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  1. gotcha. after the show i was texting w/ nickerson and an hour or so later Alirez called me.
  2. in a world of lows, this is a new one.
  3. Hendrickson to OKST was basically done before Taylor was even approached about the job.
  4. what happened to all the 'border's not open' and 'this isn't biden's fault' posters in this thread?
  5. what's striking to me are the forum topics/threads that were once debated hotly but no longer are busy. b/c everything the rational folks here said was proven true or are now universally regarded as fact. and the libtards are nowhere to be found.
  6. don't tell me you actually believe this. 1) they are terrorists 2) they are currently taking all the humantarian aid and giving the civilians little of it and/or selling it to them 3) did the Palestinian groups stop being terrorists in a) Syria b) Kuwait c) Lebanon 4) no other (Arab/Muslim) nation will take them in because they know they'll never stop 5) they are terrorists
  7. i'm in the camp of 'i'll believe it when i see it' when it comes to Mesenbrink at 157. it makes a lot of sense line up wise, though. i hope it happens, largely bc it does wonders for maximizing the other kids' opportunities on the roster.
  8. Yep. although there will be support staff (D Ops, perhaps Recruiting Director, perhaps someone to manage CWC) Eric Thompson is definitely going to be considered. (Also i don't think Gwiz is in play. i'm pretty sure he's done coaching.)
  9. and Delaware 1 - CA, DE, HI, IN, KY, NJ *(New England has a regional which is becoming very solid. If you think about it in terms of 1 state championship, it's pretty legit, imo) 2 - MD* NY, PA, TN, TX * (Maryland is a little misleading because they have so many schools that are national prep and the bulk of the better kids go to prep schools) The rest are 3+
  10. this has been their mantra forever. i don't understand what's not to understand. they've been open about it. Europe is fu%$ed by the way.
  11. thanks for finally admitting what we all already know. the muslim world wants to eviscerate Israel and the only thing stopping them is the US. if you would have said that on page 1, you could have saved us 35 pages and hours of banging our heads against the wall.
  12. yeah, if you ignore history and reality which is 1) the jews are the most persecuted people in the history of mankind 2) israel has been faced fighting to maintain its existence since it was formed 3) Palestine broke the cease fire 4) the unbroken streak of palestinians as terrorists for the last 60 years (yes, yes, i know...'not all palestinians' so spare me.)
  13. for the love of everything holy..... STOP talking about JB and J'den coaching in college. there's is nothing a wrestling fan can do to immediately signify 'i have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about'
  14. Derek won't be on staff in any form. but he'll be around. he's excited. and he's a great dude.
  15. i love lamb. but i don't know how to cook it. chops are simple. and i often buy ground and make burgers (that are A-F'ing-Mazing) but i can't do large cuts well. always come out too....iron-y
  16. Rasta, i just bought those tickets to 'closer to the sun' fest in cancun. same week as Ironman but eff it. also have tix to RHCP at the Gorge next month. missed Alice in Chains in spokane last week b/c i was at the US Open
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