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  1. Not even close to the same level of deception. Especially when they give actual information that has to withstand scrutiny, and put their reputation on that information.
  2. If there is anything we can trust it's a picture off the internet.
  3. The Groomers stopped hiding their agenda.
  4. If I said no, how would you enforce it? The truth is you can't and any attempt to do so would only harm people with legitimate use of fertilizer, and prevent zero acts of terror.
  5. When they can do so without violation of the constitution, without passing useless laws that do more harm than good, and without total authoritarian government intrusions. You could outlaw fertilizer, but fertilizer feeds the world and the terrorists would just use an alternative method.
  6. Answer my question so I can help your understanding. I don't know what's so hard to understand about my position, other than it's not what you want to hear. Maybe I should ask you what part of the constitution you would like to see violated.
  7. You prefer other poisons? Again you could never even come close to regulating everything that could be used as a poison. Phosgene gas can easily be made by anyone. So again you seek regulations that would be completely worthless. Forcing someone to change their weapons will never prevent any crime.
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