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  1. There is always give and take for anything. Lack of commute is a definite plus. Save a lot of money. On the other hand, the socialization aspect should not be ignored. It just isn't the same with IM, or email, or text, or zoom.
  2. Yeah, we worked from home and then were told to work in office 4 days a week. We get to work from home 1 day a week. I resisted at first with the same comments braves is making. I have been out for 2 months working from home for the last 3 weeks. I can't go into the office so it is good to have this opportunity. But I am ready to go back in, I just need someone to take me as I can't drive anymore for awhile. I like working in the office. More and better connections with coworkers. But being at home once a week is nice too. mspart
  3. yep, I see your point. mspart
  4. It's almost like you haven't studied history. Lots of regimes have been overthrown when the peasants have had enough. France, South America, most of Africa, most of the communist world. And that is just recent history. It not like it has never happened, but it is impossible for this group to do so. Yeah right. mspart
  5. That won them 74 out of 132 seats. So they figured out how to get enough people to vote for them, or it is dumb luck that they won a majority of seats with a 44.45% (you got it wrong) of the vote. That's 56.1% of the seats (a majority) with 44.45% of the vote. You should go there and tell them they are illegitimate since you are so against Hamas. See how that goes for you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Palestinian_legislative_election mspart
  6. Yeah, judges in NY are not allowed to make political donations. Yet Merchan did. Also, he presided over other Trump allies' trials. The assigning of a judge is supposed to be random. Obviously not. They found the judge that they needed who illegally donated to Biden and democrats. And the assignment was not random. Even from that standpoint, this trial was a farce. Not to mention that no one still knows what was actually alleged and what the jurors came up with to convict on all counts. https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnn-legal-guru-says-new-york-trump-prosecutors-contorted-law-case-unjustified-mess Even CNN legal analyst Elie Honig did not agree with the premise of the trial. I'll leave it to you to read the article. It is not universally accepted that the trial was proper or fair. mspart
  7. It can't be done. Water is see through you know. mspart
  8. Use duckduckgo. Maybe you will get different results. mspart
  9. First of many no doubt! mspart
  10. So what you want is for Israel to go in and physically separate the civilians from the Hamas insurgents before killing the insurgents. Is that correct? And how would you propose to do that? It is even Israel's fault when it is Hamas' fault (recent 45 civilians die due to Hamas ammo warehouse exploding in a civilian area). If IDF forces hid behind Gaza civilians you would howl and scream that they are breaking international law. But you complain with Hamas does the same and civilians die in the process. There is no howling and screaming. You can't see the difference here I'm sure. But you can certainly say that IDF forces could use Gazan human shields the same that Hamas does. The difference is that IDF doesn't do that. But Hamas is not at fault for doing so. It is IDFs fault for targeting Hamas operatives and civilians die because the operatives use them as shields. Your position is logically illogical and makes no sense. If I was a civilian, I'd stay away from Hamas at all costs. Let them die. I don't want to die. Which begs another question that you don't bother to ask and I would be surprised if you would even come up with it. It follows and is a very easy point/question to come up with with the above line of reasoning. mspart
  11. If ultra processed foods are not bad for me, what about just simple processed foods? Or Moderately processed foods? mspart
  12. Perhaps, but to use the judicial system? That is taking it too far. Beat him at the ballot box. Then they can gloat. mspart
  13. I did say you are free to deduce from that what you will. It looks like you deduced. mspart
  14. I think the Patriots would disagree with you as Neal was highly skilled and was part of the wall of protection for the QB. It took him some time to get there, but he had played football before, so he at least had a small head start. Gable not so much but I hope he can transition. That would be a great story. mspart
  15. Actually I remember the guys listed in bold. And I really don't pay much attention to basketball. mspart
  16. Yes, wishing him the best. He has a 3 year contract. So he has time to get the skills he will need to continue on. Stephen Neal took a while to get there but became integral to the Patriots offensive line. Perhaps he and Gable will speak to each other. mspart
  17. I'm not sure what you are getting at UB. The missile landed somewhere other than where Hamas said it did. So your wonderful Hamas lied. The conversation that was recorded verifies that the missile was small and they were wondering why the secondary explosions in the warehouse. You are free to deduce from that what you will. mspart
  18. You could ask the Palestinans caught ont he phone that I mentioned. That is part of the article I posted on this. They were on the phone discussing this and said quote: “Yes, this is an ammunition warehouse. I tell you it exploded. The Jewish bombing wasn’t strong, it was a small missile, because it didn’t create a large hole. And afterward a lot of secondary explosions,” one of the Palestinians is heard saying in the call. Also provided in that post was an annotated photo of the area where the missile actually fell and where Hamas said it fell. As with the other time there was an accusation, it turns out there was a malfunctioning Hamas rocket and caused a large explosion. Again, Palestinians (Hamas) were caught on phone wondering how this happened and stating it was a malfunction. I'm not saying there was a malfunction, but I am saying the Israeli missile did not hit that target. It hit another target some distance away. The fault for the explosion of the depot killing those people is the fault of Hamas for placing the depot where civilians are known to be. You can try to say otherwise, but you are not looking at what really happened. You are depending on Hamas to tell you the correct story and you can see they did not regarding where the missile landed. So why would you trust them anymore on this? It is demonstrable that they lied about the missile , but then tell the truth? It can't be both ways. mspart
  19. I think S Lee is the bad draw and I think he feels so also. I hope he wrestles that way. mspart
  20. I take it you don't like Trump. I'm just getting that vibe. mspart
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