party?
  13. Maybe for the same reason all the people who stayed on at the end of 45. When they knew things were headed in the wrong direction. 'If I quit now, they'll find someone to do their bidding and who knows what could happen to the Republic.' Keeping in mind Pence almost didn't show up for work on J6. If he hadn't, I imagine whoever replaced him would've had no qualms with creating a constitutional crisis. Luckily he made it in and did the only noteworthy thing in his time as VP.
  14. What gives what...weren't we talking about FL and CA?? The point I made still holds true...the data speaks for itself...if Desantis' policies were so terrible the data would have clearly showed that, but it doesn't. The takeaway is that the rona hit the older folks significantly (not even close) worse than those under 50, and in my opinion policies that were a blanketed approach for the whole population was...well...stupid and not needed. And so did Desantis
  15. There is no 40k from Hunter to Joe. There is 40k from Jim to Joe, after Joe gave 40k to Jim.
  16. You can be a counter wrestler while always looking to score. See: Lewis, Randy.
  17. They also have control as to whether the transcript is released and when. Of course they'll release it, but no until they've had time to say about things happening in the hearing that DIDN'T. Until the evidence finally comes out, the lie has already been rooted. Then their on to the next distraction. Rinse and repeat. Does that sound familiar? Then the 'but both sides' crowd starts yelling so they don't have to hold their side accountable because as much as they rail against it, they want the dopamine rush of a dunk as much or more then helping people. The leaders they've elected know it. So they pay no price for being incompetent or mean. As long as they are sticking it to the same people their constituents have been told are responsible for their lot in life; immigrants, Liberal Ivy Elites, HB, and welfare/drag queens. Stop me when I get close.
  18. https://oversight.house.gov/release/comer-releases-direct-monthly-payments-to-joe-biden-from-hunter-bidens-business-entity/ Today, the House Oversight Committee is releasing subpoenaed bank records that show Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC, made direct monthly payments to Joe Biden. This wasn’t a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world. At this moment, Hunter Biden is under an investigation by the Department of Justice for using Owasco PC for tax evasion and other serious crimes. And based on whistleblower testimony, we know the Justice Department made a concerted effort to prevent investigators from asking questions about Joe Biden.... It appears the committee has quite a lot on this topic. mspart
  19. Today
  20. Those statistics are not significantly different from the ones I used. You look right past VT, NH, HI and ME! Those states are statistically the same as FL but on the polar opposite side of death rate. What gives?!
  21. I'll occasionally do it i neutral, but not on the mat (Which Askren wants to see!!!)
  22. 400k from the Chinese company in question to Hunter exactly 40k from Hunter to Joe that's not '10% for the Big Guy' ?
  23. Hey all, I apologize for not putting this on the high school forum ahead of time. Does anyone have a good excel template for inputting individual wrestler statistics? (Takedowns, escapes, etc) I cannot use Matboss or level changer because my school will get us any equipment we need but thinks getting 2-3 iPads is a luxury not a need. edit: grammar
  24. It's important for a staff to be in-sync with their signals.
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