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  1. Ha! Just about everyone had a negative reaction to the prosecutions start witness. CNN, MSNBC, and the others all said that his time on the hot seat was not good for the prosecution. Most still say the charges are not clear and that the prosecution did not prove the case at all. They made Trump out to be not a likeable guy but actually proving the charges they did not do. That is not just from one side, most agree with this. https://www.newsweek.com/michael-cohen-had-his-knees-chopped-out-stand-legal-analyst-1901685 https://www.mediaite.com/trump/moment-of-real-triumph-for-trump-msnbc-legal-analyst-argues-michael-cohens-testimony-today-badly-hurt-the-prosecution/ mspart
  2. Translation I think: For non olympic weights, will there be a wrestle off that will determine the reps for those 4 weights to the non olympic weights world championships? And will this be a mini tourney only winner takes all, or will there be a mini tourney and then a final X type 2 out of 3 bout arrangement to determine the rep? That's what I got out of it. mspart
  3. There are lots of pundits saying the Trump judge should end the charade and take it out of the jurors hands and just call it not guilty as the prosecution has not proven anything other than Trump is not a likeable character. There are lots also saying the prosecution is winning. It doesn't look like that to me. The star witness has been eviscerated. His credibility a shambles with jurors audibly gasping at his cross examination. My take - Biden thought Trump would be caught unawares in June as he would be busy with the trial or the pokey. The trial should be over by then. I anticipate a not guilty verdict on the crimes such as they have been explained, which no one understands, not even the left media types. Trump may do his thing and everyone will hate him for it. Or Biden may do his thing and this will be called elder abuse. Trump should come out looking good if he can keep himself in check. My guess is he won't. He won the debates in 2020 but was so unlikable people thought Biden won. It may be the same this time. mspart
  4. I'd vote for her. But I don't think she'll win. She'd probably be shot for impersonating a politician. mspart
  5. Cohen has not been a star witness for the prosecution. He has been a star witness for the defense. mspart
  6. PSU fans would not be disappointed if RBY won. But I'm not sure they would be rooting for him over Spencer. Maybe, but I would not think so. Of course I'm not a PSU fan and don't know how they think. They just might be that way, but I have a hard time seeing that. Did they not cheer for Spencer when he won at Oly trials at PSU? mspart
  7. Hey Fish, What you say is not necessarily false. But the fact that mail in ballots were not checked for signature or that if checked, the sig did not need to match that on file. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/ballots-can-t-be-tossed-out-over-voter-signature-court-n1244585 The prospect of disqualified mail-in ballots poses a greater threat to Biden’s candidacy. ...Republican lawmakers and the Trump campaign had argued that the law is clear that election officials must compare the information on the mail-in ballot envelope, including a voter’s signature, to a voter’s information on file to determine a person’s qualifications to vote. So if we lived in PA, I could have put in a ballot for you and butchered the signature and it would have to be counted. How is that not fishy? As noted, the PA law clearly states that the voter's signature must match the information on file. The State Supreme Court essentially said the legislature and the governor had no right to produce such a law. ID needs to be presented at the polls. Mail in voting is rife for fraud. Absentee ballots are more regulated. This is just one of many such "fishy issues" with the 2020 vote over a number of states. mspart
  8. https://www.euronews.com/2024/05/20/butcher-of-tehran-who-was-iranian-president-ebrahim-raisi The Butcher of Tehran. Yes, by all means, lets give him a moment of silence. He silenced thousands. He helped oversee the mass execution of thousands in the 1980s and later presided over a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests at home. My guess is Khameni decided to get rid of him. Too bad the Foreign Minister also died in the incident. mspart
  9. Just another example of the students(?) being aided by agitators in the college demonstrations. In April 2024, just a few short months after moving to the US, Motaz was seen at Columbia University assisting the protest movement against Israel. mspart
  10. I missed canoeing in the Boundary Waters in MN. I lived there for 7 years and had an open invitation just about all 7 years. All they had to say was that the mosquitoes were relentless to make me not want to go. I guess fishing is excellent but that wasn't enough for me. I hate mosquitos in my face more than slugs. I would hate slugs in my face more than mosquitos if slugs could do that, such is my hate for slugs. mspart
  11. I kayaked to Secret Falls on Kauai. The trip was upstream of the Waimea river but with the wind it was easy paddling. The way back was a little tougher. We parked the kayaks and hiked the rest of the way to secret falls. Nice falls and swimming was good. I had another kayak trip on oahu from Kailua to a little island off shore. It didn't look very far away. It was brutal getting out there. Must have been high tide coming in. The paddle back was a lot easier. I was happy for that trip to be over. I've done some canoeing. Lake Ross in the north Cascades is awesome. Water is warm and there are limitless places to go. mspart
  12. They should use paper syringes. That would be more ecologically viable. mspart
  13. That's some pretty good acting!! mspart
  14. All aboard Dead as I have read. Iran will be looking for a new President. He had high level staff with him that will also need to be replaced. I would think this is a major blow to the Iranian political scheme. mspart
  15. I think there is precedent that an Assistant can do both. mspart
  16. Gavin is awesome! mspart
  17. Interesting that the first debate is before the conventions. Biden must be hoping for a really good showing. Gotta get that cocktail just right. But maybe not like the SOTU speech or the after Hur speech. He was a bit angry. Maybe people like angry Joe. mspart
  18. I'm guessing he wants out of politics. I think he is tired of the crap that you have to deal with. mspart
  19. Yes he did. He beat Gable at the NCAA tourney and was the only one to score on him in 1972 olympic trials or olympic competetion. Owings was really good. mspart
  20. https://www.declassified.live/p/judge-cannon-puts-jack-smith-on-trial?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2 A few excerpts. I highly recommend reading this. In officially vacating the existing May 20 trial date—an impossibility considering the defendant will be in a Manhattan courtroom for the foreseeable future—Cannon declined to set another date, calling it “imprudent” at this stage of the process. She noted a “myriad” of unresolved matters in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s 42-count indictment against the former president and his two co-defendants, Mar-a-Lago employees Waltine Nauta and Carlos De Olivera, for willfully retaining national defense information and attempting to impede the government’s investigation. Cannon, however, did schedule a number of proceedings that could be considered a way to put the Department of Justice on trial. In a stunning turn of events, Cannon, appointed by Donald Trump in 2020, is poised to make Smith a defendant of sorts. Over the next several weeks, prosecutors will be forced to publicly counter defense motions that accuse the DOJ of selective and vindictive prosecution; insist the appointment of Smith is illegal; and claim that several parties, including Joe Biden’s White House, colluded behind the scenes as early as May 2021 to concoct the unprecedented case. ...In other words, the government officials prosecuting Trump with mishandling top-secret files--mishandled top-secret files. Finally someone, the judge in this case, is taking seriously the weaponization of the DOJ in this effort. I have never heard this before and like I said above, this is very interesting reading and I highly recommend people read up on this. The defense has uncovered things that the judge wants clarified by DOJ. DOJ will have a very hard time justifying what it has done in targeting Trump in this case. They may be successful but it is an uphill battle. No wonder Jack Smith, the special prosecutor, wanted to rush this to court. In my opinion, he knows he has a very weak case based on the defense findings and didn't want that to come out. It looks like at the very least, the judge is interested in getting all of this out in the open, even if the news media and D's don't want it to and don't want to acknowledge this is happening. https://reason.com/volokh/2024/05/11/judge-aileen-cannon-is-a-heroine/ https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/whats-holding-up-trumps-florida-case These are two articles that seems to say similar things as the above. So not wholly unsubstantiated. mspart
  21. I had a similar coach that I stayed in touch with almost until he died. I went to visit him and his wife told me he had passed away a few months earlier. He was a great friend and mentor. mspart
  22. The folks would be killed in Saudi, Iran, Afghanistand, and most certainly in Palestine for their views on sexuality, gender fluidity, and marxist views. They don't realize it. These are college educated (doesn't mean much anymore does it?) adults that have no idea about the world around them. They are oblivious to the reality that they live and the fact it would not be tolerated in Muslim countries. Fools and idiots indeed. mspart
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