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  1. heck of a run for Easton's 103lbers Bobby Weaver - Olympian Jack Cuvo - 2x NCAA Champ Jamarr Billman - 3x NCAA All American Bryan Snyder - 4x NCAA All American, 2x Finalist (Willie Saylor) - Alex Krom - NCAA Semifinalist Jordan Oliver - Olympic Trials Champ
  2. 1) Vito was hurt at the time of trials 2) the transitive property is a always a crapshoot 3) you picking him to navigate that bracket (beating Lee/Alirez/Zain/Yianni) ?
  3. https://www.reuters.com/sustainability/chinas-coal-country-full-steam-ahead-with-new-power-plants-despite-climate-2023-11-30/ good luck
  4. a microcosm of why you are the way you are. same group that glues their hand to the pavement bc of a fake climate crisis.
  5. i'm not sure. i don't think he made the team in '76 but @gimpeltf probably has a better grasp on it.
  6. finally, some good news
  7. there are Jews being threatened. and you make a post about how unfairly you were treated on your day off. idk for sure, but i'd lay a healthy amount you're a white privileged single dork on the verge of terrorism.
  8. and there are queers who protesting for muslims. wtf is your point unless it's that humanity is currently ***I am an idiot and can't use a better adjective***ed?
  9. jewish students are being threatened, attacked and having lives disrupted but are asking for sympathy b/c you went to a protest? wtf planet are you on? i get it now. it's about you. douchebag.
  10. don't look now, Uncle 'Nard, but it's getting real ugly out there. full scale racism. you gonna feign ignorance errrr....?
  11. 1) lol. that's not even close to what the conversation was re: 'ethnic cleansing'. what i said was that there will be no peace until they are legitimately and fully separated and don't 'share' a state. 2) because there are videos of people saying they don't really know why there are protesting and that they've gotten paid 3) wuhan lab, covid vaccine, 'open' borders, steele dossier 4) again, there are plenty of videos. riddle me this - what sense does it make for the LGBTQ class to support (in droves) a) the muslim religion whose own doctrines would rather see them killed b) a terror backed nation at that? to be clear on point 4, it's not just this issue - i generally think undergrad freedom fighters are about the dumbest humans on earth. you know, Bernard, i've grown to respect you in a way. you are clearly educated on a great deal of things. but i don't think there's much point in our going back and forth on this particular matter as we'll just be going in circles. for me, it starts and stops with a nation and a people who have been under attack more than any in human history - the most recent of which was a massacre from a terror network. you can say 'yeah, but...' but no. if you came in my house and hurt my family i'd go scorched earth too. that's where i'm at, for better or worse. and now, i'm watching, as wholly innocent americans are blocked, beaten and threatened for the audacity of simply being. it's racism in 2024. no matter how much you want to maintain some level of 'this is mostly peaceful,' this aint it.
  12. 1) i don't claim to be the foremost authority on the situation. and by 'butchering' i'm assuming you mean one singular mistake i stated. that being said, i know what's been reported. did you click on even one of the links? 2) someone is funding them, you can at least admit that, correct? a litany of outlets have connected the funding to, among others, Soros, who can best be described as a billionaire agent of chaos 3) stick your head in the sand all you want and shout 'right wing conspiracy theory!'. would you like to keep a scorecard of all the things you whacked out libs claimed were right wing conspiracies in the last 4 years and how many are now considered common knowledge? 4) i didn't say 'the average protester' i said the 'average student protester. the same group who thinks men can get pregnant.
  13. it's so funny it's sad. the college students don't know squat. the same group of idiots that shout 'down with capitalism' take money from the biggest capitalists in the world to fight for a cause they know nothing about. and yes, it's racist https://www.google.com/search?q=who+is+funding+the+college+protests&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS929US929&oq=who+is+fun&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUqBggAEAAYAzIGCAAQABgDMgYIARBFGDkyBwgCEAAYgAQyBwgDEAAYgAQyBwgEEAAYgAQyBwgFEAAYgAQyBwgGEAAYgAQyBwgHEAAYgAQyBwgIEAAYgAQyBwgJEAAYgASoAgCwAgA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#ip=1
  14. has any of the genius campus protesters realized hamas still has hostages (since october), or nah?
  15. trump was way up in PA and Michigan and Wisconsin. his lead was so big in Wisconsin that, according to CNN's lead election anchor, what happened thereafter was statistically impossible. don't shoot the messenger.
  16. put it this way, Argentina (i think) just held a national election that was all wrapped up in 16hrs. California meanwhile just had an election where the results were pending for a week or so. Edit to add that Argentina has 33% more people than Cali
  17. the greater point is that, contrary to what some are saying, not all of these protests are without issue. i find it reprehensible to intrude on someone's freedom b/c your all up in your feels. you want to protest, fine. let someone who wants to go to class do their thing. as noted previously, there's some schools that have had to go to online classes and whose functions (graduation) are in jeopardy. it's classless.
  18. if that's not what you meant (or if i read it wrong), then i apologize. it certainly read oddly. like kamala saying people couldn't get to a kinko's
  19. In PA, in 2020 i walked in, said my name, they checked the rolls and told me to proceed. didn't ask for a shred of documentation.
  20. i don't think SSN would be horrible (provided the poll workers actually verified them in person at the polling station). i just want...idk...any measure to prevent fraud. frankly what we have now is amateur hour and primed for fraud. i have absolutely zero confidence in it. it's truly amazing we can send a man to the moon but the supposed nation that's most advanced and democratic can't figure out a safe frickin election system.
  21. let's pivot a moment and put the fighting on pause.... anyone have a list of states where ID's are provided for free vs. having to pay for one? interested in learning how it varies and what (potentially) is most prevalent.
  22. i didn't say this was an instance of being singled out for being jewish. part of reading comprehension is...
  23. that's not the argument i was making. please try to stay on topic.
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