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  1. The hypocritical wingers constantly complain about the debt when there is a Democrat as President; then suddenly go silent when their guy becomes President. They also want to constantly cut taxes, while increasing spending on our fat & bloated military-industrial complex. Example of 'winger hypocrisy #49 billion. Reality is that we will NEVER get the debt under control unless we BOTH increase taxes AND cut spending. Sudden drastic slashes to welfare would be a disaster. You think we have high crime now?
  2. And if it isn't the tip (if you are wrong), then that's only because of corrupt justice department and judges. It's all very simple.
  3. Whoopty doo. Is he going to actually bring in some blue chip talent? Pay the "NIL" money out of his own pocket that is needed to actually get and retain top wrestlers, or improve the facilities? If not, I don't really care.
  4. The name of the actual social media site doesn't really matter. Typical winger comment.
  5. Maybe he should get on Twitter and start cutting down anybody that attacks him.
  6. I'm smoking true objectivity. I don't watch the BS fear mongering by Fox News/talk/paranormal radio or CNN/MSNBC
  7. Almost 100% of abortions are single-family households (unless they are being done for medical reasons) so saying that abortion is being chosen "over" traditional family values is complete nonsense. You're free to have your own traditional family. Nobody is trying to stop you, so maybe the 'wingers should concentrate on their own relationships instead of trying to pick apart alternative ones.
  8. You can see it right on this thread; and also the thread about the Trump verdict. The hypocrisy is truly unbelievable. You can't make this stuff up.
  9. There are some good cops but way too much corruption. It's gotten better but has a long ways to go. EVERY cop needs to be wearing a cam and microphone at all times while on duty. That won't stop their payoffs from drug Lords during off-duty hours but it will help a lot overall.
  10. This is just like the Trump verdict. If Biden were innocent, it was because the jury was corrupt. If he's guilty, justice prevailed. The hypocrisy of the right is 100% predictable.
  11. The crooked cops need to clean up their act. Quit planting evidence, manipulating and bullying suspects during interrogations and making up excuses to commit violence. The pigs created their own problems.
  12. If Trump would have been found "not guilty" the 'wingers would have been saying he was vindicated and justice prevailed. If he was found guilty, the trial was rigged. This was all 100% predictable. The 'winger minions are just like Trump. They spin the pretext based upon the outcome.
  13. Democracy is in peril because half the country is actually willing to vote for a felon.
  14. Glad to see that people in this country are waking up to the Israeli brutality and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians, which has actually been going on for decades; not months.
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