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  1. i really thought trump was done. I was hoping. figured desantis dropped out b/c trump was going to be in too much hassle with the trial and could swoop in. but at this point... anything is better than where we are. Biden: i will do something about illegal immigration! oops. I meant I will grant them all amnesty...
  2. true. and. most believe Trump is racist... maybe. but Biden is for certain. and they can't see it. refuse to.
  3. me, im all about enlightening people many people don't know or don't want to know what is really happening. how you ask? well i post stuff to make people think and sometimes i post stuff to prove to people who don't think there is any way that something could be happening is. and almost get banned for it. ironic as that is. you... go find it for yourself. it's probably not there.
  4. ie, they dont exist or they don't actually show what i said
  5. a real deep fake.. by the msm no less
  6. none of the biden videos are fakes...
  7. doesn't want the power? to issue EO's? to be president? well by golly, i wonder if he will run
  8. a little skeptical... but at the same time https://www.projectveritas.com/news/bidens-state-dept-official-admits-great-replacement-is-real
  9. the worst part is the water inefficiency
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