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Bo Nickal futures bet


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Draft Kings has a future on Nickal at +1200 to be champ on Dec 31, 2023. The toughest part may not be ability but scheduling/climbing the ladder in short time since his next fight isn’t until March. But just like Gable at the Olympics, now is the time to take the action on the wrestler before Vegas catches up. 

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i am an idiot on the internet

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On 1/11/2023 at 7:22 PM, mspart said:

I don't see him getting THAT fight this year.   Next year maybe.   But there are a lot of dues to pay.  Cejudo didn't get there for 5 years.   Really tough to see how this could be done. 


UFC seems to want to make him a priority this yet.  As long as he reminds exiting in fights to fans I think he get to some ranked fights relatively quickly.  But agree he likely won’t be near title fight status before next year.  Not to mention Dana does like to slow roll the hyped on a few big names as they get closer to a title to ensure the most fan interest. So you have to figure if he’s running through some talented people Dana will give him 3 top 10 fighters prior to the title. 

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21 hours ago, Mike Parrish said:

Maybe he could do a charity event and pack Pat Downey into a 5 gallon bucket ... for the kids.

Isn't "Pencil Neck," or something like that, what he used to call Nickal when they were both rasslin?

Owner of over two decades of the most dangerous words on the internet!  In fact, during the short life of this forum, me's culture has been cancelled three times on this very site!

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apparently i will be acting the fool with a bunch of killers watching this card...

which probably means i will be serving snacks and drinks and cleaning up messes...

i am hopeful this time i don't have to wear the outfit...

(that's a lie... i look fabulous in it)



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Bo Nickal vs. Jamie Pickett

Round 1 – Nickal goes for a head kick and slips, Pickett rushes in and Nickal clinches him. Nickal now presses him against the cage. Nickal gets a front headlock and spins around and gets the back. Nickal threatening with a rear-naked choke. He transitions to an arm-triangle choke. It looks tight! Three minutes left. Nickal keeps squeezing. Props to Pickett, he’s lasting a good while. And there’s the tap! It’s over!

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On 3/5/2023 at 5:58 PM, Plasmodium said:

Looked a bit sketchy.  Shit happens and I wouldn't throw shade at Nickal for that.  If you ask me - and no one has - Nickal had some nerves and didn't show much in this fight.  Down the road, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Yeah, he got blasted in the nuts pretty good. Or at least in that area. Looked unintentional though, and I haven't seen many of his fights, it's only sketchy to me if there's any intent behind it.

To me it just looked like a newcomer under the bright lights...way faster than normal and maybe didn't measure his shots like he'd wanted to.

I was hoping to see a little bit of his striking for my own benefit to see what he looks like, but again, for the last reason, guessing he was just looking for the Win. I'm sure we'll see more the next time around.

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