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  1. Well he wasn't 213 in that picture. Can any see 20lbs on that body thats ready to fall off? He's said he can do it. Maybe if he runs 3 marathons before October.
  2. Local report is Merrill likes to eat.
  3. I think you'll see a better job of peaking and tapering for nationals. Smith still seemed to be old school on this.
  4. Well if you can then @flyingcement and @Jimmy Cinnabon should've been DQ'd from these hear forums long ago. . maybe @poorwrestler also.
  5. ... but what if its on Tik Tok?
  6. Maybe @flyingcement could guarantee they'll be a Fall portal loop hole he could squeeze thru. Perhaps portal over to football then back to wrestling at different U in December? Of course there's also the chance he likes where he is.
  7. Not saying he should be "satisfied" but there are many who never get a chance to start much less at a program like OSU.
  8. At the risk of getting back on topic:
  9. How long has the portal been around now?
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