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  1. I wonder what recruits will follow him, open up their recruitment, or stay. Man, they had some hammers come in and some future ones that Koll recruited. Very interesting to say the least! But congrats to Koll!
  2. I would be surprised if Cody Merrill ended up there since ASU landed Nicholas Sahakian (high on the 2025 big board) who is projected at HWT. It wouldn’t hurt to have 2 heavyweight prospects? Also, Willie would always say that Cody Merrill is a Stanford lean; but they landed Carter Neves who is a stud projected at HWT. So idk, who knows. Whoever lands Merrill will land a stud, he is one of the best HWT prospects, I bet he will win a NCAA title sometime in his collegiate career!
  3. What happened to Joey Milano? I thought he transferred there in the summer? I didn’t see Erslqnd speak about him and they don’t have the Purdue article about him transferring anymore?
  4. Woah, that’s a solid pickup! Where’d you see this at? I was wondering where he was at when he didn’t wrestle for WVU this past year
  5. Does Cody Merrill have a college list?!? Legit an amazing HWT prospect, I believe he will win a title, if not more, when he enters college. @Husker_Du do you know where he is interested in? All I hear is Stanford, is there other colleges in contention?
  6. Agee! That’s why I’m interested in where he may land
  7. @Husker_Du What are your predictions on where Cody Merrill to land? He is one of the last big time recruits in this class. I know you said Stanford is still in the mix but I’m curious on what his recruiting process may look like now. I’m excited to see him at Fargo against a great field of HWT prospects at Fargo
  8. Manzona Bryant to UNC I wonder how they will fit Manzona, Mastrogiovanni, Zerban, Busiello, and Fernandes all in the same lineup.
  9. Teyon Ware is not a coach at OU anymore, do we see Stephen Buchanan enter the portal again??
  10. What weight was Adam Busiello trying to contend for?? 149? 157? Or 165?
  11. Hoping Iowa call ball out in this class, especially to compete with PSUs 2024 killer class. Hoping we get 2 lightest studs to man the 125 and 133 spot Also, hoping to get a projected 157/165 stud and a 197 recruit. Also, I don’t know if block is going to hold 141 for too long, so I think Iowa needs to land at least 5 elite big board recruits! That’s what I’m hoping for! Also, what is William Henckels projected weight? I feel like he can get big, hopefully Iowa is all over him!
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