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  1. 50% of something can be > 100% of very little ...
  2. I'd hate for you to have to make an effort, let's just see how it works out next couple weeks.
  3. https://www.wrestlestat.com/d1/event/duals https://www.wrestlestat.com/d1/event/tournaments
  4. If this means we can have tag team wrestling I'm all for it. Its the only way to defeat Penn St. Once NCAA brackets are announced the first round opponents should start lining up transfers.
  5. I heard he may already have a commitment for the next 17 years.
  6. Here's hoping Wkn upgrades his Chistmas ask this year and if he is lucky enough to win the drawing and find someone to gift him the barrel lets hope he remembers he has friends.
  7. I'm still upset that @BobDole is sneaking around changing folks' posts and thread titles. Is this the correct thread, I can't tell from the title?
  8. so @BobDole when are you going to fix the thread title?
  9. Must be something up with McGonagle else why wouldn't he be in there?
  10. His predictions are guaranteed so they basically are results.
  11. Not sure on that, I'd say your predictions below good, all about the double OT.
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