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  1. That's the way to keep criminals off the streets and out of our cars. I hate to say it but what we need is for these idiot liberals to have their homes invaded, vandalized, cars destroyed etc. When the issue doesn't touch them they don't care. mspart
  2. Could Mark Schultz go up another weight class and beat Cael? That would be something to see. mspart
  3. I did too. So we are even. We both profess to have answered each other's questions. mspart
  4. I answered yours. Why won't you answer mine? See. That's pretty easy to do. mspart
  5. Again, this is no excuse for calling it disinformation in the first place when they didn't know. Or maybe FBI knew by then it wasn't. I'm guessing that is the case. But no excuse to discredit something they knew nothing about. Regardless of what Giulani said or didn't say. Your reasoning is the same as a grade school kid saying but Johnny told me to do it. Weak sauce and infantile excuses for the powers that be. It was clear and purposeful election interference plain and simple. There is no excuse for that. mspart
  6. When the asylee is persecuted in some way it is a proper process. People coming are from various countries none of which have habits of persecuting their citizens. And you know that as well as everyone else. mspart
  7. So that is the excuse for calling it Russian disinformation? Weak sauce. msaprt
  8. Yeah, but for awhile they had to "remain in Mexico" if you remember. Biden got rid of that Trump policy. Now they don't. And asylum is a joke at the border. Everyone that crosses the border claims asylum because Biden bastardized the process to the extent that everyone can claim asylum and are able to stay in the country until their hearing 8 years later. Asylum is a legal definition. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/asylum Asylum is a kind of protection granted by a foreign country to individuals, especially those who face persecution in their home countries because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. That is not an immigration process. That is chaos at the border and the interior of the country. Look at NYC and Chicago trying to deal with the illegals in their cities. It is a joke. The Executive Order does nothing to stop illegal immigration. Stopping it would reduce it to 1000 per year. That would be a good direction. But no. mspart
  9. Funny, but you are trying to say the laptop wasn't real in 2020 but it is now. There was reason to doubt its authenticity back then. There wasn't as the NYP story was well researched and written. It was the Ds and the media that didn't want this story out there. That is evident by the lengths they went to to do that. mspart
  10. https://missouriindependent.com/2024/06/04/executive-order-limiting-asylum-at-the-u-s-mexico-border-to-be-signed-by-biden/ WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will sign an executive order on Tuesday that will allow him to partly suspend asylum requests at the U.S.-Mexico border when daily unauthorized crossings reach a threshold of 2,500 migrants. Let's see, 2500 time 365 days in the year is 912K illegals that can enter the US. Yes that is better than the bill that was not passed. That allowed twice as many. Since when is allowing almost 1 million illegals into the US in a year a good thing? mspart
  11. Let's not make excuses here for people that said stuff without knowledge. NYP had the story and it got pulled because it was Russian disinformation. 50 current and former intel officers wrote a joint letter stating so. It was a hatchet job so big there is no excuse for it. The NYP story was correct but no one looked into it. It was immediately discredited as disinformation and a hoax. Twitter took it off their platform. There was panic to save the election. And it worked. mspart
  12. Remember this was a big deal with NYPost story getting removed from twitter. Nobody wanted to know about that one. It was all Russia disinformation. The go to for the media and Ds. mspart
  13. Wow, after all those media and Ds said it wasn't so. Go figure. mspart
  14. CA passed the bill with a caveat that those enterprises that as of the date (of passage or implementation I don't know) any franchise that makes their own bread and sells it as such is exempt from the fast food min wage. Now let's guess who that carve out was for. Let's see, what place makes their own bread and sells their own bread and is nationwide and doubles as a food place? Hmmmmm Any Guessers out there? Panera. Owner of many Panera joints is a big donor to Newsome. Interesting that carve out was made specifically for him. Was that the legislature or the Governor. Again, no one forced the governor to sign the bill, but he wanted to as has been demonstrated. The legislature and executive of CA are both culpable here for the loss of 10k jobs and some business owner's livelihoods. You can bet that they are very happy about this new law. mspart
  15. Yeah, he's getting to be pretty funny and reliably predictable. As long as he keeps asking everyone to answer his question all is well. mspart
  16. You sound like the kid saying I know you are but what am I? Really really good there. mspart
  17. Animals is a great Album. Songs are too long for radio play mostly but fantastic stuff. mspart
  18. Nice backtrack. You got caught and like a 10 year old try to continue to say you were right. mspart
  19. Think what you want UB. You received your answer. The fact that you refuse to acknowledge it is not a concern of mine at all. You didn't answer my Yes or No question. You answered it yes and no. What a stupid thing to do. You can't answer that that way and have it be valid. But I gave you a hint and the results of your answer so you went with both so you tried to have it all ways. Doesn't cut it. mspart
  20. You being willing to bet is not what your argument is. You are saying here that his local PD has these things. But then you said you don't know but would be willing to bet. And you have no idea where he lives. Too funny. mspart
  21. You don't know what his department has, but try to tell him he doesn't know what he's talking about when he has talked to these people who are his friends. You are trying to suggest that police departments have things, but you don't know for sure. So why put that out there? Stupid really. Of course you don't have that information. So why put such statements out there when you don't even know? Stupid really. You can bet all you want, doesn't make it true. You have admitted you don't know. You should stand by that. mspart
  22. Sometimes it seems to me, as if I'm just being used. mspart
  23. So now UB is telling Bigbrog what his local police department has without a single shread of intelligence or evidence. UB is telling Bigbrog he has not had the conversations he has had and that he doesn't know what he is talking about. UB doesn't even know Bigbrog or where he lives. In the words of Pigs (three different ones) from Pink Floyd's Animals, UB you're nearly a laugh, your nearly a laugh but you're really a cry. mspart
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