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  1. ^^^NOT the signal we're expecting... ^^^ ... but we'll wait nonetheless. D3
  2. Also... didn't WrestlPSU used to hawk recorded wrestling events on VHS tape (or something of that sort?) D3
  3. So would I... (I'm all set... I'll pay for the extra weight. m'kay?) D3
  4. I'm just going to put out a range of medals for the MFS at 4-6 for the US of A... Go get'em tigers! D3
  5. "... isn't the Grand Tetons in the USA? Relax, PortaJohn is on a roll..." D3
  6. Legeti @ 125Kg gets the fall for Hungary. That's All, Folks! D3
  7. The old warhorse Ibragimov has put his shoes in the mat center... leaving the years of competition at the ripe young age of 38!!! (... a lot of miles on for a 97Kg'er.) D3
  8. The thrill of Victory... ... and the Agony of Defeat. D3
  9. Well, PortaJohn, after that 4 match gauntlet that Zain marched thru... he surely must felt that he landed on Iwo Jima AND climbed Mt Suribachi as well! D3
  10. A small consolation, as Chamizo's loss to Valiev results (ultimately) of Valiev going to Paris. ... still, Chamizo, surely, would've trade places w/ Valiev. D3
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