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  1. This is based on the Rs being against 80k additional IRS agents and increased funding for the FBI after they have been shown to be political. It is an eggregious statement to make because it is 100% from the truth. It is the Ds who want to defund the police. They have done it all across the country. The evidence is there and not one R has participated in any of that. Any calls in Congress to defund the police come from Ds, not Rs. That is demonstrable. Just stating the facts ma'am. mspart
  2. If you are going to win, you have to beat everyone there put before you. There is only one person that can do that per bracket. I believe Rob Rohn was seeded 8th and pinned his way through the tourney beating Josh Lambrecht in the final with a massive cement mixer. It was a hail mary shot because he was getting worked hard, but it worked. He just beat everyone placed in front of him. That really is a great story. mspart
  3. Mike, is this based on Russia invading Ukraine, or general PED violations in the past? mspart
  4. Apparently, the video of the Shaman was not available to the shaman at the time of his trial. His attorney apparently was idiotic and got a plea deal that included no appeals. He got 41 months for walking around in the Capitol in a strange costume. It is mandatory for the government to provide this evidence that they knew they had and did not provide it. The Shaman has a great basis for appeal if they can figure out how to make that happen. His trial was patently unfair due to lack of esculpatory evidence that was withheld from him and his attorney unlawfully. I know some of you are not concerned about that but this is legal malpractice on the part of the Federal Government. If you (speaking in general here) are one who doesn't care about the Shaman, is this really how you want the Federal Gov to work? It can easily be reversed to apply to you or someone you support. Isn't it much better that justice be applied evenly across the board? Isn't that what we should all want? For my part, I do. If an rioting arsonist was imprisoned and the prosecution did not provide all evidence they had, that is a breach of legal ethics and that case would be ripe for appeal. From a legal standpoint, there is no difference here. mspart
  5. So he shot himself and dropped the gun 30 feet from where he hanged himself. Or he hanged himself, then shot himself and had the awareness of mind to throw the gun 30 feet away from him. Either way, he is a bad aim. There will be no fingerprints on the gun, it will not be registered to him, and he will not have gloves on. mspart
  6. I'm not saying Russia should not be there. I'm was just saying SA was not allowed due to politics. In the end, the Olympics is politics in my opinion. Russian athletes will probably get to be under some made up Olympic flag and all will be right with the world. mspart
  7. Cael famously did this his last year, bumped up so he didn't have face those hammers that he had been wrecking the past three years. mspart
  8. Did he shoot himself and then hang himself? Or did he hang himself and then shoot himself? Either way seems very difficult to pull off. mspart
  9. South Africa was not in the Olympics for years because of politics. Just sayin'. mspart
  10. My wrestling credentials are pretty minimal really. Not sure where that places me. mspart
  11. Or is Schumer concerned that it makes Carlson look foolish? That would be a weird thing for him to be concerned about. mspart
  12. So is that what Schumer is all upset about? It makes him look foolish? That's what is dangerous? mspart
  13. If Twitter is destroyed completely, why is it still around? mspart
  14. The question is, is this dangerous video to release? No one has answered this question. Schumer believes it is dangerous to release it. Does that make sense? mspart
  15. Everyone has their hands full to AA. That's the point. mspart
  16. Yes correct. But they are not "officially" attacking him for taking over Twitter. This is a long standing consent decree he has to abide by. mspart
  17. Ok, so it has nothing to do with Musk. It is followup on FTC actions from earlier in 2022 before Musk purchased Twitter. Plus they want to keep that on going to make sure Twitter is still protecting people's privacy. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. mspart
  18. The question is, is this dangerous video to release? Chuck Schumer says it is. White House says this action by Tucker Carlson takes away his credibility. How so? Because he provided video that the government wouldn't? That loses him credibility? I think it loses the government their credibility because there is obviously another story there that they did not/do not want told. We have been told by the Jan 6 committee all these years that it was an all out assault. Granted, there was property damage. But most folks were holding up their cellphones taking video of the inside of a building they were not supposed to be in, rather than holding up the weapons that an armed renegade coup should have had. There were no arms brandished by the invaders. They seemed to be more interested in looking around than in destruction or taking over the government. I could be missing something but that video does not provide the basis for what the Jan 6 committee has been saying all this time. I have said before and I'll say again, those that destroyed property should pay for those crimes, same as summer of love rioters should. Those that were in the building when they shouldn't have been should pay a price for that. Same as the rioters in 2020, they should all pay a price for their participation in that. mspart
  19. How'd he get so huge? His momma must have some genes. He needed a twin or cousin to practice with. Not near as aggressive as pop. mspart
  20. mspart

    Jon Jones

    Well, Jones came in and took care of business. I personally think Cyril took a fall. Got choked out halfway through the first round. And he seemed to walk into it. He did not look ready for the fight at all. But I'm no MMA expert, just watching with my son. mspart
  21. Haines did good at B1G. Let's see how well he does at NCAAs. mspart
  22. I guess if I was an alternate, I'd be making weight no matter what. Worst case, I get to eat. mspart
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