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  1. i'm not assuming. if you agree that blocking a certain demographic from entering a building that's the definition of racist. how is this not abundantly clear?
  2. you called me a racist twice cry me a river.
  3. anyone that supports this is a fundamentalist. including you. that's your second strike btw.
  4. 1) keep going. i'm dying for a legit reason to block your dumb ass. 2) UN diplomats can't be fundamentalists? 3) oh the irony. all the demonstrations, which you, that UN rep, and the leader of Hezbollah are supporting are the definition of racism. you, sir, are the racist
  5. i said on a podcast that i hated the call. that i thought it was inadvertent and meaningless. and that i hate seeing matches decided on technicalities w/ short time. Brook's father watched it and text me that Aaron said Zahid had previously been warned in the match. which, to me, changes everything.
  6. you know that Biden is the current president right? and you know that inflation is through the roof, right? if the answer to those are 'yes,' i don't understand your question/confusion.
  7. morality lessens from fundamentalists to the freest nation in the globe. wonderful.
  8. bummer for me for sure. cost me a lot of money and put me out of work for a while (and i wasn't even found in violation of it). anyway - good for others going forward. the criticism i've heard against it is that (and idk how) it hurts high level execs.
  9. higher minimum wage cause inflation which causes 'rising cost of living' The Biden admin has done wonders in that department.
  10. we havin' another mental breakdown this morning, kiddo?
  11. pfft. no idea. he's still registered there though. i'm still going with Kenny, undersized as he may be. https://rokfin.com/article/17161/Cadet-Trials-Contenders-and-Picks
  12. Agree. especially if the 'drops to knees' comes when foot is already in the zone. however, i think the officials have been doing a fairly better job and calling for '1' when it's blatantly gamed. almost like a 'continuation' situation. here's my take on it "How can anyone justify a win by criteria with a 1-1 score, both scores coming via the shot clock" How can any wrestler blame anyone but themselves when they did absolutely nothing to score? if you lose a shot clock match, that's a you problem.
  13. live in state college, train at David Taylor's club and NLWC
  14. can politicians make money off 1) it and 2) stopping it ?
  15. no. he's had a couple injuries that kept him out of trials/fargo/s32/ironman last year. he is just getting back in the swing of things and went to NHSCA's to get some decent mat time in prep for this tournament. it's still undecided if he'll do his senior year at home or will go the M2 route like Kasak and Ryder.
  16. Duke's best wins #2-Henckel - Ironman Finals #1-Lockett - Journeymen Event #2-Bouzakis - Fargo Finals #2-Bouzakis by TF - S32 Finals #1-Kollin Rath - S32 Semis #2-Landon Robideau - S32 #1-Daniel Zepeda - S32 Eventual #1-Sergio Lemley - S32 For a brief moment #1-Cory Land - S32
  17. yeah, he's more Suriano/Dake type right now. in that vein though, he almost never gets scored on. the Blazes are originally from Michigan. Marcus' school list started w/ PSU, Cornell, tOSU, Purdue and Iowa though the word is now that he's down to tOSU and PSU
  18. you're either ignorant on the subject or disingenuous. i ain't wasting my time.
  19. finished my preview if you're interested https://rokfin.com/article/17185/JR-Open-Preview--Picks
  20. he is. but there's an asterisk.
  21. i'm reluctant to say this b/c psu fans will think i have some sort of agenda but... i have never seen a period called like that. not one passive call on nolf. not even a warning. it was odd as hell.
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