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  1. i'm told it would be a tough/unlikely pull for Trumble to get to 197
  2. will you vote for his father (again, obviously) knowing that he lied to the american public during the campaign? he knew the laptop was real. he knowingly went on tv and scoffed at the notion. the american people came to find out not only that it's real, there's damning evidence of international payoffs and collusion. i'll hang up now while i watch you try to squirm out of this you low iq weasel.
  3. you're a full scale basket case. first you say 'yeah, Hamas was out of bounds but now that they have human shields the IDF can't do anything about it" now you say 'the only reason you care so much about violent crime is because it's more visible due to media' yeah. so f'ing what? your iq isn't high. that i'm sure of.
  4. Current Crystal Ball worksheet 1 Greg Kerkvliet Penn St. 2 Wyatt Hendrickson OK State 3 Yonger Bastida Iowa St. 4 Nick Feldman Ohio St. 5 Cohlton Schultz Arizona St. 6 Isaac Trumble NC State 7 Dayton Pitzer Pitt 8 Taye Ghadiali Campbell BR Nathan Taylor Lehigh BR Yara Slavikouski Rutgers BR Jimmy Mullen Virginia Tech BR Ben Kueter Iowa R16 Cory Day Binghamton R16 Josh Heindselman Oklahoma R16 Luke Luffman Illinois R16 Seth Nevills Maryland
  5. Surber had torn pec all year.
  6. here's a nice example of big government inefficiency (and lies, and fluff)
  7. you don't know how local government works, huh?
  8. yeah. that ^^Panera^^^ thing was nuts. clearly a loophole for a pal.
  9. yeah, i don't buy it. did you ever hear the BS he espouses? even if the legislature is 'more liberal' it doe sn't let Newsome off the hook. he's a disaster.
  10. shocked. shocked i tell ya. i could have never imagined this would be the outcome.
  11. that's a separate conversation, nard dog. the principle is that the #1 hallmark of the Dem Platform is bigger government.
  12. are you a ***ducking** moron? big(ger) government is the cornerstone of the Dem platform. jfc. were you today years old when you started following politics?
  13. they were on the same Cadet World Team
  14. I think a lot of people are missing the context here and just clapping for this verdict b/c they hate trump. it's certainly fine to have your opinion of him, but the reality is that a lot of americans (most notably a significant portion of people that formerly didn't like trump) see through the BS and realize the justice system is clearly on a witch hunt that saw them • have DA's literally campaign on 'I'll get Trump" • raid his house and make a stink over a process that every former president was privy to (and that Biden wasn't and offended) • remove the statue of limitations for a he-said/she-said case from a serial accuser • take him to court and force him to secure a absurdly high bond for what is know as standard operation procedure in the real estate world • convict him on falsifying records for something that many politicians, in their campaign, have done over the years. so the Trump haters can certainly take joy in their desired outcome, but 1) it runs counter to the same group's claim that the justice system is rigged and 2) don't be surprised that the pulse of the country is one that recognizes the BS
  15. Sinclair will probably at least begin career as 184
  16. lmfao. Cali has so many EV drivers that the state is short money bc of less gas tax revenue. so naturally, lololololololol
  17. you have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to carry on for 44 pages in support of a terror group whose state mission is a jihad in and genocide of Israel.
  18. recruiting at Wisconsin was atrocious under Davis. that being said, a large part of that was his philosophy on offering full/partial scholarships. which isn't a decision that has to be made at Navy.
  19. solid possibility the middle gets fortified w/ another guy in the middle (157/165)
  20. ASU is getting a really intriguing 184. solid at worst. Ruiz will be fine at 174.
  21. kid seems like a cancer to me but that might be off topic. i suppose the point is: "What's enforceable/legally binding?" i don't believe there was ever a contract signed.
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