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  1. i can't imagine how families afford groceries. the price of food is astronomical.
  2. interesting only if you believe the justices would ignore the law and vote on their biases. a few years ago i wouldn't have found it 'interesting'. but everything is so polarized now, and one of the judges refused to define 'woman'. at least they all had integrity in this case.
  3. ^^^ for all the lib mouthbreathers that retort but but but the Republicans are blocking the (non existent) bill.
  4. bye, bye, New Yorkers. you got less then a decade
  5. no surprise lefties look at someone thru the lens of what they are and where they came from. identity politics is why you nitwit losers are going down. the only thing that should matter to 'the working man' are policies - not station/creed/color. get your head outta your ass.
  6. you'll be banned tomorrow. thanks for playing.
  7. you're like a child who listens to nothing but msm. you don't have the slightest clue, do you? maybe look some stuff up. it's very clear your knowledge of world affairs is limited to the prevailing narrative.
  8. did you just compare and international ruse, the embezzlement of a foreign nation's disaster relief fund, and murder of political threats to going 1 mile over the speed limit? at this point you must be trolling.
  9. you're still not posting anything of substance. either make a point, provide context, or add data/link/evidence. consider yourself warned. you add nothing.
  10. are you saying the maui fires were due simply to down power lines?
  11. she mispoke when she said EMPs. she meant DEWs but everyone familiar with the situation knew what she meant
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