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  1. 95% sure this matchup doesn't actually happen tonight
  2. Meaning the moment where Penn State haters rejoiced most exuberantly? My nominee: Bubba Jenkins pins freshman David Taylor in the NCAA finals. Other nominees?
  3. Iowa's best chances at victory are from 125-165 so it makes sense to start at 125.
  4. I'm not sure I would count this as a Carvering...Bartlett is like 0-3 vs Woods lifetime.
  5. Right, but according to rankings it's #2 Davis vs #7 Ayala. Davis is favored by rankings.
  6. Fix may finally get it done after 8 years of college wrestling. I am actually rooting for him to win it all.
  7. Penn State faces Iowa this Friday at 9 pm ET. Although Penn State is favored by Intermat rank at 9/10 weights we all know the power of Carver and the chants of "STALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLING" that will begin at the first whistle. Who is most likely to get Carvered this Friday? I am excluding Penn State locks like Stallroci and Brooks.
  8. Increase the minimum number of matches to qualify for conference tournaments to 20
  9. Kueter and Kerk are roughly the same size, according to listed weights
  10. Just noticed that Glazier is undefeated at 19-0 but ranked #11 (Intermat). The 4th-10th ranked 197 pounders all have losses on their records...so why is Glazier ranked so low? When he faces Brooks this week it'll be two undefeated 197 pounders squaring off!
  11. Fix claimed he accidentally drank from his dad's water bottle which contained a banned PED. A Russian figure skater has lost her gold medal because: "A strawberry dessert contaminated by her grandfather's heart medication might have caused Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva's positive doping test, her lawyers argued at sport's highest court, which rejected the explanation and banned her for four years." https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/39477998/kamila-valieva-strawberry-dessert-excuse-rejected-doping-case
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