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  1. If ultra processed foods are not bad for me, what about just simple processed foods? Or Moderately processed foods? mspart
  2. Perhaps, but to use the judicial system? That is taking it too far. Beat him at the ballot box. Then they can gloat. mspart
  3. I did say you are free to deduce from that what you will. It looks like you deduced. mspart
  4. I think the Patriots would disagree with you as Neal was highly skilled and was part of the wall of protection for the QB. It took him some time to get there, but he had played football before, so he at least had a small head start. Gable not so much but I hope he can transition. That would be a great story. mspart
  5. Actually I remember the guys listed in bold. And I really don't pay much attention to basketball. mspart
  6. Yes, wishing him the best. He has a 3 year contract. So he has time to get the skills he will need to continue on. Stephen Neal took a while to get there but became integral to the Patriots offensive line. Perhaps he and Gable will speak to each other. mspart
  7. I'm not sure what you are getting at UB. The missile landed somewhere other than where Hamas said it did. So your wonderful Hamas lied. The conversation that was recorded verifies that the missile was small and they were wondering why the secondary explosions in the warehouse. You are free to deduce from that what you will. mspart
  8. You could ask the Palestinans caught ont he phone that I mentioned. That is part of the article I posted on this. They were on the phone discussing this and said quote: “Yes, this is an ammunition warehouse. I tell you it exploded. The Jewish bombing wasn’t strong, it was a small missile, because it didn’t create a large hole. And afterward a lot of secondary explosions,” one of the Palestinians is heard saying in the call. Also provided in that post was an annotated photo of the area where the missile actually fell and where Hamas said it fell. As with the other time there was an accusation, it turns out there was a malfunctioning Hamas rocket and caused a large explosion. Again, Palestinians (Hamas) were caught on phone wondering how this happened and stating it was a malfunction. I'm not saying there was a malfunction, but I am saying the Israeli missile did not hit that target. It hit another target some distance away. The fault for the explosion of the depot killing those people is the fault of Hamas for placing the depot where civilians are known to be. You can try to say otherwise, but you are not looking at what really happened. You are depending on Hamas to tell you the correct story and you can see they did not regarding where the missile landed. So why would you trust them anymore on this? It is demonstrable that they lied about the missile , but then tell the truth? It can't be both ways. mspart
  9. I think S Lee is the bad draw and I think he feels so also. I hope he wrestles that way. mspart
  10. I take it you don't like Trump. I'm just getting that vibe. mspart
  11. If Alabama is in the hunt, I go for them. Didn't know softball was going on. Not a fan but Roooooooollllllll Tide!!! mspart
  12. I'm glad you like me. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. mspart
  13. Cohen's big lie about calling the Trump's security guard to discuss the payments backfired when it was shown he was complaining to the guard about some 14 year old harassing him and can he get secret service to do anything about it. The whole case on the prosecution side was hilarious. Their witnesses ended up not saying what the prosecution wanted them to say or admit on cross that things were actually quite different. Even folks on MSNBC are wondering what the heck Bragg is doing. https://dailycaller.com/2024/05/27/msnbc-alvin-bragg-donald-trump-acquittal/ Former Department of Justice spokesman Anthony Coley said prosecutors should be concerned that the presence of two lawyers on former President Donald Trump’s jury could contribute to an acquittal. The panel of 12 jurors includes a young corporate law attorney and a civil litigation attorney in the trial pertaining to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s allegations Trump falsified business documents to conceal a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. Coley on “Jonathan Lemire Reports” said the lawyers on the jury may overthink the case and have an outsized influence on other jurors, which could hurt the prosecution. Now why would that be I wonder? Because maybe lawyers can see through all the shenigans? The case was not strong is what the legal analyst is saying. mspart
  14. Evidence is showing that surprise!!!!! Hamas lied about the 45 civilians being killed. It looks like it was their own weapons depot that exploded. The IDF attack was too small and far away. Even Palestininas were caught on a phone call saying the same. Too small of an explosion and after that one, there were secondary explosions in the warehouse (depot). See previous posts on this. Plus the weapons depot was in an area where there are many civilians. Hamas put these poor souls in danger by locating their depot near innnocent bystanders. But please go on saying Israel murdered 45 civilians on the word of Hamas. They are unreliable in reporting accuracy as you should well know. mspart
  15. I would like to believe you. But my eyes tell me a different story. The legal system is being used to damage a political enemy. DOJ did not go after Trump for these charges. Alvin Bragg ran his campaign to get Trump no matter what. He was not willing to do this either at the beginning, nor was his predecessor. But he finally did bring this case just in time to run right into the election. I would like to believe you but my eyes tell me a different story. I would like the criminal justice system to be blind. But it is apparent it is not. That's why the vague charges. The inability for the parties to give jury instructions regarding the allegations that made any sense. https://news.syr.edu/blog/2024/04/16/pitch-legal-analysis-of-hush-money-trial-facing-former-president-donald-trump/ District Attorney Bragg’s indictment charges Trump with 34 felony counts, each of which relates to a business record disguising a payment made to Cohen as attorney fees. The indictment alleges that Trump disguised the payments with intent to cover up another crime. But the indictment does not say what that other crime is. ... I believe the District Attorney must show (1) that the payments were disguised as attorney fees to commit a fraud on someone, (2) that the underlying payments constituted an independent crime, (3) that Trump knew that the underlying payments constituted a crime, and (4) that the reason he covered up the payments was to disguise that crime. Those are going to be hard things to prove. Judge Merchan’s summary of the case for the jury glosses over all of these difficult statutory questions. After being unable to get the parties to agree on the language of a statement to be read to the jurors to describe what the case is about, Judge Merchan decided to read the following statement to the jurors to summarize the case: “The allegations reflect in substance, that Donald Trump falsified business records to conceal an agreement with others to unlawfully influence the 2016 presidential election. Specifically, it is alleged that Donald Trump made or caused false business records to hide the true nature of payments made to Michael Cohen, by characterizing them as payment for legal services rendered pursuant to a retainer agreement. The People allege that in fact, the payments were intended to reimburse Michael Cohen for money he paid to Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, in the weeks before the presidential election to prevent her from publicly revealing details about a past sexual encounter with Donald Trump.” Judge Juan Merchan’s statement fails to explain when it is a crime to “unlawfully influence” an election? Obviously, all politicians attempt to influence voters to vote for them. Politicians regularly misstate facts and fail to disclose facts during their campaign. The law has never allowed members of the public or the government to bring claims for fraud against politicians who make misleading or even downright false statements; indeed our laws broadly protect campaign speech under the First Amendment. The judge could not even clearly state the issue and left out very important things like when is the allegation represent a crime to unlawfully influence an election. But I don't need to justify myself to you. You won't buy it. But I would like to believe what you say about the justice system, I am just not seeing it. You have DA's like Bragg that don't prosecute crimes (we had/have that here is Seattle), and allow criminals on the street to keep stealing and assaulting. We have too many examples of this. We have examples of Hillary and Joe with similar crimes to Trump not getting prosecuted but Trump is with tampered and placed evidence which is the subject of hearing in that court right now. Selective prosecution is a thing and it is being done all over the country, but to have 4 cases against Trump during the election is manifestly political in nature. You may not see it but I do. And I don't even like him. I wanted DeSantis for President. But this is eggregious in nature. The system has been corrupted to go after political enemies and the press does not call it out even though it is plain to see. I want the justice system to be fair and impartial but that is not what I see happening. mspart
  16. https://jonathanturley.org/2024/05/30/a-manhattan-canned-hunt-the-trump-jury-is-out-but-is-the-case-in-the-bag/ First, the judge has ruled that the jury does not have to agree on what actually occurred in the case. Merchan ruled that the government had vaguely referenced three possible crimes that constitute the “unlawful means” used to influence the election: a federal election violation, the falsification of business records, and a tax violation. The jurors were told that they could split on what occurred, with four jurors accepting each of the three possible crimes in a 4-4-4 split. The court would still consider that a unanimous verdict so long as they agree that it was in furtherance of some crime. Second, the judge said that he would instruct the jury on the law but then omitted the key elements that established there was no federal campaign violation. Indeed, the blocked legal expert, Ben Smith, the former chair of the Federal Election Commission, was going to testify that this could not have been a federal election violation. Moreover, even if Trump’s legal settlement money could be viewed as a federal campaign contribution, it could not have been part of a conspiracy to influence the election since any reporting of a contribution would have had to occur after the election. Third, not only can the jury disagree as to what occurred, but one of the three crimes is so circular as to produce vertigo in the jury room. The prosecutors zapped a dead misdemeanor back into life by claiming a violation under New York’s election law 17-152. The argument is that the crime was committed to further another crime as an unlawful means to influence the election. However, that other crime can be the falsification of business records. So the jury (or some jurors, at least) could find that some documents were falsified as an unlawful means of falsifying other documents. Finally, Merchan is allowing conviction based on a “general intent” to defraud “any person or entity,” a dangerously vague concept in this novel criminal case. Merchan has largely stuck to the standard jury instructions but this case is anything but standard. With an ambiguous claim of “influencing” an election, a general intent instruction without better definition to this case can be an invitation for bias. In other words, Merchan told the jury that it wasn't important that they find Trump did something unanimously because the prosecution has never really been clear on what is being alleged so there is ambiguity there. Since when are charges ambiguous? Since never. That is where you can find folks on right leaning media and left leaning media wondering exactly what the allegations are in this case. I think just these 4 points are ammo for an appeal. mspart
  17. Howard Harris of Oregon State. He pinned his way through the NCAA tourney ending with a pin of Big Bruce. He was on the 1980 Olympic Team. mspart
  18. https://www.savvydime.com/i-feel-ripped-off-californians-protest-fast-food-price-rises-by-spending-elsewhere/ Californians are saying goodbye to their favorite fast food spots as prices creep up. Greg LaVay, from San Diego, who once enjoyed frequent trips to McDonald’s, now prefers sit-down restaurants. “I feel ripped off a little,” he said to The Wall Street Journal, echoing a sentiment many share as menu prices surge. Notice the anger is not aimed at the government, but at the establishments raising their prices because of the government action. https://www.independent.org/news/article.asp?id=14919 Last September, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 1287 into law, which includes a $20 per hour minimum wage for fast-food workers and a fast-food regulatory council which has the authority to raise the industry’s minimum wage annually. But between last fall and January, California fast-food restaurants cut about 9,500 jobs, representing a 1.3 percent change from September 2023. Total private employment in California declined just 0.2 percent during the same period, which makes it tempting to conclude that many of those lost fast-food jobs resulted from the higher labor costs employers would need to pay. 10k jobs lost. Now that was the result of a poorly thought out law. And it was predicted. This will not be good for owners, workers, or patrons. It is a disastrous law. How is it a benefit to a worker if they lose their job because of it? Well they can go on welfare and the gov has them where they want them and can claim capitalism is bad. mspart
  19. He'll be charged with assault and depriving this thug of his constitutional rights. Good thing the guy didn't die. It was the right thing to do but as in earlier cases can be misconstrued as white on black crime and racial etc etc. I hope not but in this day and age, I wouldn't doubt it at all. mspart
  20. Starting to hear that Hamas reported deaths and the cause of those Rafah deaths are suspect. The munition Israel sent did not land in the area of the place where multiple people died. That place was a munitions depot and they went off for a reason still being investigated. This is opposed to what Hamas has said. As we know, Hamas never lies about things like this. https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog_entry/idf-vows-full-probe-into-rafah-strike-shows-evidence-it-was-not-in-designated-safe-zone/ “Following this strike, a large fire ignited, for reasons still being investigated. Our munition alone could not have ignited a fire of this size,” [IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari] he continues. “Our investigation seeks to determine what may have caused such a large fire to ignite. We are looking into all possibilities, including the option that weapons stored in a compound next to our target, which we did not know of, may have ignited as a result of the strike,” he says. “It should be noted that Hamas has been operating in this area since October 7,” Hagari says, showing another image showing Hamas rocket launchers 43 meters from the targeted site. “Hamas fired rockets from these launchers at Israel during the massacre on October 7,” Hagari says. Hagari says the IDF is also looking at “footage, documented by Gazans on the night of the strike, posted on social media, which appeared to show secondary explosions, indicating that there may have been weapons in the area.” “Signals intelligence intercepted some phone calls that reinforce this concern raising the possibility that weapons stored in a nearby compound caught fire,” he says, before airing one such call in which Gazans discuss the blast and “ammunition that started exploding.” “Yes, this is an ammunition warehouse. I tell you it exploded. The Jewish bombing wasn’t strong, it was a small missile, because it didn’t create a large hole. And afterward a lot of secondary explosions,” one of the Palestinians is heard saying in the call. “We are working to verify the cause of the fire. It is still too early to be determined. Even when we do find the cause of the fire that erupted, it won’t make the situation any less tragic,” Hagari says. “We took a number of steps prior to the strike to avoid civilian casualties. Aerial surveillance, using specific munitions to minimize collateral damage, delaying the attack to further assess the expected civilian presence, and other means,” he continues. Hagari vows that the investigation will be “swift, comprehensive, and transparent.” So unsurprisingly, there is another explanation for the Rafah deaths. And they implicate Hamas and their using civilian areas as weapons depots (human shields). In fact the article has the audio of the phone call between two Palestinians wondering about how the ammo warehouse exploded because the Israeli strike was not that powerful. This is not unsurprising in the least because Hamas has a long history of lying about events on the ground. mspart
  21. I agree. But it is the Ds that are yelling about it, the Rs are not. The D's are doing what they can to limit our ability to vote for initiatives we want, presidential candidates we want, etc. Yet they are the ones yelling that the Rs are trying to take away democracy. It is projection on their part. While doing it, they point the finger at someone else. And the media complies. mspart
  22. https://jonathanturley.org/2024/05/29/democracy-is-on-the-ballot-california-democrats-seek-to-prevent-voters-from-approving-new-taxes/#more-219445 “Democracy is on the ballot.” That mantra of President Joe Biden and other Democrats has suggested that “this may be our last election” if the Republicans win in 2024. A few of us have noted that the Democrats seem more keen on claiming the mantle of the defenders of democracy than actually practicing it. Democrats have sought to disqualify Donald Trump and dozens of Republicans from ballots; block third party candidates, censor and blacklist of those with opposing views; and weaponize the legal system against their opponents. Most recently, in California, democracy is truly on the ballot and the Democrats are on the wrong side. California has always prided itself on the ability of citizens to vote on changes in the law directly through referenda and ballot measures. That is precisely what citizens are attempting to do with a measure that would require voter approval of any tax increase, including a two-thirds vote for some local taxes. It is called the Taxpayer Protection Act and it is a duly qualified statewide ballot measure slated for the November 2024 ballot. The state Democrats are apoplectic over the prospect of citizen control over revenue and taxes. What was a quaint element of democratic empowerment is now challenging a core vehicle of Democratic power. So Gov. Gavin Newsom and other Democratic leaders have taken the issue to the state Supreme Court to demand that citizens be denied the right to decide the issue. In oral arguments, the attorney supporting the challenge explained to the justices that citizens are simply not equipped to deal with the complexities of taxation and should not be allowed to render such a decision. In a prior decision, Associate Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar wrote that “Whether the context involves taxation or not, all of these cases underscore how courts preserve and liberally construe the public’s statewide and local initiative power. Indeed, we resolve doubts about the scope of the initiative power in its favor whenever possible and we narrowly construe provisions that would burden or limit the exercise of that power.” Half of the Court seemed to be inclined to deny the public the right to decide the question. The Court, however, may wait until after the election to render a decision on the limits of democracy in California. This was done after many votes in WA. The Ds didn't like an initiative passed by the voters and the Ds took it to the WA Supreme Court where they got the Initiative invalidated. Looks like what they are up to here. WA legislature is now just ignoring initiatives. There are 6 initiatives that got enough signatures to put them on the ballot. The state constitution clearly states that such an initiative to the Legislature (which all these are) must be debated in the legislature. Only 3 were. The other 3 were not. The legislature can pass the initiative, can pass something similar, or do nothing but it must be debated. So democracy is already crumbling and it is the Ds doing it. mspart
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