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  1. LOL at Ban and all the Joe Rogan hunters
  2. we medaled at Worlds/OLY every effing year. how the everloving F did this page get to 4 pages ?
  3. Vak, you're a lawyer. wtf are you talking about. it's not legal 1) underage 2) with an alias and 3) the NCAA has it's own guidance/stipulations
  4. you obviously don't know the details and timeline and i don't care enough to spell it out for you. if you did you'd know it's fishy...wrong...political.
  5. the current deplatform/demonetization is because of allegations (not charges, not convictions). that's the topic of this thread. to my knowledge, youtube did not claim that they demonetized him b/c he 'discredited' his accusers. they did so because of the allegations. i can't help you if you don't see a problem with this.
  6. wtf are you even talking about? do you have self imposed rule wherein you think you have to participate in every thread even if you don't have anything meaningful to say?
  7. right, but he's being canceled/dropped/deplatformed/demonetized based on allegations, not convictions. i haven't followed it too closely, but has he even been charged yet?
  8. i don't care about Russell Brand (or, really, any single celebrity). what i care about is selective censoring. and this is just another example of it depending on what side of the aisle you're on.
  9. i think missing one year of eligibility is a fair punishment. anything less than a loss of 1 ncaa tournament is meaningless. i just wish it wasn't their last year of eligibility.
  10. one of the greatest things i've ever seen on these boards. well done.
  11. Antim, who Dom lost to, is a first-year SR and one of the biggest prospects in the world in WFS. 3x JR World Finalist - 2 JR World titles and a Silver.
  12. he challenged a singlet pull and won it. there was an inadvertent pull in there. so stupid. it was meaningless.
  13. so, am i watching this right... Emami challenged while in par terre and after challenge put him back down? is that what happened?
  14. it's not. it's for all rounds. but it still felt quick as heck.
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