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  1. He's not making things up he's saying absolutely nothing. Obviously the University is going to do the diligence its an important for the school.
  2. yeah thats gross. I could deal with him saying it about a knee injury or something, but concussion stuff is really scary once your already concussed...UNLESS you are wrestling Bo NIckal who is a neurotic mess when he wrestles someone who is hurt because he can't bear the idea of them getting hurt further.
  3. yeah, not to aggrandize or undermine our status as internet trolls, but some of us at least get a laugh every now and then.
  4. Didn't he already quit all forms of wrestling in the middle of big tens?
  5. Based on @steamboat_charlie's recommendation, and my legit curiosity, i made a new poll.
  6. I would. If he was gonna back out he would have taken the knee "excuse".
  7. he's a really boring villain. Kinda like Gilman was before he grew up. Downey is dumb as hell but still sort of entertaining, thought I used to say the same thing about ferrari but eventually that got boring.
  8. yeah that makes sense, i picked lee too so i couldn't complain, but I know I'd take the field over him.
  9. note to self: bring molotov cocktail in case Downey tries to leave shoes on mat.
  10. If it wasn't for the "i'm gonna end his career" tripe, I'd say I was almost certain he knew he was going 86 the whole time, and even considering that I think he might have known but just wanted to shoot off his mouth, putting out misinformation (downstairs drilling) is not uncommon. Star is taking the appropriate amount of criticism because of his past comments, but its necessary to point out that he could have easily just put it all off on his knee and stayed home. He isn't scared of losing.
  11. out of shape Idiot vs injured a%%hole! omg please tell me these guy go after each other on social media
  12. i'm gonna make a meme of brooks pointing to a piece of furniture saying, "yeah but Jesus could have built better."
  13. its possible but far from certain. I don't think he should get any sort of postponement, and I really doubt he would take one if offered. whoever makes it out of that bracket is going to have to beat at least two in shape, tough as hell, smart as hell honey badgers. He's sitting on a huge advantage.
  14. ah that sucks, believe his dad was an All American, I was also told he was a carpenter...don't know that guy or anything but AA and carpenter sounds like a pretty cool dude.
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