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  1. “brat” is the new album of one of the world’s biggest pop stars who posted this
  2. i’m dying imagining you try to understand this pop culture reference lmao
  3. Just saw 3 separate polls from today with her within a few points. And she hasn't started campaigning! I think your emotions are blinding you. Things have changed. Considerably. You should at least start entertaining the idea that this election isn't over. And I'm not a Kamala guy and I will not be voting for her.
  4. That same poll has them head to head 49-47 which is within the margin of error. And she hasn’t even started campaigning! She hasn’t picked a VP! I’m not saying Harris 100% will win (though that’s my bet at this point). I’m saying she *can* win. Your Poll Headline: “2024 Race: Trump vs. Harris Too Close To Call, Trump Slightly Ahead In 6-Way Race, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 62% Say Biden Dropping Out Of Race Right Thing To Do” https://poll.qu.edu/poll-release?releaseid=3901
  5. It’s already happening. You think the Trump campaign is wrong? The confidence you have is bizarre. This has never happened before. We have no idea how the public will react. The 80 year old former president, who already lost once and has astronomical unfavorables, is now running against a 20 years younger woman with the chance to be the first female president and you’re insistent that nothing can change? Good luck with that.
  6. She has not been the presumptive nominee since the debate. And I acknowledge her high unfavorable, but she’s not nearly as defined in that regard as Biden or Trump. She has the ability to redefine the ticket with a good VP pick and performance at the convention and debate. Her numbers will improve. The Trump campaign knows this.
  7. She's not even the nominee yet. She hasn't picked a VP. She hasn't spoken at the convention. That polling is only a snapshot of where things stand right now and most of it happened before Biden even stepped down. Of all people, Trump supporters should know how things can change. He was supposedly dead in the water at this point in 2016 too. All of this is prediction, but I'm very confident that this race will be a lot closer now and I guarantee the Trump campaign is pretty disappointed that Biden finally stepped aside. That election was over. This one is just beginning.
  8. We have no polling for a Harris/? ticket. There is no data yet. I’m predicting what will happen based on past events, specifically 2020 and 2022. The data does tell you Trump is an extremely weak candidate with astronomical unfavorable numbers that are pretty stable. It hasn’t been a problem for him because Biden’s are just as high. Harris has a chance to redefine the ticket now. Never underestimate the suburban desire for normalcy.
  9. He was far ahead in the map when he was running against a corpse who couldn't finish a sentence. The democratic base is extremely energized and rallying around Kamala. She's been endorsed by all the major party players and they had a huge fundraising day yesterday. This thing is far from over. She's going to pick a midwest governor and the dems are going to run on the "we're normal, look at those weirdos" platform and win this election. Trump is a weak candidate and that was only overlooked because his opponent was even weaker. Most people don't like him. They didn't like his first term. Now that the dems have a viable candidate, that will matter again. Now it's the republicans running the octogenarian who doesn't speak coherently. Plus, he took on a horrible VP pick in exchange for Thiel/Musk money when he thought it wouldn't matter. Vance is going to be a Palin-esque disaster for him. I don't like Kamala. I don't like the dems. I won't be voting for them. Just calling it like I see it and I think the reaction about how "undemocratic" this is and how the republicans are going to challenge to keep Kamala off the ballot gives away the game. This election was unlosable against Biden. Not anymore. You know who isn't complaining about how "undemocratic" this is? Dem voters. The recent polling showed a huge majority wanted Biden to drop out. They care about 1 thing and that's beating Trump and correctly saw he couldn't do it. They're ecstatic he dropped out and are ready to go full steam ahead behind Kamala.
  10. She said I *rebuke* you in the name of Jesus.
  11. This officer has 2 DUI convictions and has bounced around 6 different departments in 5 years and continued to be rehired. Lock him up. Send a message. You don’t get a free pass to shoot anyone anymore. Keep sending that message until it’s heard.
  12. American police are a complete joke and a danger to all of us until we completely reform the culture and *actually* weed out the “bad apples” - and there are way more of them than you think.
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