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  1. All True. We have two trees down that could be made into quite a bit of fire wood if we burned. The King county region has a smoke alert that disallows wood burning unless it is your only source of heat. Not many here fit that category although some do. The bridges are much more reliable than a ferry. You should see the ferry system here now. Many got fired because they would not get the jab, so now there is 1/3 of the ferries out of service due to maintenance issues and those that do work are off schedule a majority of the time. Thank you Gov Inslee. Wood cannot be used for power I don't think. Would deplete the resource. That's why fossil fuels rule the roost right now. They are fairly cheap and plentiful. MN once had forests of huge old growth trees that could never be cut down. But Paul Bunyan found a way to completely strip the land of trees. I don't think WA wants to go there. mspart
  2. Yes, perhaps there will be an appeal. Vak - What basis would you think an appeal could be successful? What did the court get wrong that prejudiced the jury? What misconduct of attorneys or judge or court personnel are subject to appeal? I have no idea. I don't see a route to appeal but they can do so. I'm just not sure there is much of a basis for one. mspart
  3. Good selections. Archie was a pretty good character and well played. I really liked Radar in the first 3 seasons of MASH. He was no little kid like he was under Potter. He was integral in the shennigans that Pierce and McIntyre pulled. He was the enabler. Great character. mspart
  4. Are you saying that you don't mind if the government grows so big it spends more than the annual GDP of the productive class? I hope that is not what you are saying. But it seems like you are. Government does not create, it uses. Private Enterprise creates. mspart
  5. Except that in Hunter's case, the evidence was overwhelming showing him guilty. He didn't put up much of a defense. He was hoping for jury nullification. Trump's case was nebulous with no real indictment. Here is an example and all read about the same. TWENTY-EIGHTH COUNT: AND THE GRAND JURY AFORESAID, by this indictment, further accuses the defendant of the crime of FALSIFYING BUSINESS RECORDS IN THE FIRST DEGREE, in violation of Penal Law §175.10, committed as follows: The defendant, in the County of New York and elsewhere, on or about October 18, 2017, with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof, made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise, to wit, a Donald J. Trump account check and check stub dated October 18, 2017, bearing check number 002944, and kept and maintained by the Trump Organization. The felony allegation is bolded and underlined by me. This is the same wording in all counts. What was that "another crime" cited by the indictment? This is why I have said over and over that this case should never have gone to trial. The crime he was alleged to have done in 2017 ran out of statue of limitations 6 years ago. In order to bring it alive again it had to be connected to a further crime. And the indictment should specify what that further crime was. But it doesn't. It only says that he had "intent to commit another crime". What other crime? You can't allege a crime has been committed without specifying what that crime was. This case should never have been brought to court and when it did, it should have been dismissed because of lack of specificity. And to this day, no one knows what the jury determined was the other crime because the judge said the jury could pick and choose what they wanted. That is a kangaroo court. And the appeal, if there is one, will show that. The only way this is not appealed is if the judge declares a mistrial because of the facebook post saying ahead of time the jury would convict Trump. That was on the court's facebook page. I'm not convinced it is legit. Neither is Jonathan Turley. Why? Because the judge did not investigate the matter to even find out who posted that. It could be real, it could be a plant. But the judge made it public and told the defense about it anyway. This case is all kinds of screwed up from the DA to the court. mspart
  6. https://www.npr.org/2022/10/05/1127047811/the-fbis-new-crime-report-is-in-but-its-incomplete Los Angeles and New York City did not report to the FBI. In fact, only 63% of the country's police departments submitted anything, and some of the data that was submitted was incomplete. Weihua Li of The Marshall Project has been poring over the FBI's findings. And there you go. You could say crime was down 27% but that would be a mistake. mspart
  7. I agree that we need to move towards something. Wind and Solar appear to be the most expensive alternatives that have been grabbed onto. Here in WA they are talking about taking out dams. And replace them with what? No plan other than more wind and solar. Yes there is solar on the eastern side of the state. There is nuclear that is zero emission, but not zero cost both money and environmental. There is coal. But that has environmental concerns. There is natural gas. But WA is trying to outlaw use of that by 2040 by law. But this is the cleanest energy source and is plentifully available. We never had brownouts but now we are facing them. That is an indictment on those that are in the planning of these things. Moving too fast on power sources that are not reliable and getting rid of sources that are reliable. It is idiotic to move forward like this. Just think if 100 years ago as they were laying electric grids etc if they didn't think of all the permutations and plan for those, where would we be? We have forgotten that lesson. We are getting smarter while at the same time getting dumber. There is no common sense applied anymore to these kinds of issues. Here in Seattle, we have two bridges that join Seattle to the eastside. Both are floating bridges. They actually float on the water. They have been there since the 1950s at least. Now they wanted to put light rail across. They were warned that the fact the floating bridges move might be a factor against doing this. They moved forward anyway and are years behind because of the problems crossing a floating bridge on immovable rails on a moveable foundation. They did no research to figure this out before building. It is now built but not used because they can't. Unbelievable!!! Dumber. mspart
  8. https://nypost.com/2024/06/09/world-news/gaza-journalist-held-3-hostages-in-his-home-with-his-family-israeli-military-says/ Poor civilian was killed in the raid. He was a reporter also. But he held hostages in his house. My question is if IDF is killing everyone, how is it that this guy still had a house standing in all the rubble in which he could hold hostage 3 Israelis? Apparently, IDF is not causing the destruction that has been reported by Hamas. mspart
  9. My guess he will not get prison time. 1st offense. I'm guessing he will get a probation of some sort and may get a pardon but Joe has said he won't do that. Maybe Trump will pardon him if Joe won't. mspart
  10. There was talk that this could be a jury nullification case where the evidence is clear but the jury won't convict. They were saying this because of who he is and where the trial took place. Apparently that was not the case. mspart
  11. All the people doing mandates, subsidies, the climateers, and, everything getting 'lectrified think that the stupid drivers don't know what's good for them. It is apparent in their mandates and subsidies. If it was such a great thing, there would be no need for mandates or subsidies. It would just happen organically. The fact that you have to be somewhat rich to afford these contraptions furthers the divide between the know it alls and the stupid drivers who don't know what's good for them. mspart
  12. Interesting that Merchan did not have it investigated first, he just put it out there. This gives justification to call it a mistrial and the Ds can call Trump all the nasty names and everyone get's their way. Only if it is legit. If it was a plant, then all bets are off. And why would Merchan not investigate first before telling everyone if it wasn't a plant and he knew it? And it was on the courts page. Seems kind of funny. mspart
  13. You act as though Israel goes in targeting civilians rather than Hamas. That is the problem. Israel does not go in targeting civilians. They go in targeting Hamas. If civilians are killed it is because Hamas uses them as a shield. It is fully Hamas' responsibility that civilians are killed. Israel has a right to kill Hamas. They do not have the right to target civilians. If civilians are killed while targeting Hamas then that is on Hamas. I have said this numerous times as have others. But you want us to say it is ok for Israel to target civilians which is patently not what they do. That is what Hamas does. So you are still a shill for Hamas but try to deflect that by saying you are happy hostages were released. They were not released. They were rescued by brute force. You are one conflicted uncle there. mspart
  14. And that ladies and gentleman is what I have been saying all along. Hamas takes no responsibility for the safety of Gazans as is plain to see by their actions. Safety of Gazans are Israel's responsibility? What? NOT. mspart
  15. Welcome to the board ingridguerci94! mspart
  16. I guess i could smoke them. mspart
  17. I've never eaten a cricket but have killed many when I was a kid in Alabama, they had chocolate covered grasshoppers and crickets and ants. I never thought that sounded like eating M&Ms. Not so many crickets around here in Seattle area. mspart
  18. So you are here spouting that Trump has a case against him when he doesn't. Very good. And you thought that would get you points? Deceiving and knowingly so? Your credibility just got shot through. mspart
  19. Case was filed in 2016. That was 8 years ago. I haven't heard of a trial happening. Is there a trial planned? If not, why not? If so, why has the media not reported on this? mspart
  20. The last few years it has been police funded less and less thugs going to prison. And look what we have. There is a reason there is unreported crime. Because when it is reported, nothing happens. The police can't react the way we expect because there are less of them than before. DA and city attorneys will not press charges. Nothing happens so why report? https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2024/04/24/what-the-data-says-about-crime-in-the-us/ Most violent and property crimes in the U.S. are not reported to police, and most of the crimes that are reported are not solved. In its annual survey, BJS asks crime victims whether they reported their crime to police. It found that in 2022, only 41.5% of violent crimes and 31.8% of household property crimes were reported to authorities. If true, then that means that you multiply reported crimes by 1.595 (that's 59.5 unreported violent crime) and that is closer to the real violent crime rate. Same with property crime. Multiply that rate by 1.682 and you have much closer rate of actual property crime. mspart
  21. The soup wins my vote!! mspart
  22. So to my point, the case should never have been adjudicated. mspart
  23. Which came first, the alphabet or the alphabet song? mspart
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