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  1. That's actually a good idea. Yes, there could be brain damage in MMA but I think not as much as in boxing itself. Especially with a wrestler who will want to be on the ground rather than punching. mspart
  2. To me, it makes some sense to go to Okie with Taylor. Let Taylor sharpen Dake's steel. mspart
  3. Too bad he didn't make that decision just a little earlier. Perhaps he doesn't want to do the extreme training needed to succeed at the highest level in wrestling. But to make NFL, he will need to do that. And I'm guessing he did at WWE as well. But he knows what it is like in wrestling. mspart
  4. Interesting that they do not take the ballots that were determined to be illegal and throw them out and get a revised count for the election. Seems ridiculous to have another election where the same thing can happen all over again. mspart
  5. I think that is spelled So Crates for us plebes. mspart
  6. I feel like that is not overly optimistic. Doable. If MFS does as thought, that is 4 for WFS and GR put together. Very possible. mspart
  7. Those Hamas people break all the rules of war that the pro hamas and pro Palestinian naysayers demand Israel follow. What a crock. Israel is a country so must abide. Hamas is not a country, Gaza is not a country, and those Palestinians have no country, so they don't need to abide. Hamas takes no responsibility for the Gazans. They use them as shields, kill them when they try to get the food aid being sent, and demand the UN take care of them. Hamas needs to go away and Israel is intent on seeing that happen. mspart
  8. Interesting stuff. It sounds like the judge delayed the classified document trial and is essentially putting DOJ on defense as they go through all of the Trump motions. I don't know if it is acceptable to cut and paste that article but it is pretty astounding. Everyone should read it. Here is the article: https://www.declassified.live/p/judge-cannon-puts-jack-smith-on-trial?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2 mspart
  9. A la Stephen Neal? Gable has girth but how tall is he and how fast is he? You need both to compete to be in NFL I would think. Me for instance, couldn't make it. Too short, not heavy enough, and not fast enough. 3 strikes I'm out!!! Plus I'm just too old and tired now. Honestly, if this is all true, I hope it works out for him. He's had a rough go with his dream of WWE. But not everyone is cut out for that schtick. In fact, I would say very few are. mspart
  10. Down with the swamp!! mspart
  11. That is quite astounding. I hope that there were other things in that bill that the Ds objected to but this is not a good look for Ds. This should be campaign fodder for all GOP candidates. mspart
  12. I have read where Bragg has failed to prove or even address the crimes he alleges Trump did. And the prosecution is resting after putting up Michael Cohen. So the prosecution has not proven their case. Yes, they made Trump look bad, but did not prove the allegations made against him. The case is not about making him look bad, it is about tying him to a specific crime which they have not done. https://www.newsweek.com/alvin-bragg-not-close-tying-trump-fraudulent-scheme-jonathan-turley-1899678 https://reason.com/2024/05/15/the-heart-of-alvin-braggs-case-against-trump-is-misdirection/ https://thehill.com/opinion/criminal-justice/4656591-i-see-dead-people-alvin-braggs-case-against-trump-goes-paranormal/ mspart
  13. Polling is interesting. https://ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/politics/2024/05/13/new-york-times-presidential-poll-donald-trump-joe-biden-battleground-states In a head-to-head matchup, Trump leads Biden by 12 percentage points among registered voters in Arizona, by 10 points in Georgia, by 7 points in both Michigan and Arizona, and by 3 points in Pennsylvania. Biden leads Trump in Wisconsin by 2 points. Biden is faring better among likely voters but still trails Trump in five of the six states. Biden leads only in Michigan by 1 percentage point while trailing narrowly in Wisconsin (1 point) and Pennsylvania (3 points). Trump leads among likely voters in Nevada by 13 points, by 9 points in Georgia, and by 6 points in Arizona. This is quite interesting because Biden won all of these in 2020. So Biden has not done well to keep those that voted for him before. Bad policies and results are the reason for this. mspart
  14. On the other hand, you have Trump. I think his 4 years treated us well except for all the vitriol that was pushed his way and all of the foot in mouth moments that Trump self inflicted upon himself. So Trump's years were tumultuous from a news vision, but the years were calm as far as how his policies affected the economy and electorate. Keep in mind that Trump, that racist, was the first president to provide multi year funding to historic black colleges. They had to come to the president every year before that. He stopped that because it was not an effective use of time. That was one policy that made sense to me. I'm not sure I can think of a policy that was bad for the country. So that's what Trump brings - Good policy bad optics. This is preferable to bad policy and not good optics in my opinion. But just to be clear, I was hoping DeSantis would be the GOP pick. But that is not to be. mspart
  15. Sue the heck out of these universities and see how their policies change over time. mspart
  16. But there was no election interference or malfeasance. mspart
  17. Well, when you are the bad draw, that should be a medal. I count that as 57 and 74. 97 maybe. Snyder will be a bad draw up until the semis I think. But he has always medalled so he should figure out a way this time as well. I don't know about Brooks. Conceivably he is the bad draw. 65 is a disaster of a weight that anything can and usually does happen. Zain is a bad draw, but there are some hammers in there. 125 Mason is a bad draw until the semis I think. He medalled last year and should do so again. I can see 6 medals, but 4 is probably more realistic. But I have high hopes for this team. Team USA is the hammer this year. mspart
  18. If that is the case, hopefully he has great success to 2028!! mspart
  19. This will be fun to keep on top of as it unfolds. We all seem to have high expectations. But then comes the actual competition. I sure there will be upsets for us but on the whole, this looks like one of the best teams we have fielded in a long time. mspart
  20. I agree, 6 medals are possible and should be considered probable. mspart
  21. Great quote: We are being cautious after seeing your failures. Quote of the week. mspart
  22. We have full MFS. I think we have full WFS as I don't see any US entrants in last chance (but I could be wrong and didn't see it). It looks like we have heaviest 3 weights for GR. mspart
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