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  1. How do you watch a replay of it? My son and his buddies had the PPV going, I would assume that that lets you see the fight again. mspart
  2. Well, there is that eh? mspart
  3. In such close proximity, will there be a danger of them getting testy with each other and lessening the numbers? mspart
  4. Bird Bird Bird isthe word mspart
  5. Results will be pouring in tomorrow. mspart
  6. How much safety equipment is involved in pearl clutching? It is a very dangerous pastime I hear. Your point is taken. People die everyday of lots of things. Might as well be racing motorcycles at extreme high speeds and be surprised when it actually happens. Tough to make that same analogy with pearl clutching but I think you may be trying to figure that out. mspart
  7. Looks like a cozy place. mspart
  8. I was at Lake Baker by Mt Baker in WA when they released a bunch of salmon that couldn't get up the dam. The boats waiting for those fish were literally shoulder to shoulder across the lake. Over 50 boats I imagine. I didn't count them but wondered how any salmon would be able to make it through. mspart
  9. Oh dang, the loophole discovered! mspart
  10. McKenna has been going to everything it seems. mspart
  11. Maybe he just wants to wrestle but not have to cut so much weight? Why would he move away from an Olympic weight to a non olympic weight? That makes no sense. He was WC, runner up twice and 3rd at 57. Unless he is running away from Spencer Lee, the goatiest of the goatest goats. I'm guessing when it comes to Final X, he'll be at 57. I don't see him running away from anyone. mspart
  12. Hey BB, Is it Idaho pursuing that or Eastern Oregon? I believe it is the latter, I have not heard any such thing from Idaho. mspart
  13. One of these two may be true, and if so, the other is false. Since NB provided a link to an article and WKN did not, I would think that WSJ has the truth here that Twitter posted a loss for 8 years of the past decade, and not 8 profitable years in 9. And that was provided as a retort to Luch who said it was not profitable. So Luch appears to have been correct despite the kneejerk reaction. I'll add to it: https://www.businessofapps.com/data/twitter-statistics/ I found this in about 20 seconds with the google. Twitter profitable 2 years out of 10. Using my keen logic abilities, I'd say that means 8 of 10 years unprofitable. It appears that Luch and NB are correct. But if so, then why would a Billionaire buy it if it were not profitable. Usually, rich guys like that want to make more money, not throw it down an abyss. mspart
  14. Indeed, if you didn't read the article that is the conclusion you might come up with. mspart
  15. Meaning Fury did not take this seriously enough to get in proper shape? Or that Jake Paul is an actual good enough boxer to get a split from a pro, although not a top pro? I'm thinking it is the former. I didn't see it, but I just have a hard time believing that a guy that decided to be a boxer in his 20s could be good enough to play in the pro leagues. mspart
  16. I'm not sure AOC has a chance here. She doesn't really have a wrestling mentality. mspart
  17. Zahid took the shot but stalled. The other guy I think actually initiated the move. I see 4-0. It was a nice counter to a stalled shot. That said, Zahid is looking big. mspart
  18. VIP is $600. Schlub is $100. I would go schlubbing. I went to Nationals with my Dad for a few years. I wrestled Veterans during that time, but we went a few times after I finished up. I haven't been in years. It always coincided with Easter and getting back in time was always a hassle. I might consider it if everyone would be participating, but they don't. But I always had a great time when I went. Bought my last pair of wrestling shoes there and used them for years with the local HS team. mspart
  19. https://usawrestlingevents.com/event/2300005602/tickets Ticket link is coming soon. Not much help!! mspart
  20. She thinks Epstein will kill her in the afterlife. He'll sic the worst characters in history after her if she squeals. mspart
  21. We are way too early for autonomous cars. Period. Innovative for the drunk guy to use it. Will he be arrested for drunk driving or the fact it was his car's system? mspart
  22. My son wanted to watch and was late. Got there for the split decision. I'd say Jake bought off a scorekeeper or kept it pretty close. If close, kudos to him. But he got a real boxer even though young and not all that good, and couldn't handle him. Jake will need to get a lot tougher and rougher. We'll see if he wants a rematch after this. mspart
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