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  1. 2-1 Doucet... final score 28-9 OSU. D3
  2. 1-1 after 3... SV @ 285. D3
  3. 197: OU Buchanan w/ the fall! 25-9 OSU D3
  4. Plott w/ the TF... team score bumps up to 25-3. D3
  5. Offthemat sez: Plott is scoring a lot of bonus points this year. Yes, agree on that one. D3
  6. Heck... I seen HS kids w/ a boatload of tatts., especially @ Dist 11AAA in PA. ... Jordan Oliver comes to mind. D3
  7. OR... a relative who owns a tattoo parlor. D3
  8. Times have surely changed... Tattoo-wise that is. D3
  9. 8-3 Olejnik... 16-3 OSU D3
  10. Slick head snap by Olejnik... quick! D3
  11. Spin that platter! D3
  12. 13-3 at the break... D3
  13. A tight one gets blown open by Travis... majorD for OkieSt. D3
  14. E Wiley... TD Travis... E Wiley... D3
  15. Tight one @157... Travis leading 1-0 going into the 3rd w/Wiley on bottom. D3
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