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  1. Speaking of weak minded... you're really going with 'gonad sucking'? Couldn't come up with anything better? Pyles wasn't winning, hasn't won, and is mostly irrelevant. 80%+ here don't care who he is. Some guy at Flo... a company that does a half-ass job at representing the wrestling community. He's got a long way to go to get to winning.
  2. I prefer Hamiti at 174. Burn the bridges to 165. I'm all in, let's go.
  3. He should have answered "I'm a cognitively challenged old guy who wants to be a dictator, but I don't understand the question."
  4. These things are always ridiculous... but can be fun. 75% lib, 25% conservative - I really thought I would test out at closer to the roughly 50/50 I actually am. I'm betting mspart and headshuck came up 50+% lib, too. Hah! (After you've finished the survey, the site provides more information on how it works. But you've got to finish it 1st.)
  5. The naysayers seemed to think DT was announcing like he was a PSU commercial. (Which wasn't entirely wrong.) Aside from that, DT was dang impressive with his technical breakdowns. His announcing is really quite good.
  6. We'll all be surprised and amazed if Xwitter becomes much more than a social media site.
  7. The fact that the Cougar Clash was even on ESPN+ was a pretty big bonus, IMO. That was a win for wrestling.
  8. He reminds me of Shane Sparks - they are very similar that way. Both pretty knowledgeable and pretty good. They are quite OK.
  9. Wake up, dummy. I've clearly stated that Fox News is claiming that nobody wants EV's (it's not an issue about the maker of choice.) And... as far as adding AOC into the conversation, nobody cares about what AOC is doing.
  10. It's hard to follow at this point... Fox news has now claimed that electric cars (EV's) are somehow a product of the Biden administration, and nobody wants them. Yet Fox has nothing but love for... Musk, head of Tesla which is the most successful EV maker in the US. It can't possibly just be me. Does anyone else see that we are being fed a line of bullshit here?
  11. Your post here makes almost no sense at all... you seem to be infatuated/intoxicated. It's more than a little weird considering that the point (your point as well as mine) was about putting it behind us. FFS. In your words... "so we're done here?"
  12. Much better. As has always been said, honesty goes a long way. Thank you for that. I suspect we won't be meeting anytime soon, but we likely will at some point. Looking forward to it. In the meantime, cheers.
  13. You're still not being honest. Your English is piss poor, your words are wandering, and you are obviously not from the US. Why do you continue this clown show? Pretending to be something you obviously are not. You are fooling nobody.
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