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  1. Yes, that is true headshuck. The admin said there are no records. The admin has said many things that are untrue about this. Like there are no more records, when they knew more had been found. Even mainstream media is pushing this. Is this an effort to get Biden not to run in 2024 since he has been such a stellar President. Just one example - from Cspan as reported on CNS news. You can watch the video at this site during a speech about Martin Luther King day. https://www.cnsnews.com/article/washington/melanie-arter/biden-stumbles-supreme-court-justice-ketanji-brown-jacksons-name The president said that the power to redeem the soul of America lies in the hands of “we the people.” “I was reminded of that truth on the south lawn of the White House. I believe you were there, both of you, both your senators, on the south lawn of the White House when the vice president Kamala Harris and hearing these words, and I quote. ‘It took just one generation from segregation to the Supreme Court of the United States.’ Those are the words of Kejan- Kejan- Ketanji Drown Jackson, our Supreme Court justice,” the president said. I think even the media normally friendly to Ds and Biden have had enough. They are finally asking tougher questions that the Press Secretary is now ducking. mspart
  2. The D's had 2 months left in their majority after the election of 2022. The House passed a bill that was contrary to the will of the people as noted above. They chose to be completely radical on this issue rather than reasonable and as a result, they failed to get the bill signed into law. That is completely on them. Do you think any D in the House right now would vote for a bill that only allowed 1st trimester abortions? That answer is no because they didn't. mspart
  3. Democrats have had majorities enough to pass a federal abortion law and never did. That is historically true. The bill that was before Congress would have allowed abortions in the third trimester. Totally out of whack with what the vast majority of Americans are comfortable with. https://apnews.com/article/only-on-ap-us-supreme-court-abortion-religion-health-2c569aa7934233af8e00bef4520a8fa8 The above poll from AP news shows the situation in the country. The Ds in Congress had a bill that did not reflect this at all. It would allow abortion up until normal birth. So they were completely out of step with the people of the USA. That may be another reason the bill didn't go anywhere. I think if they crafted the bill to allow only 1st trimester abortions, they could have passed it. And that is in keeping with the vast majority of countries in the developed world. But they couldn't do that because they want women to be able to legally kill their offspring up until birth, and in the case we were discussing, killing the child after a botched abortion produces a live baby. That is historical fact and it was presented earlier on this board when it happened in the new Congress. mspart
  4. We are not Tsarist Russia, the great majority of people are not living in abject poverty in the USA. The country has way more middle class than Tsarist Russia had and that is by numbers, not percentage. I don't mind conversations about tax changes, but I don't think that is what this was about. It was about a false premise of Trump only paying $750 a year in income taxes. I showed that this is false with the data available to everyone. mspart
  5. This is a different matter altogether. Sorry. Yes, I think we are in agreement here. mspart
  6. The guy in NM should be behind bars if he did the shooting. But can anyone honestly say this is typical of Rs or Ds response to losing elections? He is an outlier and let him lie out there in a cold dark cell. mspart
  7. This is incorrect. "The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives." This is the direct quote from the decision. The people could have that done via their state representatives or their Congressional representatives. There is nothing stopping Congress from passing a federal abortion law. You will notice they chose not to do so before their majority ended. Who's playing politics with this and has been for years? If they pass it, they cannot campaign and get money by scaring people about it. mspart
  8. No evidence? I gave you the evidence and you call that no evidence. Then provide more evidence. What more do you want than his personal tax returns? That is the evidence. Here is more evidence. Are the news outlets continuing to harp on the "he only paid $750 in income taxes a couple of years" or are they not? Is this a relevant conversation going on or not? The only place I am seeing this is in this board. And that only continued because I was the only one to actually present to everyone copies of the actual tax returns. And many here cannot take that at face value. It is what it is people. I did not make up those 1040 forms. That is what was provided by the congressional committee. Take it up with them. I would be seriously questioning my source of news based on this. It is either a huge lie or it is not. There is no evidence that it is not. mspart
  9. Ok, did those tax returns get distributed to everyone in the dump? Did the NYT have access to these others as well, if they weren't counted with the returns I provided? All that is available to me are his personal tax returns. Maybe you were able to get something more but I don't think so. You are supposing with out any evidence. I am giving you the evidence that presumably NYT had to make their idiotic claim. Again, there is no more stampeding on this because i think everyone figured this out, that the NYT blew smoke. If you get a copy of their article that their claim is based on, I would like to see it. Based on what I have seen, they underestimated what he paid by 27,000%. They either have access to a lot more tax returns than anyone else does, or they blew smoke. I choose the latter because the former is not in the congressional dump that all this was based on. mspart
  10. But you will not find in there that he only owed $750 in taxes for any year. He minimum 200k in taxes those years. mspart
  11. Actually, I was in Spanish Class as a Junior in HS. I inhaled some helium from a balloon and waited for the teacher to call on me. She didn't and I had to breathe. She never knew but I about passed out. I was really surprised at how fast that acted. mspart
  12. Perhaps this topic would be best had after NCAAs. A lot of presupposin' going on with this one. mspart
  13. Are they allowed to inhale helium before getting on the scale? I tried it once, not during a weight thing, but lasted about 15 seconds before I almost passed out. mspart
  14. Hopefully he can help the Cowboys regain some of those glory years gone past. mspart
  15. Hi GWN, I can possibly think it is that simple. That line on the Form 1040 is the final statement of tax liability. After all the shenannigans in all the other pages of the tax return are hammered out, they are all added up and the total taxable income is calculated, and the total tax owed is calculated, and the total payments over the year are calculated and based on all that, if there was overpayment, a refund is requested, if not paid enough, they owe more to zero out their tax bill. This page of the 1040 form is the final say. If an extension is requested, then the person will have to pay what the bill is at the time of submittal in April and if there will be further refunds or more payments, that will be described in the extension filing. This list of returns did not have an extension. It is how the system works. Have you seen it work any other way? If so, that would be interesting. These are the tax returns that have been put out there by the Congressional committee. Not one of them supports a $750 tax bill or $0 tax bill as reported by the NYT and parroted by everyone else. I have not read the NYT article but I have looked at many of the other articles written on this subject. Nowhere is there any evidence of $750 given. The only evidence they give is that the NYT said it. From the tax returns that were wrested from Trump, I see no validity to the claim. You'll notice this is not even a talking point anymore. Died down pretty quickly. I think NYT would have a very difficult time supporting their reporting on this, not really an exception for them these days. If you have more information that would show that this my information is wrong, I would welcome it. I just know what I put on my 1040 form as tax owed is the tax I owe. Trump has played this game for a long time, has been audited for a long time, and there has never been a tax dispute that I am aware of. We would all be aware if IRS took Trump to Tax Court or showed that his accountants had calculated wrong. I have never heard any reporting to that effect. mspart
  16. If you don't win this, you lose. mspart
  17. What also is not in dispute is that Trump put the documents in a safe place as directed to do so by the federales. Also not is dispute is that Biden didn't. As I said before, the investigation into both is the right thing to do. No reason why classified materials should leave proper custody. mspart
  18. That’s what I do in Rapid City is pin people - Randy Lewis - Toughest kid on the block mspart
  19. Sounds like someone is a PSU homer!! mspart
  20. Interesting. Dake, who has his 4 and more international gold than anyone can reasonably expect. But did not do FS until college was over. Lee the same there. So Lee is where Dake was, generally speaking, during their last college year. It would be tough to beat Dake for college honors I think. Dake did something no one else has done. I mean how many 3 timers were at a different weight each time? My guess would be not very many. I could be wrong on that. That might be a fun thing to look at if someone has the time to go there. How many 4 timers? How many did it at different weights? I think 4 so far? Cael did 2 weights. Kyle did 4 weights. How many 3 timers? How many did it at different weights? Having said and questioned all that, I should say I really don't like Dake much. But that is just his personality that I have seen. I don't know him. But he is one crazy incredible wrestler. It's like Broncos QB Elway. I hated him (I'm a Seahawks fan), and he beat the Seahawks numerous time with a 2 minute drive he was famous for. Drove me nuts. But could not deny that he had incredible talent. Dake, is one of the most incredibly talented wrestlers of all time. How many have 4 WC gold medals and a Bronze Oly medal? That is incredibly talented. Interestingly, it comes when we have other very talented folks of all time on the team at the same time. When did we ever have a (Dake) 4 time WC gold and one time Bronze Oly, (JB) 6 WC gold, 3 WC bronze, 1 Oly gold, (KS) 3 WC gold, 2 WC silver, 1 WC bronze, 1 Oly gold, 1 Oly silver, (JC) 2 WC gold, 1 WC silver, 2 WC bronze, 1 Oly bronze. I don't think we have ever had that kind of success ever - exception to John and Big Bruce. We truly have excpetional folks on our team these past years. Better than ever before. Let us be grateful this is not the 2000s. mspart
  21. Whoa BP, great soap box there. mspart
  22. In my opinion, Trump should have given all classified info to proper authorities. Biden should have too. Penn Biden was set up in 2018. Biden was out of office in Jan 2017. So where were these documents during that time? How often did they move around in a non secure manner? Were they also in the garage? It is not in dispute that Trump's home was raided and the FBI found the documents under lock and key as previously arranged in the place they knew they would be. On the other hand, Biden didn't seem to care - Oh yeah, the garage is good!! I do not believe that he was unaware that he had classified documents. They tried to say they were all found and then more were found. They tried it again, and more were found again. They are trying to shut this down but it is not shutting down. Biden is sending personal lawyers to find things, and FBI is accepting them from the lawyers. The lawyers do not have clearance for this stuff, yet the FBI graciously accepts the documents from them, but does not participate otherwise in the search. That said, the investigations into both is absolutely correct. mspart
  23. Wouldn't it be crazy if Lee moved up and RBY moved down and missed each other? Ha ha!! mspart
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