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  1. For real…you got trails: hiking, horseback, ATV; you got lakes and streams, you got great camping, sky’s with low light pollution. Less time on the screens that lead to angry (even when it’s just TV), take your wife out and enjoy the things that just lead to you enjoy your life more. (I do not bring to me your wife into the conversation, certainly not in any kind of way of animosity, spoken with 100% sincerity)
  2. I believe the reports from the law enforcement side have been, one officer shot….one shot.
  3. No, conversely you said voting for someone who you think doesn’t have a chance to win removes the voice. I say that’s wrong. On the Trump example, why do you think he spent his life as a democrat….admittingly….but then when he decided he wanted to be President, he made a decision to become the original RINO. Why didn’t he run as an independent???? (Hint: he told us why….and still fooled enough people… the first time).
  4. I would disagree that it removes that voice just because that voice is the minority. Let me ask you this. A whole lot of people believe that we would truly benefit from a three (or more) party system. I would say a vast majority of people, who do not directly benefit from the two party system, would agree with that. Which do you think is a better recipe to get to a three party system…..using our voice to vote for the person that TRULY aligns with our values….or voting for the lesser of two evils because we want to vote for the winner, and we have that nice shiny screen to tell us, all nice and easy like. Voting for who I think has the best chance to win is about the clearest picture you could paint of a herd mentality.
  5. The thing I would say to that is voting is not supposed to be about who do you think has the best chance….part of the reason for being in this mess. Voting is supposed to be about who best represents your ideals and what you want for leadership. Being in a minority opinion of who best fits that description does not mean you should lay down your values. That’s the behavior of the sheep following the herd…
  6. Fed up? Don't be so emotional. And yes, I have met some of the people who vote, I engage with the community a whooole lot, which is where I come to the conclusion that we have allowed this mess to develop. Too many people vote against their own best interest, because they so closely follow what the screen tells them to think.
  7. One father and husband too many, and you know exactly this. You’ve crossed from dumb message board character, to true piece of shit. Hope you’re getting the warm fuzzies you’re looking for….
  8. And it sure is looking an awful lot like the shooter was allowed to shoot.
  9. That's a pretty amazing photo. The graphics that are coming out with his head movement in relation to the trajectory is pretty insane.
  10. All well and good, but has nothing to do with US Senators acting like circus clowns. At some point in time, and you would think the events of the past weekend would have been a good light bulb moment, our leaders, on both sides of the aisle, need to start behaving with leadership.
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