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  1. @Wrestleknownothing is fired up! Do you WKN, think the current push for DEI has any negative impact to any certain race/orientation/etc.? Honest question, not a gotcha or anything. I have my own personal experiences with this, but curious to hear what you think.
  2. Fair enough...but do you think the recent videos of Biden are cheap fakes? Not asking about which side this or that, but just on their own merit do you think the videos are, or aren't cheap fakes?
  3. Not sure how anyone can think this is a good idea. Why wouldn't people want to know if someone/a side cheated...no matter which side??
  4. This is based on what historical length of data??
  5. Seriously...he isn't going to UW-Parkside?? Whhhaaattt???
  6. My take on it...like mspart said this has turned into a way for the D's to literally deny what Biden has, via video evidence, done. It is laughable. The sad part is people buy into it...aka, sorry @WrestlingRasta but that is what you appear to be doing...please tell me you aren't falling for it. The things they are showing about Biden aren't creative editing making it seem like someone said something they really didn't because they didn't provide any context or before or after comments. The Biden video's show exactly what he is doing or not doing and is no way "fake". Crazy that people are trying to play it off as fake. And of course, people need to deflect by saying Trump is old and does dumb stuff too. True partisan is not being able to look at each candidate individually. Trump is an idiot and says stupid things, but he is nowhere near demonstrating the mental decline that Biden exhibits. Again, stupid stupid stuff comes out of his mouth, but most of it has nothing to do with his age but rather he just says stupid stuff. Bottom line is I can't believe people fall for this crap...calling it cheap fake and then believing it is. I will wait for those claiming cheap fake to show the clip that they claim to be fake alongside the clip proving such a statement...it won't happen.
  7. Yes he is. Like I said before...he is the type of person who doesn't blame the perpetrator, but rather the victim.
  8. RL definitely is BB. Not only are his post crap, but they are hilariously stupid...all one has to do is claim WKN is a mega to show how stupid you are.
  9. Thanks Rasta! Happy Father's Day to all!
  10. And yet you do exactly what you claim the "wingers" do....projection at it's best.
  11. Weird...UB is silent on Hezbollah bombing Israel...thought for sure I'd come on here and he'd be the first one to condemn this...oh wait...that's right he supports these terrorist organizations and gives two snits about the innocent Israel lives that are lost.
  12. Sure says a lot about a person who thinks every post is about only them and then tries to call my post nonsensical after laying down this doozy. LOL Keep the humorous post coming RL.
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