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  1. Hi style doesn't mesh with being on the World or olympic team. He might as well stay put and learn a new thing or two and maybe have better success. mspart
  2. For that alone he should be removed from office. He swore to enforce the laws of the land. He is not doing it and he admits it right there. Hopefully he is booted come Nov and outta there in Jan. Come on man!! mspart
  3. Back to the topic, Why couldn't David Taylor compete in the Olympics. He is the #2 guy. He could have Big John take care of bizness until he gets back. Perhaps he just doesn't have the hunger for it like he once did. That seemed to come out in the trials. But I think he could still do it if it came to it. But perhaps it is not feasible to do both. Probably not. He's got to go recruiting etc. I'd hate that part of the job. mspart
  4. Maybe one of them identifies as a bull. Then it is a working farm. See, that was easy. mspart
  5. I heard on the TV the other day that pot in the 70's was 1.5% THC. Today's pot is anywhere from 30-90% THC. That is not the same pot that everyone thinks about and is why there are problems today for those abusing the stuff, moreso than in the past. mspart
  6. When the hamburger gets to be 15-20 dollars, people just decide they don't need that anymore. Period. All told, going to a place to get a hamburger is a luxury or convenience item, not a necessity. So when it gets too expensive, people quit buying. Raising min wage to $20/hour will cost jobs (store closings, robots) and make the food more expensive. It necessarily does this. That is the thing that whacko left wingers never understand. They raise the cost on owners to do their business, the owners must pass that expense on in higher prices or get rid of their employees. Somehow the left wing whackos think that owners are so rich that they are exploiting their workers. Not really the case. They are trying to keep their prices low enough that people will buy their stuff. If their stuff gets too expensive, people don't buy their stuff and the business goes under taking the employees with it. It is simple economics. mspart
  7. I had a friend that raised cows for meat. We had great meat for many years. The last two he had gave him trouble with the killing. They were skiddish and it broke my friend. He said never again. So we don't have that meat coming in anymore. mspart
  8. Doing the deed is tough even when you don't do the deed. We had to put down our last 2 labs we had. We let them linger too long truth be told. They were extremely miserable when we finally took them to the vet for the last time. They are buried in our back yard. Our first lab is buried in our front yard. He got hit by a car on the highway. Very sad. mspart
  9. Hmmm. I don't like Billy Joel that much and he is playing the baseball stadium. I hate stadium concerts. But you guys have a point. mspart
  10. I said they were willingly groomed, meaning they did this with full knowledge of what they were going to do. That's not really grooming in the literal sense. But those are my words. Yes, why would left wing outlets that support the protesters report such things as months of training ahead of time? They wouldn't and don't as it does not meet with their agenda. (See NPR CEO response to the 25 year veteran editor that called them out on their left wing political bias. She disciplined him and he left.) Fox is the only other one I have seen this on. And I can't find this specific thing from them but this is interesting. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/anti-israel-agitators-signs-foreign-assistance-emerge-columbia-nyu-unrest mspart
  11. I agree, even though she did the right thing. A lot of people in the US are unaware of rural concerns and would be gobsmacked by the things that must be done in a rural setting. She's gone from the list. Plus she wears too much makeup. She should be gone just for that. What does she really look like the people wonder!!! mspart
  12. https://www.wsj.com/us-news/education/student-campus-protests-veteran-activist-groups-17ccd094 You can google it and there will be various articles. mspart
  13. This is interesting. He better get that under control before the Olys. Perhaps he's ADD or ADHD and needs it to concentrate on academics. But if it is on the list, he should not be taking it. mspart
  14. I have heard that the "students" were in training for months before the demonstrations started. They were "groomed" willingly. mspart
  15. My wife lived in an area where stray dogs would show up. The very first time they even growled at one of the kids, my father in law would take the dog for a walk. No Dad - Not the walk. The walk involved him going into the woods with the dog and returning without the dog. You can't have a dog that turns on you, kills yours or the neighbors chickens, or is aggressive with children. My lab, that was extremely smart, went after our chickens. He didn't kill any but he did go after them. When he did it when I was there, I cracked him on the head hard enough to stagger him. After that he literally herded the chickens and did not go after them ever again. Almost broke my hand, but he was smart enough to know killing was bad, herding was good. Remarkable dog really. mspart
  16. There is a little theater in Issaquah, WA called Village Theater. Generally it puts on incredibly well produced plays in a venue where there is literally no bad seat. We have seen Fiddler, Les Mis, the Million Dollar Quartet (about elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins, it was an original at Village Theater), Tommy, and a host of others. We just saw the Fantasticks there. It was good too. My wife wants to see Billy Joel but tickets are absurdly expensive. mspart
  17. Gene Wilder has it 100% right on. Well put Gene!! mspart
  18. Very sad for Mitch. I'm sure he didn't see this coming and it is a very sad thing. It would be nice if the qualifier were held in a different country, but Israel being Israel, that might not matter. Here in the US, there seems to be rising anti-semitism happening. I don't know if that is the case in other countries but I would guess it is. I feel very bad for Mitch. mspart
  19. I don't see a lot of FS technique in our US Wrestlers. They don't often get back points by gut wrench or ankle lace. Yes there is some but not against the toughest competition. They are mostly content to get takedowns. But saying that, Sadulaev used to turn guys right after the takedown. I don't see him doing that against the top competition. So maybe it is different when wrestling top talent. mspart
  20. Further to my previous post, Nashon Garrett was there working out. He said hi to me. The coaches were very kind to me after they found out what I wanted. Zeke introduced me to Nashon and Lee Pritts. They were all very kind and effusive about the HS kid. I don't remember seeing Zahid. The HS kid I was visiting was varsity for awhile. Then Zahid came and that ended that. mspart
  21. Do any PSU guys beat Dake? I'd say there is no one in the US that beats Dake. mspart
  22. For someone who knows nothing about wrestling, you are pretty secure in your wrestling opinion ha ha!! We thought the same with Zain last time and he got beat and didn't make it. I'm not saying he will do that again, but I don't think anything is guaranteed. But I really want to think it is. I anticipate that they will win the tourney at their weights. But you just never know. Again, best of luck to both of them. mspart
  23. Agreed. Many of those protesting on campuses are not students. That is proven. So who are they. Pro agitators? I don't know but they should be prosecuted for being on campus illegally in my opinion. You will notice that those encampments that are illegal and were dispersed by police have not grown. Those that were allowed to stay have gone much further in taking over buildings and destroying university property. You get more of what you tolerate. mspart
  24. Ok, I have been fairly strong on here saying term limits would take an amendment to the Constitution. But my opinion on the subject is that I agree with term limits for Senators and Reps. I don't know what that would be, but I think for them to be in there as a career is wrong. mspart
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