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  1. I understand, I assumed he was all in by what he was voicing in interviews when David Taylor was announced as the Head Coach. I understand this process though. Going to be exciting. I thought if Zo was still there than he wouldn’t leave but we will see
  2. I know Dee is really close with Angelo, Voinovich’s, and Gabe Arnold. So this will get interesting to say the least. Let the recruiting battle begin again for Dee
  3. Gotcha. I respect that, I guess this is just a common practice then? I’m curious to see if any other Big universities try to flip his commitment as in Iowa. If I knew there was a possibility to change his mind I would be all in, especially with a recruit of this caliber.
  4. If they try to flip his commitment I just think that’s grimy/sleazy. I may be ignorant or wrong but my assumption is that when a kid commits to a university than the cards are off the table for other colleges to try and recruit him. Of course this is more cultural than rule-based regulations. I know he hasn’t singed his letter of intent since he is still a junior; but I just thought they would respect the kids decisions commitment to another university. Also, makes me think it’s sleazy because the Iowa State wrestling forum moderator is deleting messages that talk of this matter. If this practice is common and not frowned upon then why try to hide it or cover it up? I don’t find it wrong for him to train there or anything of that nature. I think that’s super common for athletes to seek out training elsewhere. Just my thoughts.
  5. The Iowa State wrestling forum is blowing up and saying he is going to flip his commitment… maybe what H82Lose is alluding to. Lol kinda confused of it all but if true it does sound pretty grimy/sleazy lol
  6. Tampering? Especially since it’s been so secretive?
  7. @Husker_Du do you have any updates on these 2 transfers?
  8. Anything on Powe (Chattanooga) and Chris Cannon? Those seem like the biggest fish in the transfer portal so far.
  9. Yup, forgot about them but that’s another university that might take a shot. Lock Haven and Rider seem the most logical? No, ISU won’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. Plus, they got Carrol, Sawyer, and Herrera occupying the 197/HWT weights for the next 4-5 years.
  10. I was honestly thinking the same thing. The only place I see where he lands is Lock Haven, I don’t know who else would take a shot on him.
  11. Millers to Iowa Remaining are Ronnie, Olivarez, Zinkin, and Botello! @Husker_Du
  12. Chris Cannon and Isaiah Powe are probably the best remaking transfers. Any indication on where they may land?
  13. Supposedly the Miller brothers have came to a decision on their college choice via IG. Wonder when they will announce. Do you Do you Know when they will announce @Husker_Du? That’s 2 off the list of big boarders left.
  14. Man, that would be great if Mutarelli ended up at Lehigh. I feel like they do great with lower weights especially with Evan Henderson, Nashon Garret, and Darian Cruz being there. I can definitely see him there. Is there any other schools he is interested in outside of Oregon st. ?
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