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  1. Great quote: We are being cautious after seeing your failures. Quote of the week. mspart
  2. We have full MFS. I think we have full WFS as I don't see any US entrants in last chance (but I could be wrong and didn't see it). It looks like we have heaviest 3 weights for GR. mspart
  3. Yeah, I missed out over the weekend. I meant to follow but got busy with other things. Can any of you give the latest on how GR and WFS did? I know GR will not have a full team. What about WFS? mspart
  4. So it looks like Zain and Spencer punched their tickets. We have a full FS team in the Olys. mspart
  5. This is the guy that want's to be Biden's backup in case the Democratics decide they don't want Biden. He has run CA into the ground. And we want that for the US as a whole? Gimme a break. Come on man. True story. mspart
  6. When government mandates raise the cost of labor, prices will necessarily rise. And that is not good for consumers, business owners, and workers. I was not citing real prices, it was an example of what high prices do. By the way, I've had the Double double at In n out. Was not impressed. My coworker couldn't stop talking about it so when I had a chance, I decided to go for it. Again, not impressed. I'll take BurgerMaster anyday. Local Seattle area joint that has the best burgers around. mspart
  7. You ask Hamas who is responsible for the Gaza citizens and they will say the UN. They are not responsible and feel no responibility for these people. They are useful as human shields and nothing more. This explains why Gaza is so poor. All aid to Hamas goes to their military effort and not to the people. They must be fed by others. mspart
  8. Yes, they are dumbfounded. NOT! mspart
  9. DOJ would refuse to prosecute. End of story. Unless there is a big change made there. mspart
  10. That's sad. I feel bad for our GR team. They really need some help the way the FS team has gotten help. mspart
  11. You are missing the obvious on purpose. Sinn Fein and it's military group used terror to get political change. Hamas uses terror tactics to destroy people who are Jewish. Sinn Fein's charter did not say eliminate Great Britain or all Protestants. Hamas' charter says they want to eliminate the Jewish state however that must be done. How can you have a political solution with an entity that wants you dead? Sinn Fein was not that way, Hamas is. You are arguing yourself into a very small and tight space that you cannot get out of. You can say all you want that Hamas did wrong on Oct 7 but the rest of what you say supports them. You cannot get out of that little box you have put yourself in. You can't have it both ways. You say Israel has a right to defend itself and Hamas did wrong on Oct 7. But then you say Hamas cannot and should not be eliminated and Israel can't fight a war not of their choosing but of necessity. You can't have it both ways. But yet you try. 2+2 does not equal 5 but you keep saying it does. Your arguments make no sense. They have no logic, but are illogical. mspart
  12. Well, I hope Samuels beats her. She needs to go. mspart
  13. Ya think? Dohhhh! You lied to the American people by saying the vaccines would stop covid, dead in its tracks. You get the jab you don't get covid. You get the jab you are completely safe from Covid. You get the jab you cannot pass covid to anyone else. Why do you think governments forced employees to get the jab or be unemployed? Because you said so. Oh but now you are backpeddling after ruining the lives of millions. No one will listen to you again and rightfully so. What morons! mspart
  14. Sinn Fein was not interested in annihilation of Great Britain and all of Northern Ireland except them. Hamas is interested in the total annihilation of Israel, it is in their charter. They will not become part of the political system because they want to destroy that political system and set up their own after all Israelis are gone or killed. Your example is less than useless in that the aim of the terrorists were completely different. Your apologetics for Hamas keep getting weaker and weaker. mspart
  15. Isn't it a war crime to hide behind civilians? Yes that is inconvenient but it does not excuse war crimes. Would you rather Israel stop warning civilians that they are about to hit a certain place and they should evacuate? Would you rather Israel stop allowing food aid to get to the civilians? They could do those things but I somehow think you would cry all the louder. mspart
  16. Way to go Kamal! Take it to him and punch your ticket to the Olympics!!! Best of luck. mspart
  17. Did Hamas warn Israel they were about to attack and to leave the area? NO Did Hamas target military targets or civilian targets specifically? Civilian Did Hamas allow aid to come to help the poor Israelis suffering? NO Did Hamas rape and torture Israeli civilians? YES Did Hamas take prisoners and allow them to die? YES I could keep going, but the fact of the matter is Israel has waged a very careful war against Hamas. Hamas was brute force terror. There is a very big difference in the way the two sides have engaged. mspart
  18. Yep. Maybe it could become a Tesseract. mspart
  19. A 1T carbon rock can be turned into a 1T diamond rock. Now maybe that would make it worth it. Of course the amount of energy to make the conversion would be A LOT , it would be cool to have a 1T diamond. Maybe they can make smaller rocks and supply the diamond makers with the carbon necessary to make diamonds. mspart
  20. At least Bey is still alive. Hopefully he makes it. mspart
  21. Bucky, that is good news. Thank you. mspart
  22. You have to love the Babylon Bee. Nothing is sacred. mspart
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