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  1. Andy Hrovat changed my life in the weirdest, best way. He picked me up from the airport for my Michigan recruiting trip and kept playing Avril Lavigne - "Complicated" on repeat in a busted Buick (I think? Grand Marquis? idk it was a 90s old person boat) and I couldn't figure out what this BMOC is doing and dear god I hope Otto Olson and Greg Wagner aren't like this too why am I here I dont think I like Michigan? Ended up hanging out with him most of the weekend and he taught me so much that I will never forget including how he would throw recruits off their guard to learn the "real" them instead of wrestling, and I have always made a point of returning the favor to support individualism. He and I may disagree on many things, but this is not one of them. He is standing up for those who do not have a voice and the sh!thole known as Texas is once again showing its' ugly awful face hiding behind its' sh!thole bureaucracy. Moral of the story: Fvck Texas, go Andy, I will never not support anyone advocating heinous acts against children. This now concludes my comeback until the Wizards offer me ownership.
  2. I lied. One more for the road. At least swear at me like you do others. Screenshot + link for when you delete later.
  3. What matters more from this thread as a certain someone is chasing more than a gold: she is chasing all-time/Mt. Rushmore/ GOAT status and they both called it.
  4. Nah 1) This is the dark comedy tradition of this forum dating back to the old place 2) Lots of people were claiming Taylor is the best, and an Olympic gold would seal the deal. Refer back to #1 and enjoy the joke like Jesus' 13th disciple is enjoying his spot in the Olympic team.
  5. Schultz needs to go on the Cassioppi plan and build back from a 50 pound cut. What an absolute waste of talent with his lack of discipline watching his tits flop when he was underneath. He should be the guy who breaks the drought but he can't put down the Banquet Beers.
  6. It's going to be reaalllly awkward if he loses to Amine again. Does Taylor go on another twitter rant like he did to Cox after he lost two matches to him as well?
  7. I hate correct throws and slips. All crap. You get it done or you don't so why does greco in particular give participation trophies? At any rate, congrats to Rau on becoming another Illinois olympian. Hopefully Ellis can get it done in Turkey and join the crew.
  8. Too many cows = too much horsing around Should have focused on horsepower because that's exactly what Brooks brought today. He ran the gamut, got lucky with a wild thumb from Zahid, walked a mile on the dreadmill, and put it on Taylor. Pretty decent 48 hours.
  9. But dude is about to destroy 92 at the Logan Steiber Memorial World Classic
  10. Tonight's safe word is "inshallah"
  11. Izzy Martinez just gave a bag of cash to Elor with a note "thanks for dropping down a weight"
  12. Blades smells blood in the water. IL needs an Olympian this quad...
  13. It's been a year since that fateful night. @Mike Parrish if you're out there, congrats on tonight and good luck. #ParrishInParis
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