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  1. Thankfully the DEI agenda that corporate America has been pushing is slowing down. Companies have learned that hiring candidates that aren’t the most qualified maybe isn’t the best way to run successful businesses.
  2. IKR? Whining little biatch like yourself would know. You keep trying not to respond but but but you just can’t help yourself.
  3. Says the guy that won’t answer a simple question. In your assessment did you find that Asian men make more than white men? Yes or no? If yes, why would that be?
  4. Will do. Keep whining you little biatch.
  5. An Emotional outburst would be crying to the mods to get someone kicked off because their feelings were scorched. That would be YOU.
  6. Good. You know what I was getting at and you have NOTHING to refute it. #winning
  7. My phone call. Bahahahhahahahahahahahhaha
  8. Your screen must be very biased then. But but but you said you only watch non biased sites. That you can’t name. Bahahahhahahahahah
  9. Exactly what you’re NOT doing by being a whimsy little biatch. Complain but don’t vote. You embody what’s wrong with todays America.
  10. But but but just imagine the power of the people.
  11. In your assessment do Asian men make more than white men? If so, why? Must be because of the bad white man
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