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  1. Serious question: is there anyone here on this board that is in a worse financial situation than they were 15 years ago? 10 years ago? 5 years ago?
  2. Anything on the menu this Sunday?
  3. Have long been in favor of a two year post hs service program that benefits the individual similarly to GI Bill for workforce education.
  4. A) I’ve never spent $20 bucks to have my food delivered 2) I like sitting on my dock smoking a joint while someone else is dealing with the grocery store crowd doing the shopping for me, and yes I’m happy to pay for that service.
  5. I guess in the sense that “the world should operate the way I feel is best for me”…..yes, much much more worse. Meanwhile I see people all around me really enjoying the availability of the service. I wonder if that has anything to do with it continually growing. Here’s the best part….to each their own.
  6. I’m confused, so the person employed by the restaurant wasn’t driving around in a car? It’s literally the most basic concept of supply and demand. There became more demand to have your food delivered to your home, other then just pizza and Chinese. More people began supplying that demand. The more the demand, the more the value goes up, and the more people make an income in a growing industry.
  7. Some folks give waaaaaay too much weight to the happenings of this board.
  8. Agreed, the biggest coincidence ever, for any president. The most coincidenced president of all time!!
  9. It is pretty evident we are witnessing the biggest witch hunt of all time. When you have so many different indictments, and so many cases in different courts of law, through so many different juries, in so many different jurisdictions, in front of so many different judges, on so many fronts including fraud, defamation, sexual assault, stealing elections, and so on and so on…and all these cases get judged against you…there is only one logical answer. It is an entire web of radical thug injustice, the biggest ever, some people even say the biggest in the history of the planet! You don’t have to be a brainiac to figure this miscarriage of the law out. In fact, you don't even have to watch the trials or read the transcripts. All you have to do is subscribe to Twitter.
  10. By ruined, do you mean a service that is a high level of convenience to me is no longer at little or no charge because others saw the opportunity to make an income by providing that service for me?
  11. What is a real interesting study is the why she would have such a tough time winning the republican nomination.
  12. If dem gon win te revolution, dem must win wit Rasta. Dem cannot win no other way. Cuz if you win another way, you only gon be fight again. But with Rasta.......there'll be no more war!
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