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  1. Weather gorgeous here the last couple weeks, did a couple 2" NY Strips on the grill & ate on the outdoor patio last night. Forgot to take a pic ... guess it never happened. Well there is this: we were celebrating an engagement.
  2. A quicker way is to post under the name Jimmy Cinnabon but sure ... the above is fly guaranteed to work it just takes longer.
  3. If only Wkn knewathingortwo.
  4. Maybe they'll beat Penn State this year ... or at least Iowa?
  5. The NCAA hasn't been enforcing any rules related to wrestling programs for the last 15+ years. Why would we expect a change now?
  6. Was gonna give you a but Bob took that away from us, the scoundrel , so I gave you a instead.
  7. She could still be a lady and have a "wife." C'mon H3 get with the 20s.
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