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  2. What if Trump said these? "New Birth of Freedom" - Abraham Lincoln (1864) "Ma, Ma, Where's My Pa?" - James Blaine (1884) "America First" - Woodrow Wilson (1916) "Keep on the Sunny Side" - Warren G. Harding (1920) "Return to Normalcy" - Warren G. Harding (1920) "America: First, Last, and Always" - Calvin Coolidge (1924) "A Chicken in Every Pot and a Car in Every Garage" - Herbert Hoover (1928) "Peace, Prosperity, and Progress" - Herbert Hoover (1928) "A New Deal for the American People" - Franklin D. Roosevelt (1932) "The Buck Stops Here" - Harry S. Truman (1948) "A Time for Greatness" - Richard Nixon (1960) "The New Frontier" - John F. Kennedy (1960) "Stand Up for America" - Hubert Humphrey (1968) "Let's Get This Country Moving Again" - George McGovern (1972) "Let's Make America Great Again" - Ronald Reagan (1980) "Putting People First" - Bill Clinton (1992) "Believe in a Better America" - George W. Bush (1992) "Let's Make History Again" - Bill Clinton (1996) "Renewing America's Promise" - Barack Obama (2008) "Country First" - John McCain (2008) "Believe in America" - Mitt Romney (2012) "Restore Our Future" - Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney (2012) "An America We Can Believe In" - Barack Obama (2012) "Make America Great Again" - Donald Trump (2016) "Restore the American Dream for Hardworking Families" - Hillary Clinton (2016) "Keep America Great" - Donald Trump (2020) "Rebuilding the Road to Greatness" - Joe Biden (2020) "Build Back Better" - Joe Biden (2020) Hater says "Build Back Better than what? Is Trump just going to throw some 'better' bricks at our issues and hope they magically fix themselves?" "Oh, so Trump is wants to 'Restore the American Dream for Hardworking Families,' huh? Sounds heartwarming, but what about the single folks trying to make ends meet? Are they not dreaming of a better America, too? What about families that might not be the hardest workers? Do they get left out in the cold? Let's not forget those with disabilities – are they not part of the American Dream? It's like Trumpers are handing out dreams exclusively to hardworking families and leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Where's the dream love for everyone else?"
  3. Found Obama’s magic wand, gave the country its best stretch of peace and prosperity which reduced the division between upper and lower incomes.
  4. Effective year end. While the special election occurs to replace him, Republicans will be down a seat. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/12/06/kevin-mccarthy-resignation-congress-00130359
  5. There is also a picture floating around of Brock and his son, but it’s actually Zach Sanders as a kid haha. Don’t believe everything you read. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The Cats in Ohio are already outraged at the seeds...
  7. What is Miss Kyle's first name? Pics or it didn't happen.
  8. Man, you couldn't have picked a better experience to draw from!!! (I'm seriously laughing)
  9. My apologies if this has already been covered someplace else, but I haven't seen it. The NCAA has recently modified the at-large process of qualifying for the NCAA tournament. In addition to needing at least two of the existing six criteria to be considered for an at-large berth, wrestlers must participate in at least two matches at their conference tournaments. The NCAA has already cracked down on the "arranged" injury defaults by requiring that real wrestling take place; now a wrestler must do that twice in the qualifiers in order to be eligible for at-large consideration. The existing six criteria remain unchanged; wrestlers need at least two: ● .700 Win % ● Top 33 RPI ● Top 33 CR ● .700 winning percentage against all competition ● One win against a wrestler receiving an earned position (pre-allocated) ● Qualifying event placement one below number of pre-allocated spots I've been thinking about whether this makes it easier or harder to grab an at-large position. Maybe Seton Hall Pirate will weigh in with his opinion. If injured wrestlers who have earned pre-allocated spots don't enter their conference tournaments, those spots will be freed up and so there will be more at-large positions available. But there will be more healthy wrestlers competing for the at-large spots, so it may balance out.
  10. I wasn't too far off...? 125 - McCrone, DNP (3W-2L) 133 - Bouzakis, 3rd (7W-1L) 141 - Mendez, 1st (5W-0L) 149 - D'Emilio, 4th (5W-2L) 157 - Gallagher, 7th (5W-2L) 165 - Wilcox, DNP (2W-2L) 174 - Kharchla, 3rd (5W-1L) 184 - Hoffman, DNP (2W-2L) 197 - Geog, DNP (1W-2L) 285 - Feldman, 6th (5W-3L) Wilcox instead of Hepner - was wrong there. Hoffman lost to the guys who took 5th and 6th, right? I am chocking that up to first time at the weight for an extended time and I think he will be fine. He will get a chance to avenge his Bullock loss soon. My worry with Geog was length at 197 and it appears I was correct there (unfortunately). Feldman is right there. Only had two actual losses... I hope his injury isn't too serious.
  11. Its not but when your house gets wrecked by a hurricane or tornado are ya gonna clean it yourself or call in an outside service like ServePro etc?
  12. Vote 70-80% conservative, but I have never registered a party. I honestly have thought about it this time around for the specific purpose to vote for.....currently Haley but it's kind of neck and neck with Christie. That said, why is it up to Dem's or Ind's to clean up republican's house???
  13. Figuring out what he's going to do while the rest of us are watching football... (Sorry Vak, I couldn't pass it up, I'm being an ass)
  14. So to clear up any confusion, I don't use it to insult anyone. I use it to call out BS I see that comes from the throws of MAGA (I suddenly just had a sense of deja-vu). If you want to decide in your own mind what is going on in someone else's mind and what their intentions are you are welcome to, if it makes you feel better I don't want to keep a brother down, but reality doesn't work that way. It is however a common characteristic in the MAGA environment. (Hopefully you didn't receive that as too insulting)
  15. You're predictable, but I like that about you...
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