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  1. Not WKN - but it may be his wife. Not sure if she's a school mum or not. From what I hear, she's sturdy. Not me saying it. It's what people are saying. It's what I'm hearing.
  2. ' And at 174... the top half of the bracket appears to have a potentially TREMENDOUS opportunity for... (9) Andrew Sparks (MINN) Sr (8-4) (8) Donnell Washington (IND) RS Jr (14-5) Both guaranteed to the semi's (both the group above, and the group below) (5) Rocco Welsh (OSU) Fr (17-3) (12) Bubba Wilson (NEB) RS Fr (12-10) (13) DJ Shannon (MSU) RS Sr (11-16) (4) Edmond Ruth (ILL) So (18-2) If Starocci hasn't gotten a medicine man miracle cure - one of these guys is guaranteed to be in the finals. My fault - I could have added a few more words. But I was thinking everyone here was familiar with brackets. It's true - those school mums are always on high alert!
  3. It's cool you being a queer and all - but leave the rest of us out of it. It's not for everyone. Seriously, you be you. But none of us want to hear you preach about it. You need to stop.
  4. I've been seeing on social media that donuts are good for you, Elvis is alive, and t-rump sux donkey dick. That last one is really quite crass and not at all respectful. But not me, it's just what people are saying. BTW, who's Strocci?
  5. As much as some try, it would be incredibly difficult to find MTG to be anything but an awful person.
  6. Sort of a big deal of a post. The day ionel went mom-shit crazy on WKN. While throwing dirt at the other mom. Yikes.
  7. It's not so much the obnoxious (which is true) as it is the lies. Some people don't mind liars, some even vote for them. I dislike liars. The "never was" part - meh, you're not wrong.
  8. I did. Think of it as a CliffsNotes viewing. The whole thing... basically.
  9. So, let's state the obvious - nothing that is available for free is being pirated. Because, you know, it's free. So per the OP, no. It won't be the most pirated ever. (Never mind that it sucks rocks. That is off topic.)
  10. And TPT boils down, in a few short sentences, exactly why almost none of us trust politicians. Which might also be the roadmap for future successful politicians - just sayin'
  11. I'm giving you an ionel emoji for that.
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