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  1. I actually think it's kind of a cool concept. Obviously, the real options for him are far smaller than what he's posting but as he narrows it down it will get exciting given the magnitude his commitment has. He's building his brand I don't think you can really fault him for that and obviously like it or not people are tuning into it on both his page and flows so its working on both ends.
  2. maybe 165? or tell ech to suck it up and go 141 and have him at 149 and or paniro back at 149 and casey at 157.
  3. I would venture to guess David Carr is a big factor in him flipping (if he does) I believe they are pretty close also an incredible training partner. I wonder if Iowa State opts to wrestle Casey now they will have a pretty big log jam at 157/165 with chittum,casey,euton (I think hes gonna be good) and dee unless dee grows into 174 which is very possible. If this happens its very exciting times to be an ISU fan.
  4. Is Zo not locked in with okie state? I know those two are very close.
  5. Starocci is forgoing his first semester and transferring second semester to okie state just so he can call DT a blowbag to his face every day in the room.
  6. I had not really thought a ton about this, but it will be interesting to see how the Russian transfers perform relative to their usual standards now that they are unable to train in Russia given the new rules imposed which seemed to be a direct result of Taz.
  7. My favorite shnaulty moment is when Princetons coach said he could not score more than 3 points against kolodzik and he put up 11 and held up 10 and 1 with his hands to the coach. Its actually insane to think Bassett teched him because during his senior season he seemed untouchable.
  8. I live in lock and work with a lot of the wrestlers so I will let you know if I hear anything
  9. I assumed similarly to the Sadulaev news from a few months ago they would train up until the date incase things were to change.
  10. By far the most credentialed wrestler to ever make the jump. He is also only 28 which is a lot younger than both DC and Yoel were. I believe hes very tight with Khabib and islam so I assume he will train with them at least in Russia maybe also at AKA. I hope he transitions well I get rather annoyed when people say mma guys can beat wrestlers in matches simply because they took down x guy in an mma bout. So if he goes to MMA and gets outwrestled I will be fuming.
  11. was not sure if this would go in mma or here Ill probably make a thread in mma as well but sidakov will not be training for Paris he is transitioning to mma.
  12. I think Jacob was actually perceived to be a bit better in high school. I wonder if Evan is just naturally a bit smaller and 133 just ends up being the optimal weight for his style and build despite having to cut a ton. I have also heard Jacob always cut his ass off in high school and I think he was 138 his senior year. Edit: I think Evan may have also just made a level jump that Jacob did not make. As mentioned, Jacob took two not great losses last year whereas in Evans true freshman year he got majored and teched by Julian Farber. He then beat Farber 8-5 a few weeks later and this season teched him and majored him. Also, evidence of his progression was the difference between the first and second match with Fix although that could have been because Fix refused to wrestle at nationals.
  13. I honestly feel like Iowa was the only program that would work for him. I assume he't out on Okie state and PSU so I'm not sure who else has the funding to pay him what he thinks he's worth. I suppose he could take a pay cut but I would be shocked if that happened when he could try and given how he looks on the pads fail at MMA. Id like to see him back in wrestling love or hate him he brings eyes and is exciting as well as being very talented. It just feels like we have done this dance two or three times now and the best fit is now no longer an option.
  14. very good snag for the Iowa but one of them I assume will be sitting for awhile with Arnold,Ferrari,Riggins,Keuter all having a lot of time left.
  15. I really feel like if he develops 1 or 2 more go to leg attacks that are not the firemans hes going to be one of the best guys we've seen in a long long time. His body awareness and feel seem satiev level.
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