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  1. I just bought a pretty decent house, you guys have any advise sense i'm dealing with a clean slate essentially? Stuff you find interesting, I don't need advise on having the foundation looked at and making the sure the plumbing works. For example anyone have starlink?
  2. odd how that just sprung into significance when the media had to pull the plug on shilling for biden...
  3. She only gets trotted out when they want to try and insinuate that trump shouldn't have been president. She's useless as far as positive messaging goes.
  4. This has to be his calling unfortunately. I don't think he'd be as effective coaching at a lower or higher level. He's where he belongs.
  5. so you don't understand that bragging about resuscitating an artificially depressed economy is like taking credit for the sun coming up
  6. yeah iowa is at rock bottom, and their coaches are stupid. Thats probably it
  7. you've insulted me about a dozen times and I am pretty sure I don't know you.
  8. ok so you admit you were just hating on Iowa. Sweet life!
  9. Mitch hedburg line "I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to too."
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